Help improve dog park safety

In late September, several concerned dog owners met with a city of Davis official about improving safety at Toad Hollow Dog Park. Our mission became raising $2,400 for a separate small dog entrance. This important addition will allow greater safety for small and large dogs alike as well as for dog owners with a variety […]

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Kudos for supporting the arts

This letter was sent to members of the Davis Board of Education: Last Friday I participated in the Davis High holiday concert as emcee at the invitation of the Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association. I am a longtime Davis resident with three children who have attended Davis High School. In my job as executive director […]

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… And the dogs are still barking

The Davis Fire Department was in our West Davis neighborhood for an hour Monday night, continuously piercing the air with emergency sirens. I went outside to see the ruckus: It was a Christmas parade! They had two rigs decorated and Fire Department personnel were walking alongside wearing their uniforms and Santa hats passing out candy […]

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A merry Christmas treat

About 5:30 Monday night, my kids and I heard the sounds of sirens in our neighborhood. We ran out to see what was happening and we had such a fantastic surprise. Two fire trucks, Santa, several firefighters and kids were coming through our neighborhood playing music and handing out candy canes and fire safety tips […]

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Hey, students: It’s all about tuition

By Walter S. Leal It’s a shame that five weeks after the disturbing pepper-spray incident on the UC Davis campus — an incident that caused so much consternation to students, staff, faculty, administration and the public at large — the discourse is losing focus. As I understand it, the students set up encampments on the […]

Moving closer, but still far apart

Dear Annie: A year ago, my girlfriend and I started dating, but this isn’t what you would call a normal relationship. She and I live about 500 hundred miles apart, and only met in July on a trip to Florida. We connected four years ago in an online chat room of a popular animated web […]

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What do you think: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Alex McKee-Ota student, Los Angeles: “My family gets a little on the tipsy side and we sing karaoke all night.” Megumi Yamanoha designer, Davis: “Watching movies.” Megan Smith actor and musician, Davis: “Decorating the Christmas tree.” Ann Blattner homemaker, Davis: “Reading our Christmas books on Christmas Eve.” Bob Blattner school consultant, Davis: “I like biking through […]

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I long for traditional words

My own faith practice is deep and rewarding, but it does not include a Christmas Eve service. So I’ve always loved to share that ceremony with another congregation. In recent years, though, at several churches I have visited, the beloved reading of the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke has left me stunned […]

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Let’s rethink our real water needs

By Brett Lee As the only non-incumbent in the Davis City Council race, for now, I am often asked about my thoughts on “the water project.” I find it interesting that the debate has evolved the way it has, because I have a somewhat different view of the surface water versus groundwater debate. I believe […]

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Nothing ruins dinner faster

Dear Annie: I usually do the cooking in the house, but occasionally, my husband likes to surprise me by preparing a meal. I’m glad he wants to relieve me of the kitchen duties, but he has a bad habit of wrecking my cookware. Recently, I came home from work, and he was beaming from having […]

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Thanks for fixing the lights

I’d like to thank City Councilman Dan Wolk for promptly correcting a dangerous situation at the Senior Center. My wife and I attended a Friday evening event there last week. Afterward, as we were leaving, we noticed that it seemed unusually dark in the parking lot. Looking around, we noticed that most of the parking […]

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Davis is now a food Mecca

With Whole Foods replacing Borders, Davis will have an impressive collection of special grocery stores. We already have Trader Joe’s, the Davis Food Co-op, Nugget and the Davis Farmers Market, so there are lots of reasons for foodies to turn off Interstate 80 and spend their dollars here. Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce, the city […]

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