What do you think: How has cancer affected your life?

Levi Stiles student, Davis: “My grandfather has cancer and we’re taking him out to see the world before he passes away.” Kathleen Doty first-grade teacher, Davis: “People I loved dearly have died of cancer.” Karen Gerhart UC Davis lecturer, Dunnigan: “My dad died of cancer a couple of years ago.” Paula Reisser museum volunteer, Davis: […]

Can she force her to come clean?

Dear Annie: I recently found out that my 27-year-old married daughter is having an affair with her 40-year-old boss. He is married and has two children. She doesn’t know that I know. I warned her to be careful when I noticed that she and her boss sometimes work late. I told her that when I […]

Be a ‘great’ dog owner

A “good” dog owner picks up after his dog. A “great” dog owner picks up after his dog when no one is looking. Be a “great” dog owner. Rufus T. Firefly Davis

Let’s light up First Night

I love fireworks. Any night, anywhere, for any reason, or no reason. Fireworks are a light in the darkness, a metaphor for wisdom enlightening ignorance, kindness lifting sorrow, a void being filled with beauty. They are an embodiment of human ingenuity and the divine spark within us all. Fireworks are an example of the fragile […]

How a college foundered and failed

By Jose de la Isla Hispanic Link News Service MEXICO CITY — In the very early 1970s, I helped found a new college. It had a curriculum that just might have more to offer today than it did back then. At the tender age of 29, I was acting president of a new Native Indian […]

Space shuttle program kept U.S. ambition aloft

The issue: All discovery is a matter of trial and error, so we should keep on trying Weather permitting, the Atlantis will blast off Friday, embarking on America’s 135th and last space shuttle flight, ending an experiment that began with such promise 40 years ago. Was the experiment a failure? Given the original parameters of […]

Family affair swept under the rug

Dear Annie: I work in a family business along with my parents, my brother and my sister. Two years ago, my brother’s wife and my sister’s husband also worked there, but they had an affair and moved away together. Three months later, they both returned to their spouses. Their marriages are reconciled, but they are […]

Combining holidays would make for a richer community

PICNIC ON THE FOURTH OF JULY … the solution to one of our most pressing civic problems came to me in a rush as I sat on the green, green grass of a Core Area home watching Monday’s Fourth of July bike races along our city streets … yes, there were a great many people […]

Chain lightning in the email box

Dear Annie: I am constantly getting chain-letter emails from a friend I met in a class years ago. The emails usually contain vague threats about how something bad will happen to me if I don’t forward the letter to five friends, or how good luck will follow if I do. The last straw was when […]

No need to pay a small fortune

It seems to me there really is no need to spend a small fortune on piping river water to Davis since the local aquifers are below sea level and two large rivers are nearby. The discharge of processed waste water into the rivers is a tiny fraction of the flow so that the dilution is […]

Grow up, and accept rates

I am a Davis homeowner (since 1986) and don’t agree with spending the additional funds to make it even easier for protests of the necessary water rate increases. Hopefully, there won’t be many Davisites who don’t realize that the rate hike isn’t for the same system for water provision for Davis, and is necessary. We are […]

Say no to water rate hikes

Our City Council has voted to waste hundreds of millions of our scarce dollars on a grandiose and unnecessary water project. They have acted in haste and under the influnce of a self-aggrandizing water bureaucracy, without taking the time to consider viable alternatives that would cost the city less than 10 percent of the cost […]

TSA needs smarter, more selective security screening

The Transportation Security Administration took another justified public-relations black eye recently when it insisted that a seriously ill, wheelchair-bound 95-year-old woman remove her wet diaper before allowing her to board her flight. The reasoning was that TSA had to examine the diaper and the screeners weren’t going to examine it because it was soiled. Not […]

Getting ready to board the Cuba Caravan

By Susan Bassein On Saturday, my 62nd birthday, I will board a Pastors for Peace “Friendshipment” Caravan bus at the Davis Farmers Market on its way to deliver material aid to Cuba. Since 1992, Pastors for Peace has run 21 such caravans; this will be my second, and the sixth to stop in Davis. Each […]