Parade was a welcome treat

Unlike the West Davis Grinch, I laud the Davis Fire Department’s neighborhood visits this year. It was magical to watch the children look at all those lights and all that red, and best of all, the firefighters who greeted them … ever so much better than the Santa Claus who came in the dark, stayed […]

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Schools, communicate with us!

By Michael P. Goodman, M.D. I am the parent of a 13-year-old middle schooler at Harper Junior High School in Davis. My son is a typical early teen; he sometimes forgets his assignments or to have his planner filled out, and at times fails to either understand which assignments are due when, or hand things […]

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Years of mistreatment come to a head

Dear Annie: I have been with my husband, “Andrew,” for 10 years. During this time, I have witnessed the way he is treated by his stepmother. His father always defended his wife when she insulted or hurt Andrew, saying “she didn’t mean it that way.” Believe me, she always said exactly what she meant. This […]

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Get the GOP candidates here

So Bob Dunning worries that not enough “interesting and entertaining” Davis City Council members will be in office after the next election. Here’s the solution: Get three or four of the jokers running for the Republican presidential nomination to move to Davis and file for council seats. Even if they lose, there will still be […]

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Are we there yet? One kid’s journey from Honeybees to Red Sox

This is a column I’m thrilled to be writing because it means “I won.” I conquered my son’s objections with persistence and logic, and the results are more fabulous than either of us could have imagined. But first, a little back story. When my son was 4 years old, he began his long and rewarding […]

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Was it about teaching a lesson?

If readers will go online and take another look at video footage of the pepper-spraying incident, they may notice one small detail, about which I have seen no comment so far. Immediately prior to initiating his now-world-famous tactical action, Lt. John Pike did something quite extraordinary: He broke through the protesters’ “blockade” of the police […]

Make rear lights mandatory

Davis is a community that has the highest density of cyclists per capita in the entire United States. Can someone explain to me why nonetheless the city seems to have a relatively lackadaisacal approach to rear lights on bicycles? I live in London, where there is a huge emphasis on all cyclists having front and […]

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Coming together is important

I am a proud alumnus of DHS, Class of 2006. I enjoy following the Blue Devils through the coverage in The Davis Enterprise with Bruce Gallaudet at the tip of the pen, or keyboard. However, I was a little disturbed when reading Bruce’s preview for the Blue Devil Alumni Mile. The great part about the […]

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Brown is key to California revival

It’s a question commonly asked by schoolchildren: What is the president’s most important job? The answer plainly is not being commander-in-chief of the military or appointing a cabinet or negotiating a budget. Rather, the answer is that any president has the paramount task of making other Americans feel confident and optimistic about the nation, in […]

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Wedding-day drama

Dear Annie: My sister is snide and competitive and makes hateful comments whenever we’re together. She’s a bully who has made my life difficult for the past 10 years. I tried to make things right for my parents’ sake, until I realized they were too spineless to say no to her. These days, I rarely […]

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UCD must refocus its mission

“Hey, students: It’s all about tuition.” Professor Walter Leal defends Chancellor Linda Katehi in part by saying she is worth her $400,000 and it is all about the state budget problems leading to tuition going up, and the students should stick to the issue. What about leadership? Chancellor Katehi has chosen to pitch for faculty […]