Kiddie Parade enjoyed by all

Hundreds of children and their proud parents celebrated Independence Day by participating in the annual Kiwanis Club of Davis’ Kiddie Parade on the Fourth of July. The children demonstrated their usual creativity and enthusiasm by decorating bicycles, scooters, tricycles, wagons, strollers and themselves in the traditional red, white and blue colors. Our thanks to all who […]

Check the state budget’s details

California has a new budget, and it even came in on time for a change. Cause for cheers? Maybe, but only if you don’t get into the fine print. As often happens, the devil is in the details. And this is quite a bunch of devils. Let’s start with what we will have under the […]

Piracy also robs needed scientific data

The issue: More than commerce and fishing grounds are at stake when freedom of the seas is stolen Since the days of sail, sea captains have served as scientific field observers for shore-bound researchers, turning in reports of wind and waves, water temperatures and currents. Since World War II, an armada of specially equipped scientific […]

Sister mooching off parents

Dear Annie: My parents are in their early 80s. They’ve had some health problems and are slowing down, but they are still able to care for themselves. They make ends meet because they carefully saved over the years. The problem is my younger sister, who went through a difficult divorce several years ago. “Donna” hasn’t […]

Time to dig up the past?

Dear Annie: I have never met my biological father. My parents have never lied to me about him. They told me the truth about where I came from and have always added that they love me. I received presents from this man from the time I was 6 until I was 13, and then I […]

Safety around bicyclists is key

There has been some discussion lately about California Senate Bill 910, which would require “3 feet to pass bikes.” Apropos of which, while I was riding back from Winters to Davis along Putah Creek Road late Sunday afternoon, I was passed by a large pickup truck on a right-hand turn — one of limited visibility, […]

Hacking isn’t the best word choice

Sunday’s front-page article, titled “Meat Goes Local,” introducing Manas Ranch, did not serve Fred and Alice Manas well if folks only read the opening paragraphs. The article opened with a sentence that ended with the following statement: “… linking the animals ranchers raise to the people who like to eat them.” The third paragraph opened […]

Korea-U.S. FTA is a bad deal

The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement will cost our country jobs and further damage the economy at a time when we can least afford it. Just like with NAFTA, proponents of the Korea FTA claim it will increase exports and create jobs. But even the U.S. International Trade Commission, a federal agency that has often over-estimated […]

It’s an investment for the future

I am a bit perplexed by the reactions of some people to the water rate proposals made by the city of Davis. Like everyone else, our family does not enjoy paying more than necessary for services. But let’s look at our water rates and compare these to other communities. Our family currently pays $25 per […]

Legal decision lacks common sense

Prison doctors cannot forcibly medicate Jared Lee Loughner. That is what a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week. From a legal perspective, perhaps it was the right decision. The chief judge, Alex Kozinski, a Reagan appointee, is an unusually smart lawyer. He was joined by two Clinton appointees, Kim […]

Preseason greed could end NFL lockout

The issue: Lure of games’ cash may sway owners to end this senseless labor dispute Any real pro football fan realized long ago that preseason games are virtually worthless — a pitiful rite of summer in which nothing really counts except injuries, and ticket money that is extorted from sweltering fans. But finally, it appears […]

Are foreign grad students good for us?

The University of Southern California enrolls more foreign students as both undergraduates and advanced graduate students than any campus in America. Stanford, UCLA, UC San Diego and UC Berkeley are all among the top 15 in both categories, too. Which means that foreign student tuition, often paid at premium out-of-state levels by temporary legal immigrants […]

Is decline of U.S. exaggerated?

By Jay Ambrose Reports of his death, Mark Twain once humorously said, were greatly exaggerated. And so are reports of America’s decline. But there’s an obvious difference. Death is final and definitive and has either happened or it hasn’t, which means you cannot really exaggerate it. Decline is a process, and even when dismal predictions […]