Attend Sabeel conference in Sacto

Local Christian churches, Jewish Voice for Peace, American Muslims for Palestine and other community groups invite us all to “A Time for Justice: Supporting Human Rights in Palestine-Israel,” a Sabeel Sacramento conference March 16-17 at the First United Methodist Church, 21st and J streets in Sacramento. Sabeel is an international peace movement founded by Palestinian […]

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We can ban GMOs in U.S.

I love eating genetically modified organisms. That is why I eat as many “natural” and “conventional” foods as I can and eschew organic foods. And that is why I love eating arsenic and mercury, too, and that is why I am so glad the farmers of conventional crops use coal ash (mmm, good) in some […]

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A hidden gem in Davis

My husband and I were passing through Davis last week. We had been driving for hours, it was late and we were hungry. Our hotel was on Chiles Road, near Mace Boulevard. We wanted something to eat close by the hotel. We saw what looked like a typical coffee shop and decided to just stop […]

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Support for land conservation

While there is much talk about the lack of bipartisanship in the U.S. Congress these days, legislation is pending that both sides of the House agree upon. Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, and Rep. Jim Gerlach, R-Pa., have authored legislation that garnered 300 House co-sponsors, including majorities of Democrats and Republicans, to restore policies that […]

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Let’s put America to work again

By Mike Thompson While accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt pledged to our nation and himself a New Deal for the American people. At the time, America was facing some of the Great Depression’s darkest days. Infrastructure investments were the centerpiece of the New Deal because these investments were […]

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A new way of attacking food-stamp fraud

The issue: Closer review of vendor applications will help control problm The federal food stamp program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is perhaps the nation’s most important nutrition program. At an annual cost of $75 billion, food stamps helped feed 46.2 million Americans last year. UNFORTUNATELY, the program is afflicted by a persistent […]

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Russia re-arms against unspecified ‘threats’

The issue: Putin outlines aggressive plans; is he targeting the U.S.? Perhaps with an eye on his March 4 presidential election rather than any real military considerations, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced an ambitious 10-year, $770 billion modernization of the Russian military. (The U.S., by far the world’s largest defense spender, spent about […]

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Candidates in denial over bailout of automakers

The issue: Government was right to step in and help save GM, Chrysler Perhaps people in Michigan are more polite and restrained than those in New York City. In 1975, when President Gerald Ford ordained that there would be no federal assistance to save the Big Apple from bankruptcy, a local tabloid headlined, “FORD TO […]

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The overwhelming stink of friendship

Dear Annie: Last April, I moved into an apartment with one of my best friends. We get along great except for one thing: her cats. ”Renee” was born with no sense of smell. She’s normally very organized except when it comes to the animals. She forgets to clean the litterbox because she can’t smell it, […]

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Let’s all use our roads sensibly

Don Perkins asks what we think of his idea to wear bicycling clothes in order to “blow through stop signs and run red lights” with his motor vehicle (Enterprise letters, Feb. 19). That is a splendid idea as long as he takes the following steps. * Reduce the weight of his vehicle to 25 pounds, […]

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Flea Market returns Sunday

On Sunday, Jan. 29, volunteers, vendors, residents and local musicians transformed the E Street Plaza into the very first Davis Flea Market, a non-traditional, experimental market and cultural space. I am proud to say that it was, without reservation, a spectacular success. This event was made possible through the hard work of my co-director, Lauren […]

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