It’s scary how little we know

The issue: Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s new leader, is a mystery to the world In 1953, newspaper critic A.J. Liebling wrote a celebrated essay on the coverage of a long-running Soviet dictator’s death. True to the maxim that “big news demands big stories,” American newspapers ran yards of copy, almost all of it speculative, because […]

Really enjoying his work

Dear Annie: I’ve begun to develop strong feelings for one of my managers at work. She is beautiful both inside and out and fun to be around. When I am near her, I behave properly, but inside, my heart is going pitter-pat. I want to do the honorable thing and keep our relationship strictly professional, […]

Healthy resolutions for the new year

As the holidays come to an end and we approach 2012, many of us are considering New Year’s resolutions. Some of us will commit to exercising more and losing weight while others will focus on building relationships and stopping bad habits. No matter what our specific commitments are, we are all likely to pursue health-related […]

Sometimes only the cops can help

Dear Annie: My friend “Candi” regularly drinks and drives. She often drinks at a friend’s house and then drives herself home. Other times, she drinks at home and then goes out. There are even times when she takes her teenage daughter in the car after she’s been drinking. I’ve confronted Candi only to be told […]

2,000-plus hungry families got help this holiday season

By José Martinez This holiday season, we are proud to say that the Thanksgiving and Christmas Basket giveaways can now call the Food Bank of Yolo County “home.” After weeks of prepping, planning and organizing, both distributions successfully aided more than 2,050 families in our Yolo County community. For the Thanksgiving baskets, we limited those […]

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

The issue: New York Sun editor’s words resonate 115 holiday seasons later * Editor’s note: The following editorial, among the most famous ever written, appeared in The New York Sun in 1897 and remains appropriate for this holiday season 115 years later. IS THERE A SANTA CLAUS? We take pleasure in answering at once and […]

Taking back power to tackle climate change

By Nick Buxton “You’ve been negotiating all my life,” a Maine student shouted out to a room packed full of climate experts and experienced diplomats at the United Nations climate conference earlier this month. “In that time, you’ve failed to meet pledges, you’ve missed targets, and you’ve broken promises.” At the U.N. climate negotiations I […]

Just Us in Davis: Dragon Ball and Blue Devils

By Jann Murray-Garcia Special to the Enterprise “But Mom, Mr. PoPo is like the smartest one on that show.” The character is from one of his favorite cartoons, the Japanese-style anime show, “Dragon Ball Z Kai.” My 11-year-old son was trying to convince me that I should not be offended. But I am offended. The […]

Research, yes! But teaching?

Thank you, Jeff Sherman, for highlighting UC Davis’ research focus and peripheral interest in undergraduate education. It is great that UC Davis’ best and brightest researchers glean hundreds of millions of dollars of research funds. Unfortunately, those successful research grantees notoriously absent themselves from undergraduate education and deprive undergraduate students of their promised exposure to […]

Help improve dog park safety

In late September, several concerned dog owners met with a city of Davis official about improving safety at Toad Hollow Dog Park. Our mission became raising $2,400 for a separate small dog entrance. This important addition will allow greater safety for small and large dogs alike as well as for dog owners with a variety […]

Kudos for supporting the arts

This letter was sent to members of the Davis Board of Education: Last Friday I participated in the Davis High holiday concert as emcee at the invitation of the Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association. I am a longtime Davis resident with three children who have attended Davis High School. In my job as executive director […]

… And the dogs are still barking

The Davis Fire Department was in our West Davis neighborhood for an hour Monday night, continuously piercing the air with emergency sirens. I went outside to see the ruckus: It was a Christmas parade! They had two rigs decorated and Fire Department personnel were walking alongside wearing their uniforms and Santa hats passing out candy […]

A merry Christmas treat

About 5:30 Monday night, my kids and I heard the sounds of sirens in our neighborhood. We ran out to see what was happening and we had such a fantastic surprise. Two fire trucks, Santa, several firefighters and kids were coming through our neighborhood playing music and handing out candy canes and fire safety tips […]