Brother’s kids in danger

Dear Annie: My brother lives 100 miles away from his job. He says he has a good job, but our family strongly suspects he is dealing drugs again. He has two children with an ex-girlfriend who is bipolar and not taking her medication. The children had a weeklong break from school, and my brother left […]

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Expansion model was the problem

I would like to respond to a recent letter by Ann Evans, the wife of DACHA developer David Thompson and a former mayor like myself. Evans makes a number of claims that are incorrect or misleading, but I want to correct the record on the fundamental premise. Evans claims that: “There’s a pattern of abuse […]

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Avoiding the drama of dental trauma

Sporting activities offer a variety of benefits, but many of them have a high risk for dental injuries that can be devastating to any athlete. These injuries can range from a minor tooth chip to complete avulsion (knocking out) of a tooth. Unlike soft tissue trauma, dental trauma frequently requires lifelong follow-up treatment. Dental injuries […]

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Super Bowl resonates with blacks

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the one event each year that unites the largest group of Americans in a common endeavor — watching the spectacle of the two best teams in the NFL battle each other for supremacy, at least for that year. For one breathtaking afternoon, Republicans, Democrats and independents; Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims; […]

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Measure C is a new, more expensive, tax

By Jose Granda and Thomas Randall Jr. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “renewal”: “The act or process of renewing: repetition,” “The act of extending the period of time when something is effective.” Measure C is neither of these. It is a new tax. Renewal of Measures Q and W would mean that you would pay $1,280 ($320 […]

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Vote yes on C, for our children and our community

By Barbara Archer and Lori Duisenberg Communities make decisions based on their values. In Davis, we have made education a priority for many years. Since 1984, a parcel tax has been in place in Davis to fund public education programs. Davis schools are a point of pride in our community. Davis voters have chosen over […]

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What do you think: What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday?

Allen Lowry architect, Davis: “I’m going to Haiti for Jacmel Carnival.” Tom Anderson Unitrans driver, Davis: “I don’t have any plans. I don’t like either the Giants or the Patriots.” Gay Powers artist, Davis: “I’m going to a friend’s house and bringing a fabulous fruit torte. The wife and I are going to have a […]

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Distance brings perspective

Dear Annie: I am one of nine children. There is a large age gap between us because my younger siblings are from a second marriage. They are 3, 5 and 7. Since moving out a few years ago, I have begun to see my mother in a different light. As a child, whenever I needed […]

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Davis needs visionaries

As an affordable housing owner concerned about the foundational values and moral principles of Davis, I am disheartened by the direction the city is taking in regards to the Davis Area Cooperative Housing Association. Over the past several years, I have witnessed a failure by city staff to uphold Davis’ own affordable housing policies, costing […]

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Listen to the whistleblower

My husband, David J. Thompson, is a whistleblower. A cooperative housing developer and member of the National Cooperative Hall of Fame, he is concerned about city staff not following Davis’ affordable housing policies that has cost the city millions of dollars. Over the past six years, the staff have forgotten to put second mortgages on […]

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Secrecy extends to rates, safety

There was public indignation when this column revealed late last year the secrecy maintained by the state Public Utilities Commission as it regulates the siting, building and design of several massive solar thermal electricity projects that soon will be a major part of California’s energy portfolio. Together with wind energy and geothermal projects, the only […]

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Too much information?

Dear Annie: I am a college freshman. My sister, “Katie,” is a sophomore in high school. I am on good terms with many of her friends. One, “Jessie,” is a bit wild. In November, Jessie messaged me on Facebook. She said she had transferred to a private school because the public school “wasn’t good for […]

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Are you ready for some football? Nope

I hate the Super Bowl. Hate. It. It’s partly because I hate professional football, but it’s probably more related to the fact that I’m not a fan of any party longer than two hours. In fact, to quote me in a column I wrote in November 2010: “It might seem strange that I dread parties […]

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