Choppers fly over our war zone

What is it with all the helicopters flying over Davis? They are not medical flights, don’t look like military or news copters and they’re buzzing us in East Davis regularly. I sighted them Thursday while riding my bike on East Eighth Street and Friday morning they were circling over the cemetery property. They are very […]

A truism: Developers never rest

Developers never rest. They only appear to rest from the point of view of citizens’ groups that go dormant when not challenged. The latest apparent in Yolo County has to do with changing the context within which they bring forth their projects. Thus, developer Angelo Tsakopoulos owns Conaway Ranch with its access to Sacramento River […]

Credit U.S. constitutional law

I am puzzled by a recent letter to the editor presented as “stop the hate-mongering.” The writer appears to equate the outlawing of shariah with curtailment of freedom. Is he not aware that, in the absence of shariah, there are thousands of mosques in this country? Is he not aware that halal meat is available […]

Head knows his water issues

I am responding to the recent letter by Michael Bisch, complaining about comments made by Ernie Head at a recent Davis Downtown Business Association brown-bag lunch session concerning the surface water project. I was not there; I don’t know the details of what was said or occurred. However, I will say that when I was […]

Support project for the future

I support both the Sacramento River water supply project and the upgrades to the city’s wastewater treatment plant in order to ensure our city’s economic and environmental vitality for succeeding generations. It would be irresponsible to delay these infrastructure projects and shove the financial and political burden onto our children and grandchildren. Our forebears made […]

Let’s make sure we get this water project right

By Dan Wolk As the new kid on the block on the City Council, Sept. 6 was my first chance to really weigh in on the very important issue of our drinking water. That’s not to say I’m a stranger to the issue. In my other job, I am the primary water attorney for Solano […]

It really does take a village

By Delaine Eastin For several years now, the city of Davis has enjoyed a joyful event called the Village Feast. On a Saturday in late August, we gather at long tables with our neighbors to enjoy exquisite food, delicious wine and the company of one other. A wonderful day in its own right, a taste of […]

On food trucks and flower carts

By Julian Irias So a food-truck entrepreneur would like to do business in Davis. But he’s not allowed to park his truck on our streets for more than 10 minutes at a time, according to Jonathan Edwards’ story on Aug. 23. He could apply for a permit to park longer at a preselected location, but the […]

Language helps preserve heritage

Jean Ho’s letter to the editor in Tuesday’s paper was the right stuff! I’m a 26-year Davis resident, and for decades, I have been stepping up to people talking to their children in another language, and congratulating them for giving their children their heritage. I share that my father, an Italian immigrant to America in […]

We really use Fifth Street

Does the City Council really think that the 12,000 to 17,000 daily vehicles on Fifth Street are cruising Davis for fun? While the City Council spends its time in late-night sessions discussing increasing water rates, the rest of us by day are going to work, running errandsand going across town to pick up our kids. […]

Re-invest in public education

Shame on us I read with great interest Wednesday’s Davis Enterprise article on a proposed 16 percent tuition increase over the next four years at UC Davis, until it reaches a staggering $22,000 for undergrad tuition. What kind of debt burden are we saddling our next generation of young professionals with? How will employers remain […]

Hey Joni, it can get worse

Tonight at Steve’s Pizza across from the parking lot on F Street, Joni Mitchell’s song about how they “paved paradise and put up a parking lot” started to play. I listened and thought, “How apropos, but little did she know.” It gets worse, Joni. A parking lot can have trees in it; now they are […]

Groomers get a shout-out

I want to acknowledge and thank the staff of Pawsitive Groomers in Davis. My dog Trevor has been suffering with an allergic condition over the past few months and they have been wonderful. Their response to requests for special treatment during his grooming sessions was superb. With the assistance and help of the staff at […]