I’ve planned my next step; will Obama follow suit?

I have a friend who used to write editorials for the New York Times. “It was the pinnacle,” he admitted over dinner recently in Chicago where he moved for the sake of his kids, took a job with the Chicago Tribune, and later became a college professor. Although I’ve read some of Don’s writing, I […]

It’s a felony to record police back, back, back in the USSA

So, while the police are watching the public, who’s watching the police? Years ago, the answer to that was, “Good question.” But the invention of the camcorder changed all that. Now the answer is “The public.” The flashpoint was a 1991 bystander’s videotape that caught four Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King after he […]

Picking up the pieces after a suicide

Dear Annie: Recently, my 49-year-old sister committed suicide. She lived with my partner and me for the last 18 months. I find it harder each day to understand why this happened. I am upset, angry, troubled and confused. My sister was bipolar and on medication. She had attempted suicide before, but tried to fight the […]

A plea to mom and dad

School has started, and on my walk around the North Davis greenbelt one recent morning, several family groups passed by, parents accompanying their children to school on bikes. Out of five parents, only one had on a helmet. Please, we know we lead by example, that children will follow what we do, not just what […]

If you build it, they will come

I would like to share a snippet of my life as a retail business owner in downtown Davis for the past 30 years. The reason for this letter is to support the building of the Third/Fourth/E/F retail and parking structure project. After managing various shops in the downtown area for many years (remember Tarika and […]

They went above and beyond

I stupidly left my wallet atop a fuel dispenser at a gas station in Walnut Creek on Sunday afternoon. Discovering my error and returning to the station 10 minutes later, it was gone. I received a call the next morning that Clint and Stephanie DeKnikker of Davis had found the wallet and, rather than turn […]

Retail, parking project supports downtown

By Michael Bisch and Rosalie Paine The downtown plays a critical role in maintaining a sustainable Davis community, compact with greenbelts and surrounded by agricultural land. The downtown is the primary business, entertainment and cultural center of Davis — a hub of innovation and creativity and the extraordinary lifestyle center of the city. The Davis […]

Come together for better water

Professor Ed Schroeder (emeritus, civil and environmental engineering, UC Davis) really got it right in his commentary Tuesday: “Better water is needed, now.” Davis needs an alternative water supply. Total reliance on groundwater is a road to disaster. The supply is limited and of poor quality with selenium and nitrate pollution getting worse. We missed […]

With Irene, it was better to err on the side of caution

The issue: We’ve learned something since Katrina, but bickering over paying for the recovery suggests we’re not quite there yet From the safety of high ground and hindsight, the critics of government are now asserting that it overreacted to Hurricane Irene in ordering mass evacuations, road closures and the shutdown of New York City’s transportation […]

Space nations must clean up after themselves

The issue: It would be a cruel twist of fate if, in our eagerness to explore space, we made it nearly impossible to do through our own careless littering Mankind’s next big space mission may be its least glamorous: cleaning up the tens of thousands, maybe even millions, of pieces of debris left behind in […]

Water rates pose unique challenges for Rancho Yolo residents

By Jerry Hallee, Brian Johnson, Betty Iams and Penny Anderson The city of Davis’ proposed Sacramento River water project and the attendant water rate increases highlight the unique challenges faced by the homeowners who live in the Rancho Yolo senior community in East Davis. Homeowners in most mobile home parks rent on a month-to-month basis […]

Water project rate increases adjusted downward, cost controls in place

By Joe Krovoza and Stephen Souza Last week, we wrote about the new regional surface water project and highlighted Davis’ need for a high-quality and reliable water supply. This week, we will address project costs and rates. As a quick review, the project will provide a new supply of surface water from the Sacramento River […]

What do you think: Do you support the proposed Woodland/Davis water project?

Alicia Chandler student, Davis: “I think I would agree with it. Water quality is very important.” Michael Bankowski student, Davis: “Yeah, it’s worth it.” Ben Wilson B&L Bike Shop employee, Davis: “No, I sure don’t. If it wasn’t for the cost, I’d be all over it.” Marin Djendjinovic scientific programmer, Davis: “If it’s a long-term […]