Roommate out of control

Dear Annie: My roommate, “Michelle,” is suffering from depression. Six months ago, she suddenly lost interest in going out with friends and would cry for no reason. She began calling in sick so many times that she was fired. She cashed out her 401(k) and now sits in her room all day watching TV and […]

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Housing co-ops are quite different

By Robb Davis, Patty Milich and Vicki Gall In recent (and not-so-recent) statements about DACHA, the Davis Area Cooperative Housing Association, it has been noted that DACHA was modeled after Dos Pinos, a limited-equity housing cooperative in North Davis. This is true in only one sense: Both DACHA and Dos Pinos are incorporated as limited-equity […]

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Arab Spring eyewitness on DCTV

Attention, sixth-graders: Find out about what Egypt is like today. Now that you know what it was like when it ruled the world, you can find out the challenges now. Find out what happened a year ago when the Arab Spring revolution was unfolding at Tahrir Square in Cairo from an eyewitness. Noha Radwan, a […]

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Council’s decision was courageous

My son and his teammates had a civics lesson recently that they will not soon forget. The question in front of the City Council was simple: whether or not to allow Davis Diamonds Gymnastics a conditional use permit to purchase an empty (verging on abandoned) building to expand their programs. As is tradition in Davis, […]

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All children are miraculous

Most women who imagine and anticipate their future child greet the first signs of its possible arrival with profound and awe-filled joy: a missed period that hints of it, a pregnancy test that confirms it. We smile sagely at unexpected tiredness or queasiness; we willingly give up coffee and wine and become newly mindful of […]

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School employees should pull together

We should band together — that means everyone who earns their income from the Davis Joint Unified School District. The money man, who seems honorable and honest, calculates the true deficit, takes the district payroll, figures out how much is needed to make ends meet, then the district asks everyone to reduce their salaries at […]

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Strong schools help us all

My two children have attended Davis public schools since kindergarten. We have been blessed with wonderful teachers and an enriched program that includes science and music instruction at the elementary school level. My children have greatly benefited from these programs. Strong public schools help everyone in the community by making Davis a desirable place to […]

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An appeal to UC Davis students

Exercising your right to vote is a privilege we shouldn’t ignore. In many countries, citizens are fighting for the right to vote at this very moment. In our own community of Davis, voters are mailing in ballots as we speak for Measure C, which will continue to fund classroom programs, music, science and libraries in […]

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Obama gets tough on leaks

The issue: This administration has brought more prosecutions for providing classified information to the media than every previous administration combined In the book “All the President’s Men,” about the unraveling of the Watergate scandal, a Washington Post reporter describes meeting “Deep Throat,” his principal source, clandestinely in a dark underground parking garage, a bit of […]

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Swiss take lead in cleaning up space junk

The issue: The Chinese should be the first customer for the new janitor satellite The Swiss — and more power to them — are taking their noted national characteristics of tidiness and cleanliness to space. In a development long overdue among space-faring nations, the Swiss are building what is being called a “janitor satellite” to […]

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Feds don’t want you driven to distraction

The issue: The allure of our gadgets is so great that automakers are being asked to install safeguards Americans are both extremely sociable and gadget-obsessed. While these two generally admirable traits have led to many exciting innovations, when combined with driving a car they can be dangerous and even lethal. FEDERAL SAFETY officials say an […]

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Voting is an exercise in confusion

I know I have until March 6 to do this, but today is as good as any to dig through the pile of bills on the kitchen table and find my “all-mail” ballot for the Measure C showdown. I’ve tried to make this an exercise in democracy for the too-young-to-vote set in this household, but […]

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What’s it like to get noticed by the big boys?

This column is entirely my idea. Davis resident Janice Bridge, who recently experienced more than 15 minutes of fame in this newspaper and elsewhere, would have been happy for me not to write it, but I was too darn curious. What’s it like to be featured in the New York Times? How does the Times […]

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Congratulations, gay couples, just try to stay out of the footlocker

* Editor’s note: Debra is taking some time off and, in honor of the recent ruling of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declaring California’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional, has updated and refreshed a column that originally ran on June 12, 2008. Let me say, right off the bat, that I don’t care […]

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