Class warfare it is not

Some of the Republican candidates running for president have described the proposal by President Obama to raise the tax rates for the upper income bracket as “class warfare.” This inflammatory term comes from discredited Marxist ideology, which predicted actual bloodshed between “capitalists” and “workers” as an eventual consequence of the capitalist economics system that during […]

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Inform yourself with Monsanto facts

I don’t typically write letters to The Enterprise but I am compelled to comment on Debra DeAngelo’s opinion piece published Sunday where she linked Rush Limbaugh and Monsanto with the Occupy movement. In the first place, she should check her facts. Monsanto does not produce or market aspartame or bovine growth hormone. It does contribute […]

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Our ballot status should be private

Can someone please explain why it’s public knowledge whether or not a member of the community has submitted their ballot for Measure C? On Monday, March 5, we received a call from a campaign worker indicating that a member of our household had not yet voted. The caller specifically identified the family member by name, […]

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Unchanged jobless rate is actually good news

The issue: However, we still have a long way to go to return to full employment The latest government employment figures show that the recovery in the jobs market is real, but still not strong enough or fast enough to get us back to full employment in a reasonable time frame. PRIVATE INDUSTRY created 233,000 […]

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CalPERS change would dramatically damage Davis

The cost to Davis could be $1.5 million per year if CalPERS follows the recommendation of its chief actuary on Wednesday. Tuesday morning, the Pension and Health Benefits Committee heard a presentation from Alan Milligan, the chief actuary for PERS, in which he recommended that the retirement system reduce its assumed rate of return on […]

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Headed the wrong direction

Perhaps then, it is true. We are making more enemies in Afghanistan than we can kill! George Farmer Davis

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Reasons to dislike Republicans

I don’t know how other people feel about it, but I find it very disturbing that three of the four remaining Republican candidates say, in effect, “Yes, I’m perfectly willing to send 5,000 or 10,000 American boys to their graves if that’s what it takes to get my AIPAC campaign contribution. Just remember me when […]

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Don’t miss DHS’ ‘Tartuffe’

In August, the remarkable drama students at Davis High School will be in Edinburgh, as one of the select group of such performers invited to participate in the world-famous Fringe Festival. There they will perform a French farce, “Tartuffe.” But you don’t need to go to Scotland to take in the show: The students have […]

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DACHA tale is revisionist history

By Louis A. Gonzalez Jr. The Davis City Council’s op-ed piece in the March 7 edition of The Davis Enterprise was not only improper, as it spoke to confidential settlement communications, it was erroneous and a piecemeal (re)characterization of the events that have been ongoing since 2005. Perhaps this is a knee-jerk reaction to the […]

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These robots could run down bad guys

The issue: ‘Cheetah’ may not be quite as fast as the real thing, but it could beat a human one day soon The Pentagon news release was couched in language surely designed to conceal the fact that the gang over at DARPA is having a heck of a lot of fun. The Defense Advanced Research […]

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A completely innocent secret

Dear Annie: Is it possible for two married co-workers of the opposite sex to be friends? I have been married to “Jane” for 15 years. A year ago, she discovered that I was texting my co-worker “Lisa,” with whom I have a professional relationship. Jane became upset and said a male and female could not […]

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Ten thousand hours seem like only yesterday

Every now and then something I read in a book — something that doesn’t seem to apply to me at all — turns out later to be true. Here’s the story of my latest discovery, beginning with the math. I started writing this column in March 1996, alternating weeks with former Davis resident Stephanie Szmyd. […]

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He can’t act like he’s interested

Dear Annie: “John” and I have been married for 15 years. He is a wonderful person and a great father to our two young girls. Our relationship is fine on the surface, but it’s emotionally empty. There is little intimacy, which has been an issue throughout our marriage. It manifests itself periodically in arguments that […]

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Well-crafted, with a message

Bravo to Susan Leonardi for her Wineaux column Thursday. I so enjoy her well-crafted writing not so much because I’m a connoiseur of great wine — although I’ve purchased several of her modestly priced suggestions — but because she takes her readers on a lovely journey to get to the wine samplings. Thursday’s was a […]

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