Confused at the oral care aisle

By Samer S. Alassaad, D.D.S. A walk through the oral care aisle can be overwhelming today with all the different products available to us especially when each manufacturer promotes its own products well. Research shows that the ultimate oral care regimen involves both mechanical and chemical cleaning. Mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush and floss is […]

It’s OK to try medical marijuana after you’re already dead

So, midlife, this is what you’re throwing at me next? Arthritis? Jerk. It’s still in the early stages, but it’s there. Knees, hips, shoulders, hands, back — they’re all complaining over the most innocuous activities, like walking or bending over, or even getting up after I’ve been sitting awhile. Sitting hurts! How pathetic is that! […]

Confused about water hardness

A recent Davis Enterprise story on proposed water rate increases confused me with what seemed like a contradiction. First, the story said that “our deep well water has a similar hardness to river water.” Later it assured us that, after the change to river water, “filtration and softening systems will not be needed.” My understanding […]

Westlake IGA listens, and is making changes

By Eric Nelson There are many changes and adjustments being made at Westlake IGA as a result of the community Save Our Store rally on June 1. With more than 150 residents in attendance and piles of emails submitted, the issues were defined by the participants and the suggestions they supplied were helpful and creative. […]

Better water from Davis taps

After the U.S. Clean Water Act was passed, Davis upgraded its water treatment plant with federal grants. That money must have come from somewhere else, maybe San Francisco or New York or Hong Kong? No, it came from our federal tax payments. Given the federal deficit, that doesn’t happen any more. Davis ground water is loaded […]

Debt-limit battle rattles creditors

The issue: The consequences might not be as dire as predicted, but why find out? A growing number of Republicans believe a short-term default might be no bad thing if it forces the White House and the Democrats to accept major spending cuts. Our creditors would stand by us, the argument goes, if they see […]

She helped give a little boy a precious gift: his voice

By Beth Foraker “A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used…powerlessness and silence go together.” —Margaret Atwood Until I met Karen Edmiston and the other miracle workers in her office, the Center for Speech Pathology in Davis, I was clueless about the transformational world they inhabited. I didn’t realize that someone […]

Father-in-law offers many lessons, but can I learn them?

Marion is on vacation. This column first ran in September 2002. I wonder if there are certain things I just can’t learn. I’m not talking about nuclear physics, which I know I can’t learn, or tying flies, which doesn’t interest me. I’m talking about genuine life skills, things I truly want to learn. Let me […]

What do you think: What’s the best advice your dad gave you?

Michelle Ivie hardware store employee, Woodland: “Don’t look up with your mouth open when there’s a flock of birds overhead.” Paul Webb disc jockey, Davis: “To follow my heart.” Peter Wulf filmmaker, Davis: “Don’t be with people you don’t love.” Maria Serrano restorer, Davis: “Don’t use salt with coffee.” Sarah Conrad student, Davis: “To stay […]

Father after daughter’s money

Dear Annie: My father is a dentist and earns a good living, but he is going after my money. When I graduated from high school, he took the money relatives and friends sent me and kept it for himself. A year later, he and Mom were going through a divorce, and he subpoenaed my work […]

Sports physicals were a breeze

The athletics department at Davis High School would like to thank Sutter Davis Family Practice for its generous donation of time and talent to our annual Sports Physical Clinic. This clinic is a tremendous benefit and convenience for our athletes. More than 120 students took advantage of this clinic and are now set and ready […]

Protect yourself against ticks

As a Davis resident, and vice president of the California Lyme Disease Association, I was pleased to read about UC Davis’ compelling research into how Lyme bacteria can evade the body’s immune system. More investigation of this critical topic is desperately needed. However, the article’s following statement gives the wrong impression: “Lyme occurs mainly in […]