He’s got questionable horse sense

Dear Annie: I have been seeing “Captain” for three years. His 13-year-old daughter, “Rosie,” is horse crazy after riding at summer camp and is now taking lessons locally. As a former horse trainer, I am thrilled at her interest. However, she expresses resentment with the sparse guidance I have given. So now when I take […]

The wrong way to pay college players

The issue: An annual stipend would help bridge the gap between scholarship and the true cost of living When it comes to paying college athletes, things often get a bit confused. WE SAW ANOTHER example of that last week when a new report from an athletes-advocacy group placed the value of a scholarship at a […]

Citizen remap fulfills its purpose

So the voters of California set up a new commission to do a specific task and that commission did exactly what it was supposed to do. What happens next? The losers whine even though their losses were completely predictable and partly self-inflicted. The task voters set for the first-time-ever Citizens Redistricting Commssion via two ballot […]

Demand better from the system

Dear Annie: We all know that health care is expensive and that finding good, affordable care can be tough. There is a way your readers can avoid unnecessary heath care bills: by learning what high-quality care looks like. We spend a whopping $700 billion a year on health care in America for tests, procedures, medical […]

Bazaar will be back next year

The University Retirement Community at Davis had another successful Bizarre Bazaar, raising several thousand dollars for our charitable foundation. We could not have accomplished any of this without the time and energy of our residents and staff. The good people of Davis and neighboring towns have earned our real appreciation for their ongoing support of […]

Put panels on homes, not land

A while back, I read a letter in the Sacramento Bee addressing a similar problem to the one soon to take place in Winters; the removal of prime ag land to put up solar panels (or wind panels). I understand this from the walnut rancher’s view — he gets the money and eliminates the work. […]

Friendship getting stale

Dear Annie: I’m soon to be an adult and am starting to make some important decisions. “Lana” has been my best friend for 12 years, but I’m beginning to think it’s over. She is really hurting me. When we go to festivals together, Lana walks around with someone else and ignores me. When I invite […]

A salute to Environmental Club

For the past five years, Davis High School’s Environmental Club has been developing and maintaining the garden area in front of the Brunelle Performance Hall. Sherri Sandberg-Ransom is the club’s adviser, in addition to teaching chemistry in the community, biology and zoology-botany. She has been shepherding 15 to 20 very talented and dedicated students over […]

Council, listen to Dan Wolk

I am very grateful to Davis City Councilman Dan Wolk (“Let’s make sure we get this water project right,” Sept. 18) for his refreshing common sense, empathy and exemplary definition of personal responsibility on this issue. His op-ed piece is another proof that if we had more leaders like Dan then Davis would be well-served. […]

Here’s a reason for optimism

By Sunne McPeak For years now, we’ve awakened to headlines about California’s financial woes. It seems as if we can’t go a day without hearing about the gradual erosion of the quality of life for Californians. And yet, nearly nine out of 10 Californians believe it’s possible for the state to be run well. I […]

Standing In: Early-morning tales of the greenbelt

By Dave Rosenberg It stretches clear around Davis, sometimes narrow and sometimes wide, occasionally rutted or bumpy where tree roots have done their slow work. It’s the Davis Greenbelt — a thin line of asphalt pathway snaking between native plants, bushes and trees — yet another ingredient in this town’s European flavor. Every day, virtually […]