School’s great, except for the bullying

Dear Annie: We live in a small rural area. We love the community, school, church, etc., but I am sad for my daughter. ”Tess” is a junior in high school. About six months ago, one friend became angry with her for some reason and managed to get the rest of their group to ostracize her, […]

Water project is good for our kids

As a consultant, I am privileged to work with wonderful nonprofit organizations across Northern California. A substantial proportion of my clients are working on behalf of some sub-set of their community’s children: children in the foster care system; children who yearn to excel as leaders or scholars; children who come from homes where languages other […]

Another successful Childspree

The Davis Salvation Army Committee would like to thank the 75 volunteers who donated their time to our annual Childspree. The volunteers chaperoned 75 Davis school children as they shopped for back-to-school clothes at JCPenney on Saturday, Aug. 20. JCPenney in Woodland opened its doors for the children and provided an additional $30 discount on their […]

We need to fight these cell towers

Crown Castle is a large telecommunications company that is suing the city of Davis to force the city to allow installation of 25 cell phone antennas throughout residential neighborhoods all over our town (from west of Lake Boulevard to east of Alhambra Drive). These installations would violate our current zoning ordinance, which requires a 500-foot […]

Parents, teach with kindness

After witnessing a disturbing scene between a mother (don’t know if that’s a good word) and a young boy in Target, about 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 11, I felt ill! At the checkout, the woman was berating the boy because he didn’t know the correct change given back by the clerk. She was loud and […]

Money, ingenuity and cooperation

I’m mystified by the method of protesting the proposed water rate increase, which is essentially voting by parcel. If voting should be involved, and I don’t see why it should, then how can it be ethical to give 35 votes to someone who owns 35 houses in Davis? And how can it be ethical to […]

Honor public employee pensions

My husband and I were teachers in public schools in Solano County for nearly 30 years. Our work days usually went several hours past our “duty day.” We were always involved in professional development during the school year as well as during the summers. We coached, taught enrichment classes on our own time, led our […]

File your water protest now

Where will you get your additional $1,000 every year for the water rate increase? While my household uses only 81 percent of the average family water use, in 2016 I will pay a total of $1,306 for the same amount of water, or $929 more. Where will that money come from? I could save about […]

We need better-quality water

It’s time to invest in higher-quality municipal water for the sake of the environment on many levels. Davis water is toxic to plants. The high alkalinity compounds the toxicity of high boron levels. At our native plant nursery, we continuously add a gallon of 50 percent sulfuric acid per thousand gallons of irrigation water to […]

Gadhafi is responsible for massacre

The Abu Salim prison massacre is considered one of the most horrible massacres that has taken place in the world. This prison is in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, where this bloody massacre was committed by Col. Moammar Gadhafi against Libyan people. On June 29, 1996, special forces stormed the prison and opened fire with […]

It’s still not enough on dropouts

For many years, it could have been standard to suggest that entering high school students look around their homerooms on the fall semester’s first day and notice everyone present. Because they could expect that one out of three of those students would not graduate with them. Recession has brought a slight improvement to that dismal […]

Eyes finally open

Dear Annie: My husband (probably soon-to-be ex) and I read your column with our morning coffee. We’ve been married 43 years and have two married children and five beautiful grandchildren. I felt very blessed, loved and cherished. ”Bill” retired two years ago. Obviously, I wasn’t paying enough attention to notice the red flags. I trusted […]

Quakers outline budget priorities

The following is an open letter to California’s congressional delegation: Soon, Congress must tackle the budget process for a country beset by job losses, financial uncertainty and divisive partisanship. We ask you, our elected representatives, to work with all your powers on four key priorities: * Nearly 14 million Americans are unemployed. We urge you […]

I support downtown project

As the owner of Haute Again Consignment, an independent clothing store in downtown Davis, and a downtown Davis resident for 14 years, I am in favor of the Third, Fourth, E and F streets retail and parking project. I feel it is imperative to provide a functional and condensed building that will benefit the businesses […]