Rotarians present movies in park

The Sunset Rotary Club wishes to thank everyone that helped make Movies in the Park on Sept. 24 such a great success! The popular event entertained more than 250 people who enjoyed “Toy Story” on the big screen while munching freshly popped popcorn and indulging in cotton candy spun right before their eyes. The treats, […]

NASA’s help-wanted sign for astronauts

The issue: Can human space flight continue in a nation weighed down by debt? Fifty-two years after recruiting its first class of seven “right stuff” test pilots, NASA is again putting out a help-wanted sign for astronauts. But why? The space shuttle fleet has been consigned to history, NASA’s program to develop a new orbital […]

Won’t deal with him anymore

Dear Annie: My husband, “Fred,” is one of many siblings. His mother passed away several years ago. Since her death, his father’s negative and controlling nature has become amplified. He is verbally abusive and would never consider professional help. Dad is in his early 80s, and Fred says he has always been this way. Family […]

Wind power isn’t right for Yolo County

The Altamont Pass is coming to Yolo County and it should concern all of us. Pioneer Energy is in the process of leasing more than 40,000 acres in our county with hopes of building a large wind turbine power plant. This will forever change the nature of our county and it should not be permitted. […]

Water is our responsibility

I discovered a bit of irony in Sunday’s paper. Debra DeAngelo writes about the “disenfrancised twentysomethings” and others in the bottom 99 percent of income earners making less and paying more. In “Our View,” The Enterprise supports a voter referendum for the proposed surface water infrastructure project. The status of today’s twentysomethings is a direct […]

Here is my one demand

In solidarity with those occupying Wall Street. I offer to you my one demand. Troy Davis, an innocent man, was murdered by the state of Georgia. Troy Davis was one of the 99 percent. Ending capital punishment is my one demand. The richest 400 Americans owned more wealth than way more than half of our […]

Another cautionary tale on water

Thursday’s letter from George Galamba (“Cautionary tale on water supply”) prompted me to add my own tale. Ten years ago I bought a place in Yuba County, including a house, orchard and garden. The water comes from the Feather River, under management and purification by the North Yuba Water District. The water district was established […]

Any water solution is costly

When it comes to the water supply project, I am not yet a partisan. I see some good and bad arguments on the pro side and some of each on the anti side. Mostly, I feel overwhelmed and ignorant. With the stamp of approval from the Davis City Council, the plan to change our source […]

Tired of all the family drama

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 23 years. We recently separated due to our 18-year-old son’s anger management issues and my wife’s sick parents. She moved out nine months ago to take care of them. Well, her parents died, and my son moved in with one of his friends. My wife’s […]

We’ve had enough of Wall Street

Thanks for running Debra DeAngelo’s plain-spoken Sunday paper piece about the Occupy Wall Street movement, which now includes an ongoing “occupation” at César Chávez Park in Sacramento. This is a truly exciting nonviolent revolution of “the 99 percent,” so-called because 1 percent of Americans are now reported to own 42 percent of our national wealth. […]

It was YCCC, not CWC

Oh, with all those C’s, it is not surprising that CWC got mixed up with YCCC in that wonderful article Bev Sykes wrote about my book, “It’s an Ill Wind, Indeed…” However, I’m thinking it would be a disservice to all those who have worked tirelessly to make Citizens Who Care the invaluable program it […]

Why denigrate the true pioneers?

I’m glad the derogatory terminology in Thursday’s Enterprise (Oct. 7, Page A2) was from the Associated Press rather than an Enterprise reporter. Under a headline referring to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as a “tech pioneer,” we had to read that the truly pioneering activity preceding him was “a geeky hobbyist’s obsession.” In my recent experience […]