U.S. treading water on job creation

The issue: Serious action is required to ignite some serious economic growth There are two good things that can be said about July’s unemployment rate of 9.1 percent: It’s lower than June’s 9.2 percent and it allayed, perhaps only temporarily, market fears of a double-dip recession. BUT READING behind the figures reveals a disturbing fact […]

House pages run their final errands

The issue: Underutilized program could no longer justify its $5 million budget The U.S. Congress is an institution steeped, for better or worse, mostly for the better, in tradition — the elaborate courtesy the members show each other on the floor, the daily printed and bound copies of the preceding day’s proceedings in the Congressional […]

Grandma opens home, at a price

Dear Annie: I am 26 and a single parent to a 3-year-old girl. I love my daughter more than anything in this world. However, in the past few months, she has become a brat and a monster, doing everything she can to test me. Due to recent financial problems, we had to move in with […]

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Here’s some advice

I’m going to try not to make this a “kids these days” kind of column. I’m also going to try to add something new to a very tired topic; namely, tattoos. Forgive me if I fail at both, but I can no longer stifle myself on the subject. My family and I are just back […]

Don’t text while riding a bike

To the young girl who almost ran into the two older ladies a couple of Sundays back, please do not text while riding your bike. I admit I am assuming it was texting that kept you from seeing us — we were on the far right side of the bike path and would have been […]

Project benefits homeless families

I have just finished working on a community project benefiting the Davis Community Meals transitional housing program for homeless families. This project was part of my Girl Scouts Silver Award, and I collected bookcases, books and board games for the families entering the program. This project was a very enriching experience, and I hope that reading […]

Try a meat-free day in schools

I continue to be impressed by the efforts of staff and parents in Davis schools to make healthy school lunches available for local K-12 students. Sunday’s article describing both the positive efforts of the director of the Davis school district nutrition services and the new cookbook by local authors called “Cooking with California Food in […]

Proactive approach to our safety

On Sunday, as my daughter and I were leaving my office in Davis Research Park in South Davis, we were approached by a reporter from Channel 13 news. He asked me for an interview concerning the number of recent “smash and grab” burglaries reported in Davis. He mentioned this is not just something that’s happening […]

Make sure to file a protest

If you would like to protest the rate increase for water and sanitary services in Davis, you need to mail in the form ASAP! The hearing is on Sept. 6. The city claims it has sent the form out to all residents. It has not. Not a single one of my neighbors in Central Davis […]

‘Stealth’ laws destructive, but legal

FOR RELEASE: TUESDAY, AUGUST 9, 2011, OR THEREAFTER There are plenty of reasons for the public hearings state legislators often stage in various parts of California. The reason most suspect — grandstanding to impress constituents —certainly is one. But hearings on prospective new laws also give the public and affected persons of all kinds a […]

Teen jumps all over divorced dad

Dear Annie: My son is being emotionally tortured by his teenage daughters. He has been divorced from their mother for years, but has always been there for his kids. He’s never missed a support payment and shares responsibility for them. Now the 17-year-old is terrorizing him. My son recently remarried, and the girl hates his […]

Wife frustrated as husband loses interest

Dear Annie: I am a 48-year-old married woman. I love my husband and believe he loves me, too. “Frank” used to be very affectionate and also quite interested in sex. Now I am lucky to get a kiss on the cheek at bedtime. We haven’t had sex in over a year. His doctor gave him […]

Greed drives Amazon anti-tax initiative

It’s about time someone put the correct labels on efforts by Amazon.com to avoid paying any semblance of sales tax in California or anywhere else. Those labels: greed and fear. The same tags can accurately be attached to the Internet auction house eBay, Overstock Inc. and other big Internet-only merchants that are opposed to operating […]

Old sailor reconnects with the Other Woman

Dear Annie: I have been married for 30 years and have three grown children. My husband served in the Navy and was away a lot of the time. Early in our marriage, he was gone for nine months, and during that time, he had an affair with a much younger girl. I found out about […]