Wife frustrated as husband loses interest

Dear Annie: I am a 48-year-old married woman. I love my husband and believe he loves me, too. “Frank” used to be very affectionate and also quite interested in sex. Now I am lucky to get a kiss on the cheek at bedtime. We haven’t had sex in over a year. His doctor gave him […]

Greed drives Amazon anti-tax initiative

It’s about time someone put the correct labels on efforts by Amazon.com to avoid paying any semblance of sales tax in California or anywhere else. Those labels: greed and fear. The same tags can accurately be attached to the Internet auction house eBay, Overstock Inc. and other big Internet-only merchants that are opposed to operating […]

Old sailor reconnects with the Other Woman

Dear Annie: I have been married for 30 years and have three grown children. My husband served in the Navy and was away a lot of the time. Early in our marriage, he was gone for nine months, and during that time, he had an affair with a much younger girl. I found out about […]

Whining over new district is pure sour grapes

There’s a two-word description for the loud whining that has followed release of nearly finalized new political district lines by the state’s Citizens Redistricting Commission: sour grapes. Some people and interests didn’t get what they wanted and expected, and now they’re vocally unhappy. But reality is that those wishes were laughably unrealistic from the start. […]

California’s adult day health care system: transition to nowhere

By Mariko Yamada Almost 40 years ago, California pioneered a system to keep frail elders and people with disabilities in supportive community day settings. In response to the highly publicized, disturbing stories of nursing home abuse in the 1970s, the adult day health care center model emerged as a more humane and less costly alternative. […]

Community health centers increase access to primary care and prevention services

By Robin Affrime and Chris Kelsch Please join us in celebrating National Health Center Week, Aug. 7-13. This year’s theme, “Celebrating America’s Health Centers: Serving Locally, Leading Nationally,” highlights the commitment of community health centers such as CommuniCare Health Centers and Winters Healthcare to expand access to affordable, high-quality, cost-effective health care for all people, […]

Most 9/11 victims not on federal death records

The issue: Federal and New York officials insist the dead have been properly reported; we just have to take their word for it One of the many mysteries fueling conspiracy theories about 9/11 is this: Even though 3,000 victims died in the collapse of the Twin Towers, a key federal database records that only 405 […]

Uncage Mubarak and give him a fair trial

The issue: Humiliating Egypt’s former leader could backfire, and send the wrong message to other Mideast despots In his 29-year rule of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak accumulated much to answer for — corruption, torture, oppression and little to show in the way of progress for the average Egyptians. LAST WEEK in a Cairo courtroom, his trial […]

The food-health connection

The web has made access to information grow exponentially. We are drowning in oceans of information, not to mention misinformation and unreasonable health claims. Much of the information is pushed along at breakneck speed by advertising. In the thousands of food choices we make every year, we should be wary of claims such as “fat […]

Reunion reminds me how I became a kayaker

Nearly 20 years ago I drove six hours and arrived all alone at Sundance Kayak School in southern Oregon for my first lessons in whitewater kayaking. In order not to leave our young children, my husband and I had decided to try this new sport one at a time, I the first summer, he the […]

Dumber than a flock of seagulls

*Editor’s note: Debra is on vacation. This column first ran in 2004. So gay marriage has everyone wringing their hands these days. You’d think we’d have more important things to worry about, things that actually affect us. Like the economy, or soldiers dying in Iraq, or the environment, or the outsourcing of jobs, or the […]

What do you think: If you could send one message to Washington, what would it be?

Glenn Farris archeologist, Davis: “Get your act together.” Eddie Moreno student, San Diego: “More money for education.” CJ Morello student, Davis: “Advocate more for the arts.” Ingrid Niles communications director, Sacramento: “Stop spending.” Sharon Tobar accountant, Davis: “Steal from the rich and give to the poor.” Mironda Burch student, Davis: “Raising tuition so much isn’t […]

Parents enable bedwetting

Dear Annie: I have been married to “John” for six years. We both have children from our first marriages. John’s oldest son is now 14 and still wets the bed. I suggested not allowing the boy to drink anything after 7 p.m. and always making sure he uses the bathroom before bed. My husband did […]