In laid-back Italy, 24-hour shopping arrives

The issue: New law designed to boost the nation’s depressed levels of consumer spending and employment Italians always have had a relaxed attitude toward such matters as taxes and irksome commercial demands on their free time. Even lovers of that charming country were frustrated by the frequent closings of its shops, restaurants and museums for long […]

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Math placement doesn’t add up

By Samantha McCarthy This is a warning to sixth-grade parents, as I was unprepared for the all-encompassing power and unfettered discretion sixth-grade teachers have to unilaterally decide a child’s seventh-grade courses, especially for math. There are no guidelines at the district, elementary or junior high levels for how math recommendations are made. Everything is done […]

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Cutting the military by blunt force

The issue: There is both the room and the reason to downsize the military, but proposed cuts smack more of political than military strategy The nation must restrain its spending habits and the Pentagon must do its part. On that there is general agreement, but where it begins coming unglued is just how big a […]

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Not off to a roaring start

Dear Annie: I have been married to “Horace” for less than a year. This is his second marriage. His prior marriage was to his high school girlfriend, and they have two children together. I met Horace in my “partying” stage. He, too, enjoyed going to the bars. He actually did it quite a bit when […]

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A solution to a dilemma

The front page of The Davis Enterprise of Dec. 29 addresses a problem that has befallen the Stonegate neighborhood. At issue are the 40-year-old stone pine trees that dot the bike path between Lake Terrace Circle on the southern part of Lake Boulevard and the entrance to Stonegate Country Club to the north. In search […]

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Blue Devil Mile was a success

I read a letter to the editor that was published in Friday’s issue of The enterprise that I believe I need to respond to. The letter was titled “Coming Together is Important,” and addressed the Blue Devil Mile, an event that brought past, current and future runners together to do what we did when we […]

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It takes more than a tandem

The Parkinson’s disease tandem program featured in The Davis Enterprise of Dec. 28 started from an idea I threw out to Jan Robinson, financial manager of the Davis Athletic Club, which she could have cheerfully ignored. Instead, she agreed not only to provide a venue for the program at DAC, but also offer lead cyclists […]

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Biblical scholarship is evolving

In a letter published Dec. 30, Otto Raabe expressed the opinion that translations of the New Testament ought to be based on the Textus Receptus, the text of the Greek New Testament used by Luther, Calvin and Tyndale, rather than on “old Roman Catholic versions” such as the Codex Vaticanus and the Codex Sinaiticus, which […]

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Same old song, second verse

I applaud Michael Goodman’s commentary regarding the lack of support given parents in tracking their kids’ assignments. I remember when my oldest daughter, now 32, was in junior high and I was involved in development of the team parents. One of the main goals of the team parents was to develop a better instrument of […]

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Don’t flush your money away

All good things got to come to an end; the thrills have to fade before they come round again; the bills will be paid and the pleasure will mend; all good things got to come to an end. —Jackson Browne, 1993, “All Good Things” Normally, when the City Council or the Board of Supervisors or […]

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Same rest rules for pilots, drivers, engineers

The issue: All present a deadly risk if they nod off on the job The federal government has been trying to keep tired transportation operators from killing themselves and others for more than a century, starting with “hours of service” limits along railroads in 1907 and most recently updating the rules governing airline pilots’ hours […]

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A convenient target

Dear Annie: I am a 17-year-old girl with divorced parents. My dad lives with “Heather.” She is young, has three kids and is very irritating. Heather seems to think she has to make fun of people. Her favorite targets are my mom and my father’s family members. She’s always touching my dad and constantly picks […]

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Renewing our neighborly spirit

My family moved to Davis 43 years ago; I was 9 years old. I have spent my life in this town. Though there have been many opportunities to leave, I have not. I married my high school sweetheart, and we raised our family here. I shop locally, for both large and small purchases. I was […]

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Two books that touch your heart

When I read “It’s an Ill Wind, Indeed,” I was taken with how much I could relate to the history of Davis that author Joan Callaway brought to mind. I first fell in love with Davis when I moved here from New York City in 1966. It was a culture shock that really worked for […]

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