Say no to the hate-mongers

Ten years have passed since the tragic Sept. 11 attack on America. The evil attack was used as an excuse to curtail many of our civil liberties as the Bush administration established military tribunals, expanded wiretapping authority and began holding deportation hearings in a shroud of secrecy. Every Muslim and others who were perceived to […]

He doesn’t want any help

Dear Annie: My husband has had several chronic illnesses during the past 20 years. He takes 15 different prescription medications a day and has frequent doctor visits and testing. Our medical bills are through the roof. When credit card interest rates went up, we were unable to meet our monthly bills. We have cut out […]

‘Can’t-do’ spirit moves primary to June

There is a new spirit afoot in California. Call it “can’t-do.” It’s the very reverse of the ethos that made California into America’s largest state, the center of world technical innovation and social progress. No political move of the last few months epitomizes this new attitude better than one decision by state legislators and Gov. […]

Oh, so that’s where I am!

Dear Annie: My husband and I were married for 47 years. Four years ago, he said he wanted to “find himself.” A month later, he was in Las Vegas (with another woman), using the company car and gas card. When he stopped answering his phone, I called his manager to find out where he was, […]

Social pressures and the ‘odd’ friend

Dear Annie: My 12-year-old son, “Mark,” is starting middle school. He has a semi-friend, “Scott,” whom he met in day care years ago. In spite of attending different schools, they have maintained a friendship, but it has diminished with time. Mark and Scott now have little in common. Mark has lots of friends and is […]

Qatar’s support was courageous

On behalf of the Libyan people, I would like to thank Qatar people and government for its courageous role in assisting Libyan people in their revolution. In fact, many countries assisted the Libyan people but the role of Qatar was the most prominent. Qatar has been the most active Arab supporter of the people of […]

Thanks for sprucing up bikes

I want to publicly thank Dennis Dingemans, who retired from UC Davis but who has a new career as a bike czar for our Old North Davis neighborhood. Dennis takes lost and abandoned bikes, and/or bikes that are being sold at garage sales and need work, and turns them into effective, usable modes of transportation. […]

Thanks for the school supplies

The Davis Bridge Educational Foundation would like to thank Edward Jones Investments and Yolo County Supervisor Matt Rexroad, founder of Yolo County Backpacks for Kids, for the very generous donation of backpacks and school supplies. I particularly want to thank Susie Evans from Edward Jones and all of the volunteers from Yolo County Backpacks for […]

Which is the greater public enemy?

The front page of the Aug. 30 edition of The Davis Enterprise juxtaposes two items: The leading story exclaims “UC sees rise in high earners” and the secondary item proclaims “County thwarts welfare thieves.” One can only wonder which of the two is the greater public enemy? These two items succinctly reflect the problem with our divided […]

Retiree benefits are of great concern

After reading the recent article regarding the city budget, I was motivated to write this letter. There is an apparent $2.5 million shortfall in this year’s city budget. The question posed to the small group of citizens present was, what services should be cut and/or saved? One million of the $2.5 million is to be […]

UC librarians are underpaid

Thank you for highlighting the article about University of California salaries. Decisions being made about salaries are very confusing. On the one hand, high-level employees seem to easily obtain raises but librarians have been told that if we pursue bargaining for increased salaries, the merit increases due one-third of librarians will be withheld. These merit […]

Abundant supply of healthy water

I recently retired after practicing pediatrics for 35 years. When counseling parents and children on nutrition and weight issues, I recommended water as a healthier alternative to sugar-based sodas and sport drinks. Thanks to the foresight and planning of the Davis City Council and the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency, we will have an abundant and […]

Don’t miss chance for water

Yogi Berra said: “This is like dèjá vu all over again.” In 1958, Davis and other entities in Yolo County were offered water rights as part of building the new Monticello Dam (Lake Berryessa). Most, including Davis, said no. Wisely, UC Davis accepted water rights for 4,000 acre-feet. The decision not to accept the water […]