Garden tours were for a good cause

This year’s 2011 garden show benefiting Yolo Eyes for Kids & Seniors was a great success again. I would like to thank Huei Young for her tireless efforts presenting her beautiful garden and entertaining the contributors. For their interviews and announcements, I would like to thank KMAX Channel 31′s “Good Day Sacramento” and their entertaining […]

The greediest actor is government

In a recent column, Tom Elias assigns “greed” as the motive driving Amazon, eBay and others to oppose a new law aimed at making some out-of-state online retailers collect sales tax on behalf of the state of California. According to Elias, folks like me who oppose this so-called “Amazon tax” are “saps” and “enablers of […]

Foreign grad students can help rebuild U.S. economy

Special to The Enterprise The United States should encourage large-scale but focused immigration as a vehicle to help restore the economy and set us on a course for long-term prosperity. The recent recession and current stagnation have underscored how vital the housing and construction industries are to the American economy. In order to jump-start these […]

Wife frets as marriage deteriorates

Dear Annie: “Jimmy” and I have been married for five years. In the past two, things have slowly gone downhill. Jimmy works long hours, and while we are OK financially, money is also a source of stress. Certain triggers that didn’t bother him before are now major issues. He gives me dirty looks, calls me […]

The public health of water: a unique opportunity

Special to The Enterprise As I watered my tomatoes, my neighbor informed me that I will not be able to afford this in the future. “We are going to pay through the nose so our city can transition from ground to surface water,” he said, adding, though, that our “appliances” will last longer and the […]

Here’s what Libyan people want

On Feb. 17, the people of Libya went to streets to ask for their rights. They are looking for their dignity that has been lost for 42 years. They want a better education, better health services and a good life. They are asking for simple rights. Our leader has been in power for 42 years […]

We need a bold, forceful leader

There is a sentiment going around that Barack Obama cannot be a liberal president because he is black. I have three arguments against that unfortunate notion. First, our country was proud of itself for finally electing a black man for president. That was a sign that we were maturing as a nation. But if we […]

Watch out for this new spam

Recently I got an email that seemed to come from the U.S. Postal Service saying that they had attempted delivery of a certified letter, and that it was now waiting for me at the local post office. Although I’m wise to spam, it was sophisticated (no spelling errors, etc.), looked real and I clicked on […]

Finally, Arab nations speak out on Syria

The issue: It’s too late for Bashar Assad to turn back Finally, five months after Syria began to brutally suppress demonstrations by its own people, the Arab world is telling President Bashar Assad that enough is enough. Late as it was in coming, the denunciation was a sign of welcome change in a region where […]

We forgot to think at all

By Reg Henry Dear Generations As Yet Unborn, If American society is as dysfunctional and discourteous in your time as it is in ours, nobody has bothered to apologize to you for the legacy my generation has visited upon yours. Let me make amends. Of course, I am not sure how I am going to […]

U.S. treading water on job creation

The issue: Serious action is required to ignite some serious economic growth There are two good things that can be said about July’s unemployment rate of 9.1 percent: It’s lower than June’s 9.2 percent and it allayed, perhaps only temporarily, market fears of a double-dip recession. BUT READING behind the figures reveals a disturbing fact […]