No fundraising do-over for candidates

One of the few accurate statements ever made by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came just moments after he announced his campaign for office in 2003, pledging never to accept campaign donations from special interests. Never mind that everyone’s definition of a special interest is different — my good cause might be your special interest. Schwarzenegger’s […]

Don’t lose out on this money

You could be eligible to get more money back from the IRS — as much as $5,751. You can also volunteer to help those who are eligible file and receive the credit. If you earned less than $49,000 last year, you may qualify for a refundable tax credit called the Earned Income Tax Credit, or […]

Are your street lights lit?

Sunset on Halloween, Monday, is at 5:54 p.m. Will your trick-or-treaters be safe when the sun goes down? Will you be safe? Please check to see if your street lights are lit when you are out and about that night and report them if they are out so that the Davis Public Works Department can […]

40 years of special memories

Reading “40 years later, Strelitzia is in full bloom,” reminded me of so much. When my husband and I were poor UC Davis students and first dating in the early 1980s, we used to stop by their flower cart and buy each other a single flower. When I found out I was expecting our first […]

Learn from cattle ranchers

The plan for Fifth Street is to restrict passage for the purpose of slowing traffic. Traffic controls will be considered for other streets to frustrate avoidance maneuvers as the need becomes evident. The first rule of crowd control known to cattle ranchers and police is to anticipate, guide and channel, and to avoid blocking. The […]

Don’t ask, don’t tell

As a veteran, I applaud with relief the end of the military policy “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Since 2008, I have participated in the Mather VA Trauma Program. As a lesbian transgendered woman I have had the privilege of being a participant in the Women’s Military Sexual Trauma groups. Many of us are Vietnam-era veterans, […]

No more school taxes

The Davis school board is at it again. Soon after Measure A passed by the slimmest of margins (a switch of 84 votes would have resulted in a sound defeat), they are digging into the pockets of Davis residents again. Now the board proposes a new tax, but we don’t yet know how much it […]

The 99% are too big to fail

The protestors of Occupy Wall Street, exercising their First Amendment rights in New York and nationwide, are calling themselves the 99 percent. Most of them pay more than 15 percent taxes and actually make money the old-fashioned way: They “earrrn it,” as the old Smith and Barney commercial said. I agree with New York Times […]

Safety measure needed at Verona

I am in sixth grade at Korematsu Elementary. I am writing this letter to inform you about a problem my friends and I have when we come home from school. We can’t cross Fifth Street at Entrada Drive safely because of the wall around the Verona development. We can’t see the cars coming from the […]

U.S. to Iraq: ‘We’re outta here’

The issue: ‘Stable, secure and self-reliant’ are our goals for embattled Mideast nation The effective end of the Iraq war, coming up on its ninth year, was defined over this past weekend. “U.S. troops will be home for the holidays,” promised President Barack Obama. And as a practical matter, the U.S. war machine is already […]

9-9-9: It’s simple, but it means tax hikes

The issue: Cain’s proposal would cause pain for 
everyone, but hits the 
poor hardest. Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has gone a long way with a winning smile, affable manner, a single issue with a catchy title, “9-9-9,” and by turning away critics with a soft answer, given without elaboration: What they say isn’t true. […]

With Gadhafi gone, Libya says, ‘What next?’

The issue: Now the hard work begins, creating a government that is democratic and strong The policy, indeed, the hopes, of the coalition of Libyan rebels and the Western and Arab nations that overthrew Moammar Gadhafi, the mercurial and merciless dictator of 42 years standing, were neatly summed up by 37-year-old Amani Deghayes, who took […]

Attention, world: You’ve got the cash. We’ve got the houses

The issue: Two senators 
propose fast-tracking visas for immigrants willing to buy a home in the U.S. to help buoy housing market. Longtime observers of the American political scene knew that the immigration problem would begin to be solved when enough people found a way to benefit and even profit from the problem. New York […]

Tax holiday creates jobs? Hardly

The issue: This measure being pitched to Congress is simply a tax break for multinational corporations The idea of a tax holiday to allow giant multinational firms to repatriate their overseas profits to the United States at substantially reduced tax rates — 5.25 percent to 8.75 percent compared to the standard 35 percent — is […]