Can we trust these figures?

The Enterprise reported recently that city utilities manager Jacques DeBra said that “city staff members plan to present water rate hikes that are lower than what is listed in the Prop. 218 notices.” He is further quoted as saying that “staffers are working with community members … to identify a rate structute that would cause […]

Find a forever friend at a discount

It’s kitten season at the Yolo County Animal Shelter, but several lovely, friendly adult cats also are waiting for their forever home. They include: *Swiffer: This sweet 6-year-old brown tabby male loves to be petted and to sit in your lap. He’s perfect for someone seeking a quiet companion. *Madeline: She is a 3-year-old lady with a […]

What’s the status of Fifth Street plans?

Friends visiting recently were intimidated by the traffic we had to negotiate on Fifth Street as we walked downtown for brunch. The experience reminded me to check for updates on the reconfiguration project that was endorsed by the City Council almost two years ago. It cannot happen soon enough for those of us who walk […]

Just draft the old folks!

I have a great solution to the nation’s debt woes. According to the New York Times, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the federal debt probably will exceed 100 percent of the nation’s annual economic output within the next 10 years, largely because of rising costs of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security (Aug. 3, 2011). […]

We’ve paid a huge price for deal

The price President Obama paid to extend the debt is the end of the New Deal. The fundamental terms of FDR’s social contract with the country to have a social safety net to underpin capitalism no longer bonds the country. Social Security and Medicare are no longer the third rail of U.S. politics: You will […]

The U.S. is in a world of hurt

Radical Republicans dragged Congress and President Obama to the brink, and extracted a huge victory. Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hail the “compromise” on the federal debt limit. But what did they gain? The radicals have seized by the throat the great social gains of this country. Social Security and Medicare are now […]

Brownest of the budget cuts

There are plenty of draconian cuts in the state budget Gov. Jerry Brown signed last month, items that promise to affect hundreds of thousands of Californians. The slashes will shutter libraries, shorten school years, close state parks, send some prison inmates to county jails and may limit the neediest and sickest Medi-Cal patients to 10 […]

Chinese censors find it hard to hide fatal rail crash

The issue: News is all over the weibos before government can act In a tightly controlled dictatorship, the people hear only what the government chooses to tell them. As the Chinese become more well-off, technically sophisticated and curious about the sometimes inscrutable ways of the ruling Communist Party, the people are hearing more and more […]

D.B. Cooper may no longer be a mystery

The issue: FBI is positively giddy over a newly discovered clue to 1971 hijacker In the unsettled years of the 1970s, D.B. Cooper was a hero to some and a mystery to all. No one from that era seems to have known him but none have forgotten him. ON NOV. 24, 1971, D.B. Cooper, a […]

Congress goes from one bind to another

The issue: U.S. is losing big bucks as a stalemate over transportation-funding law continues We had hoped that Congress had gotten the “my way or the highway” approach to legislating out of its system in the bilious run-up to the votes on raising the debt ceiling. Apparently not. SINCE JUNE 23, a similar impasse, although […]

Syria tries increasingly brutal measures

The issue: International community faced with a decision on how to respond Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad celebrated the eve of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan by sending tanks into the rebellious cities of Hama and Deir el-Zour and killing more than 100 fellow countrymen. RAMADAN COULD be the make-or-break month for the four-month-long uprising. […]

Need to help granddaughter

Dear Annie: I married my wife, “Debbie,” more than a decade ago. I genuinely believe we were brought together by divine providence. The only thing that troubles me is our kids — Debbie’s children from her first marriage. They didn’t get off to a great start — the biological father is a deadbeat dad, philanderer, […]

Parking garages feel unsafe

The following is a copy of a letter to the Davis City Council: Before you commit to spending a huge amount of the state’s money for a parking garage that will replace my favorite parking lot in town (between Third and Fourth and E and F streets), I think you should consider who will use […]

Please, don’t convict my family

About a month ago, The Davis Enterprise published an article about two Davis men head to prison for stealing millions. My name is Tapani Koivunen, and I am one of the individuals mentioned in that article. I was sentenced to 24 months in prison. Please let me tell you that my intentions with this project […]