‘Alarming’ development, really?

I for one am thrilled that young people are deciding in huge numbers not to drive cars. I have no idea what The Enterprise editorial board members ate for breakfast the day they opined that this trend is “alarming,” “grim” and “strikes at the heart of American values,” but it must have been Twinkies. (“The […]

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A veritable library of love

By Nancy Keltner, Joan Callaway and Judy Gabor Dear Davis, Thank you for your incredible response to the book drive for Herbert Bauer’s 102nd birthday. Our goal was 102 books. Before it was over, 338 books landed in the boxes scattered around the city and on the front porches of a few of the birthday […]

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Waiting for him to change

Dear Annie: Thirty years ago, my husband had a long-term affair. At the time, he was 30, and she was 16. He planned to leave me, and our two young children, but he changed his mind and supposedly broke off the affair. Last year, I found out he had a daughter with this woman. The […]

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Thanks to all who rang the bell

The Davis Salvation Army Committee would like to thank the following folks for helping earn just over $21,000 during our annual holiday bell ringing: Nugget and CVS on East Covell, Farmer’s Market and the Post Office, who allowed the bell ringers to collect donations in the red kettles. The following groups rang for one or […]

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Barbie sparks fear among Iran’s mullahs

The issue: The humorless clerics mess with the single-mindedness of doll-obsessed little girls at their own peril If there is such a field as geopolitical psychiatry, it should be applied to the manifold insecurities of Iran’s ruling class of clerics and other right-wingers. They have renewed a campaign against what they see as a deadly […]

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Arab League flexes new muscles with Syria

The issue: It may have given the rebels the morale boost they need to keep fighting until Assad is forced into negotiations Since its founding in 1945, the 22-member Arab League — 21 now that Syria has been suspended — has been noted largely for its high-minded proclamations and support for noncontroversial programs, like child […]

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Romney-Gingrich face-off gets ugly

The issue: Where have you gone (fill in the blank)? The GOP turns its lonely eyes to you Mainstream Republicans had to be dismayed by Monday’s candidate debate in Tampa, Fla. Although Rick Santorum and Ron Paul say they’re in the GOP’s nominating race for the duration, they are increasingly nonfactors, leaving Mitt Romney and Newt […]

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No bias from TSA on pre-flight pat-down

The issue: Once the Rand Pauls are free from the hassles visited on the rest of us, the common people are left defenseless The Transportation Security Administration denied Rand Paul, a U.S. senator from Kentucky and the son of GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, permission to board a flight from Nashville, Tenn., to Washington […]

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And her battery lasts how long?

Dear Annie: My wife is addicted to playing games on her smartphone. She lies in bed in the morning playing games before she gets ready for work. When she comes home, she is often on the phone when she walks through the door. When we sit down for supper (which I usually make), she plays […]

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Neocons building a fear meme

It should be fairly obvious by now that the United States, specifically neoconservative elements within the government, are trying to start a war with Iran. The question is why, and further, why is this issue so badly reported in the American press? The two questions can be answered together if we assume that the goal […]

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Education simply must reform

Diane Ravitch gains warm-fuzzy credibility with the education establishment, having switched sides in the debate of school accountability and choice. Once for it, she is now against it. Certainly, discovering a market for your books would be a motivating force similar to being offered a top-level Cabinet position. Ravitch’s breathtaking 180-degree turn would serve to implicate her as a […]

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UNICEF donations save lives

The Davis chapter of the United Nations Association writes to offer sincere thanks to the people of Davis for once again giving so generously to aid the impoverished children of the world who receive assistance from UNICEF. Despite these hard economic times, the children of Davis raised nearly $13,000 while trick-or-treating for UNICEF. We mailed […]

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Enriching our Shakespearean culture

In response to Jeff Hudson’s excellent article about the recent conference at UC Davis’ Mondavi Center on “effective methods for teaching Shakespeare in middle schools, high schools and community colleges” (Jan. 18), I want to note that Jeff Bryant, an English teacher at Holmes Junior High School, has just finished directing three excellent public performances […]

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