Late GOP primary hurts California

Consider for a moment what this winter season of Republican presidential candidates lambasting each other while they traversed the countryside of early primary states might have been had California been involved. Instead of watching the likes of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and the rest (plus the Super-PACs that buy many of […]

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School music provides a wealth of benefits

By Hiram Jackson and Greg Brucker About 30 years ago, Davis schools faced the biggest deficits on record up to that time. Significant cuts were made to the music program, and the school elementary music program was eliminated for three years. This occurred in the years just before Davis passed its first school parcel tax […]

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Vote-by-mail elections: Here’s how they work

School districts are permitted under California law to conduct certain elections as all-mailed-ballot elections. The Davis Joint Unified School District’s Measure A in 2011 was such an election, as is Davis’ Measure C this spring. What are the rules for these elections and how are they conducted? The rules are set out in the California […]

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What do you think? How are you voting on Measure C?

Lynn Christensen, PDQ owner, Davis: “I’m torn with this one. I’m for kids — I’ve got grandkids in school. But I think the schools can be more frugal as well. I’m for balance.” Brian Sipp, First Source Solar owner, Davis: “I decided to abstain from voting on this one. I don’t have children in the […]

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Equalizing Prop. 13 benefits

There are always two sides to every political argument: the stupid, uninformed, moronic side, and my side. However, in the case of Proposition 13, both sides have perfectly valid reasonable arguments. In favor: Seniors on a fixed income should not be forced out of their homes because property values around them have risen. They should be […]

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Looking good but breaking the law

Back home in New Zealand, a bicycle is called a pushbike. No matter what the term or name is of what you ride, the laws remain the same. Having lived in Davis for more than a decade, I am well aware of the love affair for cycling here. Gosh! The Bicycle/Pushbike Museum (the U.S. Bicycling […]

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A caring friend to the rescue

A Board of Supervisors member fulfills many duties, but who would expect hand-holding to be one of them? Recently, I was involved in a fender-bender in front of the Hattie Weber Museum (which was my fault). Supervisor Don Saylor happened to be at the scene, and came quickly to provide “emotional support” to me and […]

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Columnist took a cheap shot

Enterprise columnist Rich Rifkin styles himself as a Lexicon Artist. A more accurate label for his recent column would be Cheap Shot Artist. Rifkin’s need to cite the opinions of anonymous “people with the city and former residents of DACHA” is a cheap shot. It’s a device used by someone who can’t back up his […]

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Closing the GATE on our children

By Ann Murray Paige My child recently did not get accepted into what’s called the GATE program here in Davis. GATE stands for “Gifted And Talented Education” and it’s a way for the public school to offer “higher learning” to kids who want it. What “higher learning” is I’m unclear, but it involves a lot […]

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Past comes back to haunt employee

Dear Annie: After eight years at my job, I was let go. I have a felony record. The CEO who knew of my background retired last year. He felt I had proved myself and had no problem with me. When he retired, we got an interim CEO. I told him about my record as soon […]

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Are we there yet?: All aboard the meal train!

Recently we learned that a family we know peripherally needed some support while caring for a sick child. When I heard about the hard times ahead for this family, I was happy to find out that a mutual friend already had taken charge of helping with meals. Truth be told, when I heard this very […]

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We left with hope in our hearts

The Celebration of Abraham would like to thank all those who participated in the ninth annual celebration on Jan. 29. The speakers were great; the singing was great — although next year the leaders for final song will practice a little more. We were so happy to have young people, including high school students, involved […]

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A land of limitless opportunities

Our Constitution has withstood more than 200 years of existence and has served our country well, despite attempts from our own governing persons to circumvent, mutilate and reinterpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights that our forefathers carefully crafted to establish the governing process and protect the basic rights of the individuals in this great […]

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