9/11 memorials spread across the country

The remaining wreckage of the Twin Towers and the fire and rescue vehicles that tried vainly and fatally to save them are in Hangar 17 at New York’s JFK airport. The goal of the artifacts’ caretakers is to have the hangar largely empty by the 10th anniversary of 9/11 two months from now. SOME OF […]

Davis family enjoys a ‘staycation’

A Davis family who normally goes on a number of camping trips and visits family out of state decided to stay put during the middle of this summer, by taking a downtown Davis “staycation.” Twelve-year Davis residents Kyle Monhollen and Amy George, along with their two daughters Hazel, 8, and Nola, 6, “wanted to become […]

When in-laws are landlords

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been happily married for 10 years. Two years ago, we both lost our jobs, so we moved in with his parents. The problem is, my in-laws are so used to getting their way that they become angry when they don’t. Friends and family members usually give in to […]

Does a young kid need sleep meds?

Dear Annie: For the past two years, my 4-year-old granddaughter has been given medication to “help her enter REM sleep” at night, and the dosage was recently increased. She seems drugged and impossible to wake up. This drug worries me, and I also have no clue what the long-term effects might be. I mentioned my […]

Big heart, or just creepy?

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been separated for three years. Things had been going well until he got involved in an offbeat church and began housing homeless people of different backgrounds. I couldn’t take it anymore and left. He recently took in a 16-year-old foreign girl who has a toddler and a year-old […]

Privacy is vital to freedom from ‘Big Brother’

“Big Brother Is Watching You” was the pervasive punch-line in British writer George Orwell’s classic novel “1984.” Now we know Big Brother is listening too. Revelations that Rupert Murdoch’s News International Corp. for years has conducted massive hacking into British cell phone information is truly shocking. Alleged targets include cell phones of a murdered young […]

What do you think: What are you doing for your summer vacation this year?

Asked in downtown Davis Compiled and photographed by Chloe Kim 0717wdyt01w Rob Kamisky, engineer, Davis: “I’m working. Turned out to be the busy time of year for me.” 0717wdyt02w John Leonard, marketing consultant, Grass Valley: “I just came back from it. I was on a beach trip in Aptos.” 0717wdyt03w Amber Frankhuizen, leasing, Folsom: “I’ll […]

Study: Sweat the salt and potassium levels

As sweat pours from the pores of many Americans enduring summer heat waves, it might be time to do a little checkup on salt. Most research over the past few decades indicates that too much salt in the diet overloads the kidneys and cranks up blood pressure, increasing the risk for heart disease and stroke. […]

I await the moment of birth in two locations

“This kind of news never ceases to amaze,” wrote a good friend after I sent out the email from Wisconsin announcing the birth of my second grandson. I’m grateful to her for capturing something that is deeply true: nothing is more anticipated than the birth of a baby — calculated down to the day of […]

Push me, pull you, nobody’s happy sitting next to anybody these days

So, 13 southern California counties want to become the 51st state and carve out their own Republican Shangri-la where it’s just hunky-dory to portray the president of the United States as a watermelon-chomping chimpanzee or support Michelle Bachmann for president. Oh, but that we could just lop off this contingent like a gangrened limb and […]

Davis should lead the way on bag ban

By Rebecca Loux Davis, as a leading California environmental community, needs to take action now to ban single-use plastic grocery bags. The Pacific Garbage Patch, already twice the size of Texas, is an ecological disaster that has tripled in the past 30 years. Plastic grocery bags make up a significant portion of this plastic soup, […]

Officials must assure war funding

Claude Garrod is right when he says the reason for the current financial crisis is the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there is another reason that Claude did not mention: the pigheadedness of those officials who sent American boys and girls to die on foreign shores without first making sure they had the […]

Do away with consecutive terms

Presidents, members of Congress, governors, state legislators and county and city politicians should all serve a four- or six-year term with no option to be re-elected to any consecutive contiguous term for any elected office. They should be allowed to run again after at least a three-year respite, but never serve contiguous terms in the […]

Thank you, Fourth of July sponsors

The city of Davis Parks and Community Services Department would like to acknowledge the following organizations and people for their generous contributions to this year’s Fourth of July celebration: Dos Coyotes; The Marketplace; Coldwell Banker; Nugget Markets; The Davis Food Co-op; Program, Administrative and Support Employees Association of the City of Davis (PASEA); West Yost Associates; […]