Don’t delay your water protest

The article in Wednesday’s Enterprise reads like a city public relations release. Maybe the reporter should have left her name off. Op-eds and articles have been heavily weighted in favor of the wasteful and unnecessary water project that will increase city staff and drain thousands of dollars each year from the pocket of every homeowner […]

U.S. needs to fight waste, corruption in war zones

The issue: Congress should act quickly on commission’s sensible and useful recommendations In 2008, long after tales of waste and fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan had begun circulating widely, Congress got around to appointing a bipartisan commission to investigate how the billions the U.S. was investing in aid, rehabilitation and private security forces were being […]

Overwhelmed by the little things

Dear Annie: “Bill” and I have been married for seven years, but since our first child was born, I’ve felt like a horrible nag. I have to remind him frequently to pick up after himself and finish what he started. He leaves all the cabinet doors open and throws his clothes and other belongings all […]

In-laws hijack birthday party

Dear Annie: I’m recovering from cancer. To thank my husband for being so helpful, caring and patient during my treatment, I want to give him a nice party for his 30th birthday. He liked the idea and put together a guest list. I mentioned this to my in-laws, and they offered to help. The next […]

Voters should have the final say

By Dan Cornford The proposed Davis-Woodland Water Project (total cost $325 million) is one of the largest, if not the largest, infrastructure venture that the city has embarked upon. However, despite significant evidence as to its costs and shortcomings, there has been a relatively superficial public debate about it, and alternative solutions. An issue of […]

We want it, but not so fast

The water debate in Davis has produced numerous letters by authors accusing people who aren’t immediately for the plan of being “anti-clean water.” This isn’t true — everyone wants clean and safe water. What some of us are reacting to, myself included, is the exorbitant and rapid increase that is borne by the few (property […]

Put water, sewer projects on ballot

The city is very close to a final City Council vote to force rate payers in Davis to pay at least $255 million to fund the development of a surface water system and a vastly overbuilt new sewer treatment plant. Neither project is necessary. This scheme reminds me of the 1986 movie, “Field of Dreams.” […]

City should wait on water project

The vote on the surface water project may be the most important decision the city of Davis makes in my lifetime. The water project will cost more than $300 million and will be by far the city’s largest public works project. Before this project is approved there cannot be any possible doubt about its necessity, […]

It was a nasty, brutish attack

To see Ernie Head crowing in Friday’s Bob Dunning column about his boorish performance at the Aug. 17 Davis Downtown Business Association brown-bag lunch is beyond the pale. I was the moderator of the discussion on the pending commercial water rate increases and Jacques DeBra was the guest speaker. Ernie’s personal attack on Jacques was […]

He’s our most astute observer

Re: The letter critical of Bob Dunning’s” paranoid rantings” from a six-month resident of Davis. It has been my personal observation, as a 31-year resident of said domicile,  that Bob is the single most relevant observer in this city of all that is right and relevant. At times we don’t agree but he certainly can tack perspective on […]

Don’t gamble with water future

As a California water attorney for more than 25 years, I support the efforts of the cities of Davis and Woodland to obtain surface water to significantly reduce our complete dependence on groundwater. While groundwater has served us well in the past and provided our community with decades of artificially low rates, it’s simply not […]

My dog’s guardian angels

I wanted to say thank you to the kind couple who picked up my dog, Roxy (a black Lab/pointer mix), last Tuesday. It was my second day at a new job in Sacramento and she got out of the back yard and went looking for someone to play with at the dog run area nearby. […]

Let science guide our decisions

It was the spring of 1984. I was hitchhiking in the deep back country of Santa Barbara County. A big, white Lincoln pulled over and let me in. The first thing I noticed was the driver’s gun. A tall man in his 50s with slicked-back black hair, he turned out to be a private investigator, […]