Who knows what can happen in 16 years?

CALL ME TOMORROW … I remember my Great Aunt Flo in Portland telling me long ago to never pay a bill today that you can put off until tomorrow … I was reminded of her words when I saw that front-page, above-the-fold headline above Jonathan Edwards’ story that said “State: City can ask for more […]

For the record

Roberta Millstein’s name was misspelled on her letter to the editor published Wednesday, “Missing the big picture on bags.” We regret the error.

Says the cake, after being eaten and had

Dear Annie: I am having an affair with a married woman. We used to live together and then separated under conditions that were totally my fault. Afterward, I begged her forgiveness and proposed marriage. She declined, but we continued our physical relationship. She then abruptly ended this relationship and married someone else. I was devastated. […]

Society’s pressure adds to the problem

Dear Annie: I am a 20-year-old male who recently developed an eating disorder. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds from restricting, purging and over-exercising. Even though I get a lot of compliments on my weight loss, I am nowhere near where I’d like to be. My parents notice that I don’t eat very much, but as […]

GOP risks alienating Latino voters

Eliseo Medina is one prominent Democrat who wasn’t much upset by last year’s midterm election outcome, in general a Republican rout of Democrats. That’s because Medina, the international secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union, believes 2010 may be remembered as a political watershed year, but not in the way Republicans would like. He sees […]

New regs shed sunlight on sunscreen labels

The issue: Truth in labeling should help protect us from skin cancer We’re not crazy about additional government rules. Still, if sunscreen makers can’t do the job themselves, Californians will welcome federal plans for truth in labeling for lotions and sprays that are supposed to block the sun’s harmful rays. “BROAD SPECTRUM” will be the […]

Speak up on funding priorities

At its June 16 meeting, the Davis school board voted not to support the 25 Teachers Campaign. This campaign petitions Congress to spend less on war and more on public schools. Its premise is that a million dollars spent on one bomb can fund 25 new teachers. Two board members, Sheila Allen and Susan Lovenburg, […]

Symbol of good fortune lives on

It was 1980 when I first saw the swastika. I was a sophomore at Davis High at the time. I’d lived here since I was a toddler, but rarely had reason to go to Old East Davis. I don’t remember why I went to the house or if someone had taken me to see it. […]

Budget setback: Attacks on farm, ethanol subsidies fail

The issue: Spending cuts will get us only so far in cutting the deficit; at some point, Congress will have to talk about new revenue Congress has been talking a great game about restoring fiscal sanity to the federal budget, but actually doing so is proving truly difficult, especially if the budgetary changes affect favored […]

They don’t approve of him

Dear Annie: I have been in a relationship with “Derek” for two years. I love him dearly and know we will marry someday. The problem is, my sister and her husband will not accept Derek because we started dating when he was still going through a divorce. Annie, I know we should have waited until […]

Lies wreck marriage

Dear Annie: I dated “Tony” for a year before we married two years ago. I thought I knew him, but shortly after the wedding, I discovered that everything about him was a lie. This included falsehoods about his financial situation, his family, his ex-wife, his children and his jobs. He lied about little things, big […]

Happy 236th birthday, U.S. Army

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Davis Post 6949 celebrated the 236th birthday of the United States Army on June 14 at the Davis Veterans’ Memorial Center. Although Flag Day has origins dating back to 1777, the Continental Congress authorized the creation of the Continental Army on June 14, 1775. Members of Post 6949, encompassing all of the services, celebrated this event by recognizing […]