I await the moment of birth in two locations

“This kind of news never ceases to amaze,” wrote a good friend after I sent out the email from Wisconsin announcing the birth of my second grandson. I’m grateful to her for capturing something that is deeply true: nothing is more anticipated than the birth of a baby — calculated down to the day of […]

Push me, pull you, nobody’s happy sitting next to anybody these days

So, 13 southern California counties want to become the 51st state and carve out their own Republican Shangri-la where it’s just hunky-dory to portray the president of the United States as a watermelon-chomping chimpanzee or support Michelle Bachmann for president. Oh, but that we could just lop off this contingent like a gangrened limb and […]

Davis should lead the way on bag ban

By Rebecca Loux Davis, as a leading California environmental community, needs to take action now to ban single-use plastic grocery bags. The Pacific Garbage Patch, already twice the size of Texas, is an ecological disaster that has tripled in the past 30 years. Plastic grocery bags make up a significant portion of this plastic soup, […]

Officials must assure war funding

Claude Garrod is right when he says the reason for the current financial crisis is the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there is another reason that Claude did not mention: the pigheadedness of those officials who sent American boys and girls to die on foreign shores without first making sure they had the […]

Do away with consecutive terms

Presidents, members of Congress, governors, state legislators and county and city politicians should all serve a four- or six-year term with no option to be re-elected to any consecutive contiguous term for any elected office. They should be allowed to run again after at least a three-year respite, but never serve contiguous terms in the […]

Thank you, Fourth of July sponsors

The city of Davis Parks and Community Services Department would like to acknowledge the following organizations and people for their generous contributions to this year’s Fourth of July celebration: Dos Coyotes; The Marketplace; Coldwell Banker; Nugget Markets; The Davis Food Co-op; Program, Administrative and Support Employees Association of the City of Davis (PASEA); West Yost Associates; […]

Kill two birds with one stone

President Obama can kill two birds with one stone by introducing a flat tax on gross income for all individual taxpayers, partnerships and corporations, somewhere between 4 and 8 percent. This tax would both balance the budget and eliminate the need to raise the debt ceiling at the same time. The tax would be imposed […]

Thank you, Davis Food Co-op

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and thanks to the wonderful staff of the Davis Co-op for the help they provided my wife Anna, and me during her long-term illness to which she recently succumbed. I especially want to thank Elizabeth Davidson and Karen Poirier for their caring, exemplary assistance. As soon […]

Time to raise demagoguery ceiling

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says he was deferential, not belligerent, and just asking if he might speak when President Barack Obama took offense and walked huffily from the room, barking “enough is enough” and saying no one should try to call his bluff. Others see it differently. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Cantor […]

North Korea plans a gala, but not for the starving

North Korea’s leaders have promised their people that the country will have fully achieved its aim of becoming “a great, prosperous and powerful nation” in 2012, the 100th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Kim Il-sung, according to the British paper The Telegraph. That’s also when it’s expected that current dictator Kim Jong-il, 69 […]

She remembers things differently

Dear Annie: I need advice on what to do about my niece. She is 39 and has no relationship with her mother (my sister). About 20 years ago, this niece confided to me that she had had an abortion. I respected her confidentiality and kept the information private. I never again discussed this incident with […]

Elder care and relationship changes: Your significant other

Whether you’ll be providing elder care in your parent’s home or inviting your senior to come live with you, tensions may arise between you and your significant other. Because becoming a caregiver is such an enormous life change, the situation requires frank communication with your partner, both before and after you begin caregiving. Your partner […]

Safe, reliable water is worth our investment

By Matt Rexroad and Don Saylor Collectively, we have served as elected representatives of the communities of Woodland and Davis for 26 years. Throughout our tenures, one of the most critical matters facing our region has been the long-term provision of safe, reliable water for municipal use. In the early 1990s, visionary water stewards in […]

Bad move to eliminate IPM

A serious casualty of the recent flurry of cost-cutting in the city’s budget is the elimination of funding for the Parks and Recreation Department’s integrated pest management position through a Tier 1 general fund cut. IPM is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management with the goal of elimination or reduction in the use of […]