Don’t ‘discourage’ paper bags

Tom Sakash’s article in the Jan. 3 Enterprise has brought to my attention that the city of Davis’ Natural Resources Commission has an ordinance in the works which, among other things, will be banning the handled plastic bags from large stores (annual revenues greater than $1 million). Wonderful! These bags are not biodegradable, are readily […]

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Kudos to the Yolo SPCA

A big thank you to the Yolo County SPCA volunteers who recently rescued the lost dog running around El Macero for the past week. Dedicated women patiently and steadfastly combed the fairways until the dog was located and captured. Please think about making a donation today to the Yolo County SPCA. That could have been […]

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Honor Bauer, end death penalty

Re: “We must abolish the death penalty” letter from Herb Bauer on Jan. 3: Herb Bauer has applied his common sense and high principle in his (as usual) brief letter urging the abolition of California’s death penalty. As one of Davis’ most respected citizens, his view has great weight. In honor of Herb’s continuing contribution to […]

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Give Bauer a birthday book

On Saturday, our town’s legendary Dr. Herbert Bauer will celebrate his 102nd birthday! There is a communitywide movement to fill Herbert’s days with the book-reading that he so loves, and community members are invited to glean their shelves of a book or two to contribute toward this effort. Since Herbert is a voracious reader, used […]

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Council, show some leadership

Special to The Enterprise What makes a leader? A leader at the local level fosters policies that promote friendly communities with diverse neighborhoods and healthy housing mixes that, in turn, encourage safety, honesty and fairness between and among its citizens. Such leaders are open, just, patient, honest and encouraging of good policies and good practices between […]

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You can’t stay here, this is a charity

Dear Annie: Four months ago, I joined a nonprofit that provides free tutoring and homework help to elementary-school kids. When I started, the kids coming into our center were from low-income minority and immigrant families. These were kids who would be home alone all afternoon if they didn’t come to us. A few weeks ago, […]

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Be thankful for our veterans

Dear Annie: Among my joys as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Veterans Affairs is the chance to see the expressions of gratitude from Americans of all walks of life for the service and sacrifices made by our military veterans. This happens every day — from small gestures of thanks to hours of volunteer service at […]

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A handful of GOP voters have spoken

The issue: Romney rises to the top in Iowa and New Hampshire, but is it really over already? If we are to believe the pundits, the voters have spoken, and a number of them — approximately equivalent to the population of Murfreesboro, Tenn. — have anointed Mitt Romney as the all-but-certain Republican nominee. Given Barack […]

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Fewer young Americans interested in driving

The issue: This generation that stays indoors, connects with each other through social media and gravitates to cities with good public transportation Here’s an alarming development that strikes at the heart of American values: Young Americans are less and less interested in driving and cars. THIS INDIFFERENCE among the age group 16 to 29 has […]

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U.S. undone again by rogue video

The issue: We must hope that the Taliban or Karzai don’t use this as an excuse to block or delay peace talks When the first photos surfaced of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib being abused and humiliated by their U.S. military captors, a ranking Army officer said, “You’re looking at the idiots who could cost […]

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A game attempt to trim agencies

The issue: Obama wants to streamline government, but he’ll soon learn that presidents mess with congressional prerogatives at their own peril President Barack Obama has gladdened hearts all along Massachusetts Avenue, Washington’s Think Tank Row, where shelves bulge with proposals and white papers, most of them rather well thought-out, for streamlining the federal government and […]

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Led by my palate into violating my principles

This is the story of a love affair, my love affair, a passion that I admit embarrasses me. What was so special? Why did I get so attached? It was the firmness, the sweetness, the hint of spice. But, like every romance, it wasn’t perfect. The first serving, before I got to the honey oat […]

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Politics or no politics, I’m always doing my job

I’m proud to announce that I kept my 2011 resolution: no more politics. Not just writing about politics, but following it like a bad soap opera. It’s tricky trying to keep up with current events and remain detached from the political melodrama, as they frequently cross-contaminate, but it is possible. What it wasn’t — astounding […]

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Grandparents playing favorites

Dear Annie: How do you deal with ignorant relatives? My wife and I have two teenagers and three children under the age of 12. We live an hour away from family and see them during holidays, birthdays, cookouts and such. I am close to both of my parents and speak to them daily. I believe […]

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