Huge battle looms over oil tax

Trying to predict the hottest campaigns over California initiatives many months in advance is a bit like reading tea leaves. But there are some exceptions this summer: The attempt by to reverse a legislative decision compelling Internet companies to collect sales taxes is already a major fight. And there is no doubt the battle […]

U.S., Pakistan nab al-Qaida saboteur

The issue: Latest cooperation is a welcome development in the war against terror Pakistan took the unusual step Monday of announcing publicly that it had captured, in conjunction with the CIA, a top al-Qaida leader and two others described as senior operatives. THE ARRESTS are important, not only because they take three bad guys off […]

Iran’s clerics are afraid of water

The issue: It would be altogether fitting if the corrupt killjoys currently ruling Iran were ousted by an event called the Super Soaker Revolution Somewhere behind those bushy beards and black turbans, Iran’s ruling clerics must know that their predominantly youthful nation regards them as a group constipated, joyless old men. Paranoid, too, but increasingly […]

It’s all in the eyes

Dear Annie: I have been married for 19 years, and my husband is a flirt. Early on, he would openly say teasing things to other women. After complaining repeatedly that he was being disrespectful to me, he stopped. Now I find him staring at other women until they pay attention. It’s almost as if he […]

Speak out on solitary confinement

I attended a recent public hearing at which a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation representative stated that the department’s current policies regarding solitary confinement do not violate human rights and that conditions do not amount to torture. Panel presenters, including psychiatric and legal experts as well as former inmates and family members, painted a […]

From field to fork: Ikedas offers a lot of local produce

I recently dropped by Ikedas, the large farm stand off the Mace Boulevard exchange on I-80, a few hundred yards to the north. Apologies for being so site specific. However, some Davisites on the western outskirts of our fair burg might be asking, “Huh? Where?” I’d come for local corn and wasn’t disappointed — four […]

Allow us to protect our homes

Burglary and fire statistics for Davis show there is a considerably greater risk of having your house burglarized in Davis than having it catch fire yet the state building code prohibits residents from choosing for themselves the method of protecting their homes from unlawful entry. The double key locks on security doors are prohibited by the […]

Please abolish the death penalty

The following is an open letter to the Davis City Council: Although Senate Bill 490 is not technically within the purview of city government, its passage certainly would mean the availability of funds for Davis and the other cities of our state. That is one of the chief reasons I respectfully request that you, as […]

Solutions to avoid pool closures

My thanks to Elena Bock for bringing the swimming pool issue to the attention of the community — amazing for a 10-year-old! What a shame so few understand what is happening to our wonderful city.The City Council needs to hear from others, so we can save Davis as we know it, and keep it a […]

Say no to the hate-mongers

Ten years have passed since the tragic Sept. 11 attack on America. The evil attack was used as an excuse to curtail many of our civil liberties as the Bush administration established military tribunals, expanded wiretapping authority and began holding deportation hearings in a shroud of secrecy. Every Muslim and others who were perceived to […]

He doesn’t want any help

Dear Annie: My husband has had several chronic illnesses during the past 20 years. He takes 15 different prescription medications a day and has frequent doctor visits and testing. Our medical bills are through the roof. When credit card interest rates went up, we were unable to meet our monthly bills. We have cut out […]