No boundaries with mother-in-law

Dear Annie: I knew my mother-in-law would go crazy when we had the first grandchild, but I’m starting to feel resentment. My baby is 7 months old. Mom was angry when she wasn’t the first to hold her. She drives 50 miles twice a week to visit. She shows up uninvited and ends up wherever […]

When we returned, Mercury Retrograde was right where we left it

Being served column leftovers in August can mean only one thing: Vacation! Yes, I was off to the East Coast for a couple weeks, in a different time zone in more ways than one. The Cutest Man In The World and I made our annual trek to Pennsic — a medieval reenactment encampment with 12,000 […]

Moments in a waiting room can be important

* Editor’s note: Marion is on vacation. This column first ran in 2005. I am sitting in a waiting room in Kaiser Permanente at Morse Avenue. I don’t belong to Kaiser, but I have driven my elderly friend Mr. Y to his medical appointment. Kaiser is renovating the building, so a fairly large number of […]

Not up for the reunion

Dear Annie: I have six siblings. Our childhood was traumatic. My dad was an out-of-control drinker who was frequently violent, and Mom wouldn’t stand up to him. When Dad wasn’t beating us, my parents would pit us against each other by encouraging family gossip, tattling and playing favorites. Out of all my siblings, I am […]

Horses lift burden of grief

A while back I read an article about equine-guided education. I was particularly touched by the grieving hospice volunteer that was clearly comforted by one of the horses. Since I carry a load of grief around with me from working with chronically and terminally ill children for the past 23 years, I decided to take […]

What do you think: What’s your favorite thing to do at the Yolo County Fair?

Sandra Guevara Red Robin hostess, Woodland: “Going to the derby.” Helen McCarthy consultant, Davis: “I like to go see the animals. They’re always wonderful, and they kids who show them are also special.” Pat Hollingsworth substitute teacher, Davis: “I would say looking at the livestock.” Alan Garbutt retired, Davis: “Looking at the pigs.” Justin Mahorney […]

Too many lack access to medical care

Let’s face it: Even in relatively flush times a few years back, Americans were finding it harder to get medical care. Tens of millions were uninsured, and even some with coverage lacked a regular doctor. Now, structural changes in health plans and a decline in the availability of primary-care physicians, coupled with recession and loss […]

Head injuries remain a major concern for all football players

By Dr. Bruce Kaler Head injuries in athletes resulting in concussions occur more frequently than previously thought. We are learning more about the problem and the important consequences. Each year more than 300,000 U.S. athletes suffer some form of traumatic brain injury. High school athletes comprise 60,000 of these injuries. The consequences vary a great […]

Out of conflict, a good university grows

By Jose de la Isla MEXICO CITY — I recently wrote about having served as acting president of D-Q University, a Native American-Chicano college in Davis in the 1970s. With inspiring support and brilliant guidance from associates, at age 29 I plunged into uncharted waters to design a new kind of associate degree and bachelor’s […]

Time to bring the troops home from Afghanistan

By Matthew Hoh As he was announcing his second increase in troops for Afghanistan in December 2009, President Obama promised that by July 2011 those troops would begin coming home. As relayed in Bob Woodward’s book, “Obama’s Wars,” we know the president was skeptical about the United States’ war effort in Afghanistan. In spite of […]

Surprised on Facebook

Dear Annie: Last night, I visited my daughter’s Facebook page and saw that she had enjoyed a lovely anniversary. Going a little further, I Googled her name and found an article about her in connection to an award she had won. In the article, it mentioned that she had a husband and a stepchild. This […]

Pay for Contaminated Water Now, or Cleaner Water Later?

After reading recent letters to the editor and op-eds attacking the Davis city decision to join Woodland in a new system drawing Sacramento river water, I examined the City of Davis Public Works website and that of the Woodland/Davis Clean Water Agency. They disclose that nitrates, arsenic, cromium, manganese, and other contaminants from our current […]

UC, CSU pricing out the middle class

For at least the past 10 years, it has been commonplace for students at the many campuses of both the University of California and the California State University to take as long as six years to complete their bachelor’s degrees. Now, those timetables are likely to be extended by at least a year or two […]

Please, sir, may we keep the pool

To whom it may concern: My name is Elena Bock, and I am 10 years old and going into the fifth grade. I participated in Davis’ Summerdarts Program at Community Pool, and really enjoyed it. The coaches were very nice, everybody — especially me — had a great time. I especially liked going to all […]