It’s a long way back

Dear Annie: My wife, “Amy,” is 26. She is a wonderful, pretty girl, and I love her to pieces. We’ve been married two years. Her married sister, “Zoe,” is a year older and supermodel gorgeous, but I have never been even remotely attracted to her. A few months back, we had a big family party […]

Get ready for some fun times, thanks to planet Mercury

Oh, you can feel it heating up already. Summer, yes. But Mercury Retrograde, too. Now, I’m not an astrologer, but I have friends who are, and they swear by the stars. Me, I’m willing to consider that there’s something to it, that things fall into natural place without interference. It’s like walking on a sideways […]

Homeowners, please protest rates

I’m glad that Andrea Glasgow raised the issue of the recommendations of a study by UC Davis water quality professors. Unfortunately, this study took place before new technology for the production and storage of ferrates — which can cheaply purify our groundwater — was announced. This alternative does not require prohibitively expensive and completely unnecessary […]

Don’t just walk by the Hattie Weber Museum, stop in!

Mary Lee Thomson An often-heard comment by visitors to the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis in Central Park is, “I’ve walked by here hundreds of times but this is the first time I’ve been in.” Almost everybody who says this promises to come again after seeing what the museum has to offer. Many do just […]

Davis’ two vanishing generations

By Doby Fleeman, Clark Dodsworth and Jeanne Jones Will Davis remain vital in the future? A decade ago, Davis had nearly 3,200 more residents in two census age groups — 25- to 34-year-olds and 35- to 44-year-olds. That’s a dramatic shift in just 10 years. Our Davis Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Committee recently reviewed […]

Ease the pain in itchy pets

Most pets, and their owners for that matter, will develop an occasional itch that typically does not represent a significant health concern. However, there are several reasons why a dog or cat might become itchy for a more prolonged time or to a higher degree of severity, which can be very hard on the pet. […]

Public lobbyists’ value can be judged by voters

The issue: Is paying twice worth the price for cities, schools and universities? Cities, public schools, state university systems and other local government entities are presumably ably represented by lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives, but many feel the need for additional representation in Washington. It’s not cheap. THE STATE UNIVERSITY of New […]

A historic warship, in need of saving

The issue: Philadelphia’s Seaport Museum is looking for a state, city or charitable organization to take ownership of the Olympia By rights, the USS Olympia should be one of our nation’s most-treasured, best-cared-for naval artifacts. THE OLYMPIA was launched in 1892. According to her website, she is the world’s oldest floating steel warship and the […]

Libya’s latest weapon against NATO: lawsuits

There is an incorrigible breed of activist European lawyers who will not rest until they find some way of getting American political and military leaders into the dock of international courts on war crimes charges. Belgium adopted a legal doctrine of universal jurisdiction whereby serious crimes could be tried in Brussels regardless of where the […]

What do you think: Would you miss the downtown post office if it closed?

Turker Garip student, Davis: “Of course. The other post office is too far, and the woman working (at the Third Street location) is very sweet.” Phyllis DeMoura housewife, Davis: “No, I don’t use it.” Bruce Berry arborist, Davis: “No, I won’t miss it. The other one’s the only one we go to.” Robyn Bryson student, […]

Seeking a connection with a stranger in Queens

* Editor’s note: Marion is on summer vacation. This column first appeared in January 2005. Today I am on the subway, thundering towards the apartment of my mother’s oldest living friend, Vera, who resides in Jackson Heights, Queens. My mother and Vera met at work in the 1940s, but they didn’t see much of each […]

Looking for a reason to stay

Dear Annie: I am a 43-year-old male and have been in a common-law relationship with “Carol” for the past six years. I’ve never been married, but I proposed to Carol. We have a daughter together. I also have a teenager from a previous relationship, and Carol can’t stand her. Carol has two boys from a […]

Too costly? Think of the alternative

WATER? In some countries people (mostly women) walk a few miles round trip to carry a gallon or more of muddy water on their heads back to their village. If we believe the price of clean water, delivered to our homes, is too high, I’ll bet that, with a bit of with practice three or […]