Finally, a $100 trillion bill is worth something

The issue: This oddity is a testament to the incompetence of Zimbabwe’s financial wizards Zimbabwe’s $100 trillion bill is finally worth something. The Wall Street Journal reports that it is selling as a curiosity in this country for $5, far more than it was ever worth in real life. THE BILLS, it is reported, are […]

Time to alter some Prop. 13 rules

Maybe it’s because state legislators have no idea today what their districts will look like next year and who or what they’ll be up against. Maybe it’s because the moment anyone in public life even begins to talk about changing the slightest aspect of Proposition 13, the landmark 1978 property tax-cutting initiative, that person comes […]

Rotary raffle raised $71,020

Another year proves to be another success for the annual Davis Rotary youth group raffle. Total monies raised came to $71,020 and the youth groups that participate get 100 percent of what they raised. A total of 40 local groups participated. There were a total of five prizes and winners as follows: * Grand prize: […]

A tug-o’-war over money

Dear Annie: I have been trying to teach my 20-year-old daughter the value of saving money and staying within a budget. Meanwhile, my parents give her money every time she asks. I am newly divorced and feel it is important for my daughter to learn to live within her means. I have had several conversations […]

Spanish Immersion should grow

According to the Board of Education, the waitlist to get into the DJUSD Spanish Immersion program is at 35. This is more than enough students to add an additional kindergarten classroom to the program. The DJUSD School Board and Superintendent Roberson are currently looking into this and other elementary enrollment issues. There are innumerable benefits […]

Delusions hurting old friend

Dear Annie: How can I help a friend who is convinced his neighbors are bombarding his house with rays that have affected his health and caused the death of one of his dogs? ”Edwin” is a retired engineer in his early 70s, divorced for 10 years. When my husband was ill, Edwin was the only […]

Let’s take care of our forests

I am a fourth-grader at Korematsu Elementary School. I am studying wildfire prevention as part of my Nature Bowl project. After researching this topic, I am worried about what can happen to the Central Valley’s forests if wildfires destroy them. Ninety-nine percent of these wildfires are caused by humans. Some people throw out their cigarettes […]

Help keep the bees buzzing

Do you like the sound of buzzing bees in the summer? Well, all across the United States, honey bees have been disappearing. One of the causes of bees disappearing is that people are putting pesticides on the plants so then the bees can’t pollinate the plants. Also, there are mites getting on the bees; mites […]

Pioneer Book Swap a success

We would like to thank families in the Warmington homes development, Pioneer Elementary School parents and all others who helped us with our Pioneer Book Swap and Sale by donating their own books. At 1:30 on May 11, kids, accompanied by their parents, flooded into the MPR front doors with old books in hand hoping […]

School’s Mileage Club supported

Pioneer Elementary School’s students, teachers and parents wish to acknowledge and express their gratitude to Fleet Feet of Davis for its support of our Mileage Club. Twice each week, the fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders walked, jogged or ran around our one-quarter-mile course during the snack recess, completing more than 1,000 miles! Many students earned water […]

Men enjoy the honest talk

Gratitude Extended – The Davis Talk & Drum Circle Committee wishes to thank the Redwood Men’s Center, notably Doug von Koss, for his gifts of helping people to sing toward healing, from the chants of the world; Hari Meyers for his keeping alive the powerful oral tradition of story telling that unites elegance with inner […]

Conference received special gifts

We want to thank Christine Rivard, Dennis Hubbard and the city of Davis Parks and Community Services Department for waiving the fee on the Senior Center facilities, which we used on April 30 for the 17th annual Northern California Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference: Trauma Model Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse. We also want to […]

Blame it all on TV advertising

My name is Joe Schmoe Sixpack and I am a student at Ucee-D where the professor dudes learn me stuff. You wanna know why I booze so much on Picnic Day? I understand from reliable sources ( lots of ads on TV) that when you drink beer or other alcohol you immediately get a great […]

Davis, you’re a winner, too

The Davis School Arts Foundation congratulates the Davis High music and choral programs on their recent Grammy Signature School Award. Davis as a community is blessed to have such gifted music teachers who inspire and nurture excellence in our music students. But this award also belongs to the Davis community as a whole, the community […]