Compare these two Zipcar deals

I was in Sacramento last week and saw two street auto parking spaces occupied by Zipcar vehicles. I thought: Is the entire state so incompetent as to pay Zipcar corporation to rent cars from public street locations? So I looked up the Sacramento-Zipcar contract on that city’s web page. It was approved March 29 and […]

YCCC sale was a big success

I would like to thank the entire community of Yolo County and especially The Davis Enterprise for the overwhelming turnout that Yolo Community Care Continuum had for its garage sale on July 9. We raised more than $400 for our nonprofit, which serves people in Yolo County struggling with diagnoses of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and […]

In economics, local is hopeful

By Karen O’Leary With Washington not showing much leadership these days, states defaulting and big companies laying off, we may all soon be relying much more on our local economies and communities to get us through hard times. I see that as a good thing. Here are six reasons why: 1. We live here, dang […]

U.S. should not abandon Iraqi allies

The issue: Interpreters and others who aided military and private firms face a grave risk The Iraq war may have been the wrong war fought for the wrong reasons, but we can’t just walk away from it under dishonorable circumstances. Tens of thousands of Iraqis who risked their lives to work for the U.S. are […]

Public-school kids gone bad

Dear Annie: My son and I, on pretty substantial evidence, believe that my grandson is not only doing drugs but selling them, and was also selling his 14-year-old sister to his friends for sex. My grandson is 19. His father threw him out of the house, and he left without taking any clothes or other […]

All hail the Neti pot!

Sometimes people ask me how my husband feels about all the personal stuff I include in this column, especially personal stuff about him. My response is that I never write about anything regarding him or our kids without talking to him first, and honestly, it’s not all that personal. Talking about his annoying blanket-smoothing rituals […]

Aquadarts truly helped our son

My son Ben Gabbard transferred swim clubs in the fall of 2010. We met Coach Bill Doughty one Sunday evening to discuss the possibility of Ben swimming in Davis. Our meeting lasted one hour, during which time he were struck by Coach Doughty’s positive approach to the sport of swimming. During the meeting, Coach Doughty […]

Davis’ GATE program is unfair

Hello! I’m a fourth-grade student at Korematsu Elementary School, and I want to say that I think the GATE program at my school is unfair. I think it is unfair because some people are really smart but they don’t test well, and, if your parents want you to get into GATE, but you don’t get […]

Do we need another structure?

The Davis City Council is doing the right thing to try to obtain state funds for redevelopment projects before the money disappears (“Davis will pay to play,” July 21). However, the council should stop and think about what the citizens of Davis want or need with “redevelopment” projects. Specifically, do we want the parking lot […]

Some admirable medical candor

The issue: Credit Michele Bachmann for her openness on her migraines Last Monday, an online news site reported that presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, surging into second place among Republicans in many polls, suffered from debilitating migraine headaches that sometimes “incapacitated” her and occasionally required hospitalization. ONE NEED NOT be a cynic to think the timing […]

Recovery depends on housing industry

There’s one big reason why foreclosure reforms that strongly encourage banks to redo loans for “underwater” homeowners are a must for California, and soon: This state’s overall economy and employment levels simply cannot recover to pre-recession status until the foreclosure crisis ends. And the tide of foreclosures has shown no sign of abating lately, particularly […]

Turns out, marriage is no picnic

Dear Annie: “Don” and I have been married for 43 years. I thought we had a good marriage, but my trust has been shaken recently. Don retired four years ago. He told me a former co-worker, “Lulu,” had e-mailed to ask to meet for lunch and catch up on the latest office gossip. It sounded […]