Better design for garage

If we do build a new parking garage, please let’s make sure that it is better-designed than the garage next to the Holiday theater at First and F streets. It has been many years since I have parked inside that structure, for the following reasons: * If you should be driving a 1977 Chevy station wagon […]

Flavr Savr mstke

I’m afraid I must correct my own letter. The finalized point-of-purchase brochures that accompanied genetically engineered Flavr Savr tomatoes in U.S. grocery stores did indicate that an engineered protein was present in the edible fruit; they did not, however, convey how much of that protein was in each tomato. I regret the error. Belinda Martineau […]

Borders and the ‘trick-or-treat’ economy

The space formerly occupied by Borders Books & Music in Davis Commons has been temporarily taken over by a “pop-up” store —Spirit Halloween, an evolution that seemed entirely appropriate to us. Our economy now seems driven by irrational forces. Alan Greenspan, at the height of our Age of Excess, talked about “irrational exuberance,” and Joan […]

Imagining an end to hunger

Think of John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” where we take a moment to imagine a nourished and abundant world, a world where hunger is not contributing to unhealthy conditions of people, where good health prevails and “the world will live as one.” October is Hunger Awareness Month. By some accounts more than 49 million Americans (many […]

Three steps forward, why step back?

Three steps forward and… Is it inevitable that the next phrase of this sentence be: “two steps back?” I say emphatically, no, especially when it comes to Davis schools and inequality in schooling outcomes. I present four illustrations of how far we have come in the past decade addressing together how differently our “high-performing” schools […]

What do you think: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?

Mariana Nogueira researcher, Davis: “Last year, I saw a family. The parents were wearing chef costumes and the kids were dressed up as a crab and a lobster.” Kevin Everett photographer, Vacaville: “Nudist. (It was) my uncle.” D.J. Coyle student, Vacaville: “I always like when people dress up scary. There was a guy in our […]

It doesn’t take three to tango

Dear Annie: I have been seeing my boyfriend for more than a year. “Keith” was divorced three years ago, but he and his ex-wife live in the same town and have four kids together, one of whom still lives with her. I am bothered by their relationship, which goes beyond normal concerns for the children. […]

Husband may be losing interest

Dear Annie: My husband, “Harry,” and I have been married for 32 years. Recently, he lost his job because of disability. I work two jobs to support the family. Six months ago, Harry suggested we sell our house and move to his old hometown two hours away. I refused because of my jobs and our […]

Let our public servants decide

I readily profess substantive ignorance about the ongoing dispute over proposed water programs and rates. But whatever the solution, our future water supply will cost more, kindling a sure-fire dispute. Runoff from the sluice of outrage has set the scene for another voter intercession. The thirst for potable water likely will not be slaked by […]

No fundraising do-over for candidates

One of the few accurate statements ever made by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came just moments after he announced his campaign for office in 2003, pledging never to accept campaign donations from special interests. Never mind that everyone’s definition of a special interest is different — my good cause might be your special interest. Schwarzenegger’s […]

Don’t lose out on this money

You could be eligible to get more money back from the IRS — as much as $5,751. You can also volunteer to help those who are eligible file and receive the credit. If you earned less than $49,000 last year, you may qualify for a refundable tax credit called the Earned Income Tax Credit, or […]

Are your street lights lit?

Sunset on Halloween, Monday, is at 5:54 p.m. Will your trick-or-treaters be safe when the sun goes down? Will you be safe? Please check to see if your street lights are lit when you are out and about that night and report them if they are out so that the Davis Public Works Department can […]