The third wheel squeaks

Dear Annie: I am taking a foreign-language class at school. The first week, there was a new girl, “Molly.” No one talked to her except me. I made her laugh, and we had fun at lunch. She became my only friend in that class. Two weeks later, “Scarlett” arrived. At lunch the next day, Molly […]

Pushing the limits

Dear Annie: My husband and I are raising our two teenage grandchildren. Our grandson is 15 and recently started going out with a girl. They attend the same school and are Facebook friends. We don’t know this girl, but after their first outing to a mall, she posted pictures of them kissing. The following weekend, […]

We’re still behind Katehi

As faculty members at UC Davis, we are submitting this letter to express our strong support for our chancellor, Linda Katehi. First our perception of the Nov. 18 event: There is no doubt that what happened is unacceptable — indeed, it can only be characterized as police brutality. In the immediate aftermath, our chancellor’s initial […]

UCD is still a great bargain

As a cantankerous curmudgeon on a fixed income with way too much time on his hands, I felt compelled to enter the pepper spray fray from a slightly different perspective. I agree entirely with the letter published Wednesday by Sandra Sokolow. In it, she states that the UC Davis administration is not to blame for the […]

Replacing the UCDPD

I was interested to read in Friday’s paper that Chancellor Linda Katehi’s recommendation to end the campus asylum law in Greece was not intended as support for the permanent presence of heavily armed campus police force, but to “give campuses options for security, including hiring police or having student security guards.” This gives me some […]

Don’t punish the victims

As one more UCD alumna, Class of ’72, I confess to confusion about some other Aggies’ reaction to this whole disaster. On one hand, they claim to support the students. On the other hand, they advocate withholding financial support to the university. Is this not a case of punishing the victims? Does anyone really think […]

They’re fighting for education

I, along with many others, have been shocked by the callous and systematic way in which students engaged in nonviolent protest were treated with pepper spray in the face because they did not move from a sidewalk. We have been told by the chief of campus police that the officers were motivated by fear. If […]

Op-ed: An appeal to alums: Don’t cut off donations

By Mary Briggs As a current graduate student at UC Davis, I urge alumni and other donors not to withhold funding because they want the university to yield to calls for Chancellor Linda Katehi’s resignation. Donations to the university can be targeted to specific programs, research and scholarships that directly benefit the students. I realize […]

Coffee, a doughnut and more …

Dear Annie: Your column is the first thing my wife reads every morning, so I figured I’d write. An issue has come up that I’d rather not discuss with anyone else. My wife and I are both retired. We go to the same neighborhood coffee shop every morning. We’ve gotten to know the owners and […]

His life, and his death, were enveloped in love

I’ve written about all sorts of things over the last 20 years, but my recent column about my cat, Milo, who was rather suddenly incapacitated with kidney failure generated more email, well-wishes and thoughtful suggestions than any in recent memory. We pet lovers are a strange breed, aren’t we. Because so many people commiserated and […]

It’s so small, he can only give away 25 grand

Dear Annie: My husband and I have a small online stock trading account. Several months ago, he mentioned that he was thinking of giving our son and daughter-in-law money to open their own stock account. I immediately told him I was against it. I then left to go to the store and thought that was […]

Blue Devil gridiron opinion piece sails wide left: No good

By Steve Smyte First, I would like to thank all of the community members who have been so supportive of our football program and understand our mission to create student-athletes who are great sons, community members, teammates, friends, students and athletes. I also would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving weekend that allows us […]