We need bipartisan compromise

The following is a copy of a letter sent to congressional leaders: Four of you, responsible for choosing the super committee that will propose solutions for the current economic and debt challenges facing our country, have the immediate future of our economy in your hands. I urgently appeal to you to resist the temptation to […]

Welcome, friends from Inuyama

Labor Day is coming and so, too, is a delegation of visitors from Davis’ sister city of Inuyama, Japan. The local Davis Friends of Inuyma (FOI) will welcome representatives from Inuyama, and with the help and generosity of FOI members and Davis merchants, will show them the best of Davis in a whirlwind four days. […]

It’s obvious we could do better

If we can’t speak the language, we can’t win the war, so why start one? The land of opportunity, the land of the “ownership society,” needs a new compass. Why did we seek a military solution to Iraq? It’s been a failure from a military point of view. Afghanistan is not far behind, and what […]

Important skills learned at class

Earlier this summer, the Davis Police Department held a weeklong program called “RadKids” at Montgomery Elementary School. This is a national nonprofit program of personal empowerment and safety education for kids. From their website, “The radKIDS curiculum provides realistic safety plans and options enabling children to escape dangerous situations. Unlike many programs that show videos […]

The lesson of integrity in sports

If you are the parent of a son or daughter involved in sports, I hope you read and shared with your son/daughter Bruce Gallaudet’s article in Friday’s Sports section, “A Lesson in Doing the Right Thing.” I am a graduate of the University of San Francisco (1966), and a good part of our education, then […]

Please support The Enterprise

“I’ve lived in Davis for 36 years, and have experienced all of our ups and downs over that time. Local politicians promising to make our lives better. The developers promising to make our community “better” by growing to the point that we no longer recognize our “small town.” And now, our city staff trying to […]

Don’t want to hear any more

Dear Annie: My sister-in-law, “Robyn,” is also a dear friend who has been part of my life for 20 years. Robyn is now in her 50s and has two children — one by a married man who dumped her, and the other by a loser who abandoned her. Robyn finally married a stable co-worker, but […]

A U.S. first in space, and still going

The issue: America has more to explore even without the space shuttles American self-esteem has taken a beating lately so we could use some good news, and now we have some even though it arrived from 36 million miles, maybe more. THE MARS ROVER Opportunity, after a perilous, 3-year, 13-mile drive, has reached the rim […]

British cops track rioters through security cameras

The issue: Security is more important than privacy during a riot London has perhaps the highest concentration of security surveillance cameras in the world — 12,000 in the subway alone and 7,000 government cameras above ground, and that’s in addition to private closed-circuit TV cameras. The shorthand for those systems is CCTV, and they are […]

Obama needs to speak out on Syria

The issue: Assad should be encouraged by U.S. to step down As they have almost every Friday since March, following weekly prayers, Syrians poured out of their mosques and into the streets, calling for a litany of reforms in their repressive government. JUST AS PREDICTABLY, Syrian security forces went after the demonstrators with clubs, tear […]

The new girl feels threatened

Dear Annie: My boyfriend and I met three years ago. He was separated from his wife of 20 years after he found out she was cheating on him. Their divorce was final six months later. “Lawrence” is a lot older. I am 28, and he is 50. His ex has caused nothing but problems for […]

Speak up for adult day health care

By Peggy Phelps What do we do? What does it take to get our state legislators and governor to put people’s lives ahead of “things”? Our state budget should reflect the values of the people in this state. How many thousands of people does it take to convince the governor not to “throw the baby […]

Corporate rights trump our own needs

By Susan Monheit I had an epiphany at the last city of Davis Planning Commission meeting. I had gone there with the mistaken impression that it was the Planning Commission that was trying to push an unwanted and unneeded distributed antenna system through the public approval process. As distasteful as that idea is, I had […]

What do you think: What are your thoughts on the stock market fluctuations?

Andrew Hoeschele student, Boulder, Colo.: “I don’t know. It’s kind of surprising.” Bryn Ellison student, Sacramento: “I’m not even thinking about the stocks. I’m more concerned with what the government is doing right now with the deficit. The stock market is just more corporate greed as usual.” Dan Kindelt retired, Woodland: “I’m not panicking yet. […]