Visit the Hobbit streets next year

Regarding ” … And the dogs are still barking” in the Dec. 28 letters, I’d like to nominate Stephanie Studebaker for the 2011 “Bah Humbug” award. She seemed positively outraged that the West Davis firefighters would use some of their taxpayer-supported time to spread a wee bit of holiday cheer in her neighborhood. I’d like […]

Latte had double-good karma

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, around 9:30, I went to Starbucks on my way back to work from a meeting. I decided to surprise my co-workers and treat them to a latte. I was enjoying the warmth and happiness that comes from thinking of others and doing something thoughtful. When I got to the window, the […]

Big obstacle to tax hike looms

The many negative stories represent aberrations, revealing nothing at all typical about public employees in California. But they have turned public opinion against civil servants so severely that it will be difficult to pass any of the current spate of tax increase proposals, no matter who might back them or bankroll them. That’s the political […]

Sad story from next door

Dear Annie: Last January, a couple moved to our town, and their two daughters began attending school with my 11-year-old daughter. The older girl is the same age as mine, and they became friends. Throughout the summer, the girls played at our house and theirs, but recently, some things have begun to disturb me. Three […]

10 years later, Taliban are ready to talk

The issue: The odds of any kind of clean, final settlement to the war are not great, but this is a rare chance to try for progress The Taliban’s decision to open an office in Qatar, although a small step, offers considerable potential for eventually holding peace negotiations and plans to reintegrate the Taliban into […]

GOP’s Iowa survivors head to New Hampshire

The issue: Will Santorum be able to compete in the money race? It is one of the oddities of American politics that a small, unrepresentative state has taken upon itself the task of launching the quadrennial U.S. presidential campaign through one night of local caucuses, an essentially meaningless process except for the amount of attention […]

Good night, moon

I am deeply saddened that we are losing Alphabet Moon. I remember how happy I was when it opened its doors, shelves filled with creative toys and my toddler son’s eyes locked onto the train table. My kids were raised in that store; every Saturday, they bought a small toy, with a big trip for […]

A sad goodbye from Alphabet Moon

Dear Friends, It is with a sad heart that we are closing Alphabet Moon Toys. After three years of declining sales, we are unable to go on. We who have made Alphabet Moon our lives for the past 18 years will miss each of you. We will miss watching your children grow and your grandchildren […]

God bless us, every one

Truly, I thought Ebenezer Scrooge was fictional until I read the letter on Dec. 28 by Stephanie Studebaker. Each gloriously fun spontaneous activity that took place, she Scrooged. A “slap-dash parade” by Davis firefighters and old trucks and blaring sirens and folks wearing Santa hats and throwing candy is a celebration of joy and fun […]

In laid-back Italy, 24-hour shopping arrives

The issue: New law designed to boost the nation’s depressed levels of consumer spending and employment Italians always have had a relaxed attitude toward such matters as taxes and irksome commercial demands on their free time. Even lovers of that charming country were frustrated by the frequent closings of its shops, restaurants and museums for long […]

Math placement doesn’t add up

By Samantha McCarthy This is a warning to sixth-grade parents, as I was unprepared for the all-encompassing power and unfettered discretion sixth-grade teachers have to unilaterally decide a child’s seventh-grade courses, especially for math. There are no guidelines at the district, elementary or junior high levels for how math recommendations are made. Everything is done […]

Cutting the military by blunt force

The issue: There is both the room and the reason to downsize the military, but proposed cuts smack more of political than military strategy The nation must restrain its spending habits and the Pentagon must do its part. On that there is general agreement, but where it begins coming unglued is just how big a […]

Not off to a roaring start

Dear Annie: I have been married to “Horace” for less than a year. This is his second marriage. His prior marriage was to his high school girlfriend, and they have two children together. I met Horace in my “partying” stage. He, too, enjoyed going to the bars. He actually did it quite a bit when […]

A solution to a dilemma

The front page of The Davis Enterprise of Dec. 29 addresses a problem that has befallen the Stonegate neighborhood. At issue are the 40-year-old stone pine trees that dot the bike path between Lake Terrace Circle on the southern part of Lake Boulevard and the entrance to Stonegate Country Club to the north. In search […]