Guests become overbearing

Dear Annie: We are in our 80s and have known “Ed and Jane” for 15 years. They sometimes invite us to spend a couple of nights at their condo in another state, and we reciprocate. It went fairly well until the past few years. Now the first thing Jane mentions is how much weight I’ve […]

Measure A deserves approval

For the first time I sent my ballot by mail, as required, to vote YES on Measure A. Formerly I did not even read school ballots but voted automatically in favor of school improvements; now I read before I vote, for some ballots are so cleverly worded that they mean the opposite of what they […]

Bernard’s offers top service

Although I now live in Woodland, I have continued to patronize a number of Davis businesses, some of which were present when I arrived in 1964. One of the most outstanding of these has been Bernard’s Tire, Brake and Alignment. Recently, I consulted with them on a brake problem. It turned out that there were […]

Stomach torsion is deadly for dogs

Gastric dilatation and volvulus, more commonly known as bloat or torsion, is a very serious life-threatening condition seen in some dogs. Recognizing the symptoms of GDV is vital, because surgical intervention started as soon as possible after the condition occurs is the only chance of successful treatment. GDV is a condition in which the stomach […]

Out of the gate, with changes, for the 2012 campaign

When I ask Davisites who supported Obama in the last presidential campaign how they feel about him now, many of them get sad eyes. When they speak, the first words out of their mouths are usually something about him as a man. “I still like him,” people say, “and Michelle. I think well of him. […]

Let’s start planning our Good Earth Day celebration

First we spilled 180 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Now we’ve pumped more than three million gallons of highly radioactive water from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex into the Pacific Ocean less than a year later. All around the world, news keeps coming in of whales, dolphins, fish and, most […]

Nonviolence Insight: What is ‘just war’?

By Laurel Lee Beckett and Marilee Eusebio “Just war theory,” expressed as the resort to arms as a “last hope” when there is no other alternative, is an effort to reconcile the wholesale destruction of war with core Judeo-Christian and other moral teachings. To speak of a single theory of “just wars” is misleading, because […]

A radiation primer

By Marvin Goldman, Ph.D. There are several kinds of radiation, and they are distinguished by their wavelength. I want to discuss a type of radiation called ionizing radiation; the kind that knocks electrons off atoms and in very large amounts can cause biological damage. Microwaves and ultraviolet and radio waves are not ionizing, and may […]

What do you think: What was your most memorable birthday?

Eddy Joseph student, Davis: “When I was a kid, I loved firetrucks, and my mom threw me a party at the fire station. I was five or six.” Andrea Seideman student, Davis: “My 18th birthday. I went to Disneyland.” Yelena Ivashchenko artist, Davis: “Last year. My friend bought me a session with a spiritual leader.” […]

FBI seeks code crackers

The issue: A stumped FBI asks for help in decoding decade-old message In the delightful 1983 movie “A Christmas Story,” Ralphie excitedly sends off for a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. The ring arrives and Ralphie sits down before the radio to decode Annie’s secret message to her followers. Ralphie frantically works his decoder ring […]

Take a minute for children

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. It only takes a minute to make a difference in a child’s life. It only takes a minute to: Believe in a child; To listen to a child; To hug a child; To realize words hurt; To talk to a child, and not yell; To stop a child from […]

Kids don’t want widow to move on

Dear Annie: My sister-in-law, “Cathy,” has been a widow for more than 18 months. Before her husband passed, they lost a young son in a tragic accident. Cathy recently met a divorced man through a church site for singles and is the happiest I’ve seen in a long time. The problem is her adult children. […]

Not every community backs its schools like we do

IT’S THE SCHOOLS … while Davis schools will most likely be bailed out temporarily because enough citizens are willing to pony up an extra 200 bucks a year, my friend Pat wonders about kids in school districts all over California whose parents aren’t able — or perhaps aren’t willing — to vote for similar measures […]

Unions are taking cuts aplenty

No one in California politics believes this state is about to see anything like the unprecedented statehouse live-in occupation staged earlier this year in Wisconsin, where public employee unions faced the threat of losing not just salary and benefits, but their hard-won bargaining rights. “Of course that won’t happen here,” say anti-union Republicans like Stephen […]