Launch some citizen patrols

Forty-seven burglaries since Jan. 1 of this year? Geez!!! The last was right behind my house! No one has knocked on my door elevating awareness about this spree. I guess my question is, “what else is Davis doing about it?” More patrols?, OK, that doesn’t seem to be working. Have the police enlisted the Neighborhood […]

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Many of us have discretely joined a new tribe

There’s a tribe that people over 50 belong to and I’m not talking about AARP. This tribe has secrets. It has rites. It has rules. It has suggestions that get passed from one member to another. It has advice that doesn’t make sense to outsiders. “Chill it, it will taste better.” “Swallow fast.” “Drink through […]

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I’m not cranky, it’s the CPAP that’s annoying me

CPAP shmeepap. I want a show of hands: Who’s had a sleep study and not been sentenced to a lifetime of sleeping with a breathing machine? Anyone? After my first sleep study, I thought I’d defied the odds, but that was because I didn’t actually fall asleep. Who could sleep while being strangled by an […]

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Tribe’s new land-use plan raises concerns

By Vicki Murphy Another expansion of Northern California’s Cache Creek Casino is on the horizon. The Yocha Dehe Wintun tribe has applied to the Bureau of Indian Affairs to annex 853 acres of its Capay Valley fee title farmland property into trust lands, to be used as home sites for their tribal members. Two other […]

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Elephants are suffering in Thailand

By Sandy Batchelor The Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary for more than 30 elephants in the Chiang Mai Province of northern Thailand. I worked at the park for two weeks in 2010 and will return to volunteer with my husband and teens this summer. Volunteers stay at the park and spend their time cleaning […]

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In Iraq, blame the U.S., but drive American

The issue: U.S. automakers are easing back into the Mideast country, as its economy perks up The departure of the last American troops in December left an awkward vacuum in Iraqi politics: The government and the opposition no longer have the United States to blame for Iraq’s many problems. AND IRAQ DOES have problems: The […]

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Just Us in Davis: We are all Trayvon Martin

We are all Trayvon Martin. This chant resonates with the global call of the Occupy movement: We are the 99 percent. But, how can I be Trayvon Martin? I am not an unarmed black 17-year-old child shot dead in Florida last month by a neighborhood watch vigilante. I can walk through my neighborhood and not […]

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Eating fresh from seed to table

The Food Bank of Yolo County (FBYC) is committed to helping people make healthy choices about what to eat. This is done through a variety of programs and activities, including an on-site demonstration garden. Not only does FBYC want to make fresh fruits and vegetables available to the community, the Food Bank wants to give […]

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What do you think: What’s your favorite spring pastime?

Tamara Holt server, Woodland: “Easter. Being together with family.” Nina Vuoso postgraduate, Davis: “Walking around in the garden.” Bernie Goldsmith attorney, Davis: “Driving in the countryside, because everything is so green.” Brian Higgs student, Davis: “Baseball. Everything about it.” Norbe Monteao busser, Davis: “Running in the park to be in shape.” Imelda Vargas student, Davis: […]

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We oppose the disruption

We are members of Israel Peace Alternatives, a local group focused on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We have heard reports of a recent event at UC Davis, “Israeli Soldiers Speak Out,” where an audience member stood up and shouted personal insults at the speakers, and stated his intent to shut down the program. We strongly oppose actions that disrupt […]

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Get out of Occupy’s way

Docile Davis, sleepy town: While things happened in our past, nothing happens now… In the early ’70s, Davis was a town of action. Our mayor-to-be, Bob Black, sat down on the tracks and stopped a weapons-carrying train from going forward to Roseville! Now, it’s different: a comparable political emergency exists and, yet, town officials and […]

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Time to solve these crimes

I have a great deal of respect for our law enforcement officers. They have an extremely difficult job, and often perform it without much thanks or recognition. Having said that, I think it is time to start asking some difficult questions regarding the wave of brazen burglaries that have been casting a pall over my […]

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