U.S. spirit vs. China economics

Today is a sad day because pure laws of economics are eroding what makes our town unique and great. Because of the city’s hunger for revenue, we have allowed the appearance of stores and businesses we do not really want to see in our town. People choose Davis for its great downtown, friendly stores, great […]

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Preschool fills the bill just fine

Transitional kindergarten? It’s called preschool. So what if the cutoff date for students entering kindergarten was moved from December to September? It really doesn’t change how parents should plan their child’s education. Just as before, most children who do not meet the age cutoff go to preschool. Any good preschool will prepare the students for […]

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Millions of miles over 30 years

By Terry Bassett Imagine 1,684 sellouts of Sacramento Kings games at Power Balance Pavilion. That’s more than 40 regular seasons’ worth of home games. Or how about 1,950 sellouts at Raley Field — more than 25 seasons? What about more riders than the total population of Texas? More than 29 million people — that is […]

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A pleasant surprise from the jobless front

The issue: Numbers are a positive sign for Obama’s re-election hopes Finally, we have a monthly jobs report with no holes in it. The December figures are almost entirely good news. USUALLY, THERE’S been a catch in the statistics, typically a jobless percentage that looks better than it really is because so many otherwise employable […]

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Friend stuck with unstable fiancée

Dear Annie: My good friend “Ben” met “Kim” during his first week as a freshman at college. Three weeks later, Ben called to tell me they were getting married in a month. Both of their families were shocked. Ben is usually a sensible guy, but since he met Kim, he has been unpredictable and seems […]

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Some wireless driving hangups

Dear Annie: You recently printed a letter from “Worried Driver in Lafayette, Ind.,” who asked for a universal sign to tell drivers to hang up their cellphones. As a psychology instructor, this subject often comes up in class when discussing signs as communication. The most used response is to flash the “call me” sign and […]

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Trains, planes, automobiles? Bring ‘em on

When I was young and single, I made several international trips, traveling cheaply, getting as close to the ordinary life of the people as possible, soaking in every new or funky experience. I chose countries where I could speak the language and I always stayed as long as I could. I even dreamed of living […]

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Humor and metaphor often lost in communication

Every so often, you get a piece of hate mail that’s so gloriously awful, it must be shared. Such was the case this week, as I began the new year with the following communication: “Dear Ms. DeAngelo, “I have tolerated your articles in spite of their poor English, superlatives and comparisons. Sorry to say that […]

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Time to move on

Dear Annie: I’d been seeing “Ralph” for more than three years. We were actually living together the last year. Ralph is 60, and I’m 55. Six months ago, he announced that he couldn’t be in the relationship any longer. After a lot of talk and prodding on my part, the only reason I could get […]

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Take note of music’s healing effects

Those earphones the dentist offers when you plop in the chair aren’t just for entertainment or blocking out the sound of the drill — they’re an adjunct to delivering pain relief in the form of music. Scientists have been documenting the connection among music and pain relief, stress reduction and eased anxiety for decades, but […]

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Have to be careful around Grandpa

Dear Annie: Seven years ago, I married into a wonderful family. It was my second marriage, and the family accepted my 10-year-old son as their own. My father-in-law has always been nice to me, but I’ve been told there was a lot of verbal abuse when my husband and his siblings were growing up. In […]

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Speak up for Twin Pines before the council

By Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation board members We are sorry to report that Davis’ city attorney and city staff have seemingly spent or wasted more than $2 million of your public dollars over the past six years. City staff has spent those funds on an organization that has defaulted in two sets of legal actions […]

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Our urban forest threatened again

By Glen Holstein Just two days after Christmas, massive orange barriers appeared in our Stonegate neighborhood — the kind warning of washed-out bridges, levee breaks and sink holes big enough to swallow cars. Then on Dec. 29, Davis Enterprise front-page macrophotography — the kind that can make ants look like big monsters — enlarged the […]

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