Has it been like this for 25 years?

Dear Annie: My wife and I just celebrated a bittersweet 25th wedding anniversary. Eight months ago, a friend emailed that my wife’s college boyfriend, “Steve,” was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Their relationship only lasted a few months, but it was intense. He broke it off. She held on to those feelings for the longest time. […]

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Trouble brewing with dirty uncle

Dear Annie: Recently, our 11-year-old daughter visited her 14-year-old cousin over the weekend. When she came home, she told us that her aunt and uncle went to a neighborhood party, and she and her cousin went to bed in separate rooms. During the night, my brother-in-law came back alone and went into our daughter’s room, […]

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Time for this column to be judged against its peers

For years I entered the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s Better Newspaper contest with nary a nibble. First, I’d get a note from a Davis Enterprise editor asking me to choose three columns to submit. Many months later, I’d read a brief announcement that someone else had won. One year, I got a notice that I […]

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We have the collective weaponry to fight the big-bank dragon

Holy moly, the people stared into the eye of the dragon … and the dragon blinked. Following Bank of America’s recent announcement to start charging a $5 fee when customers use their debit card, customers retaliated with the only weapon they have: their money. In the wake of customer uproar as other large banks like […]

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When the truth hurts

Dear Annie: My cousin “Kelly” went from a rotten marriage to a horrible relationship, with no break in between. During this past year, her boyfriend has cheated, lied and threatened her. I was her shoulder to cry on and finally had too much and told her how stupid the whole situation was. This guy doesn’t […]

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Deciphering seizures in pets

When a pet has a seizure, it can be a scary experience for both the pet and the owner. Understanding the nature and cause of the seizure can allow a veterinarian to know the best way to treat the symptom, but the diagnosis is not always straightforward. Seizures can generally be grouped into one of […]

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Sick of the constant fighting

Dear Annie: I have a year-old son whom I love more than anything in the world. My girlfriend, “Karen,” and I are trying to be good parents. The problem is, Karen and I have broken up several times due to arguments that got out of control. She has a terrible temper. Usually, a month after […]

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Trust the council on this one

When I was a kid, I thought it was an axiomatic truth that water was free! I have since come to realize that good, healthy, palatable water comes at a price. The common misconception about the proposed new surface water plan is as follows: We can either spend a lot of money for some new […]

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Too many billions for Earth

Last week’s United Nations announcement of the planet having reached 7 billion people is sad news. In my short 83 years of life, I’ve seen the planet grow from 2 billion to 7 billion, while it took till 1800 for the world to reach its first billion. The U.N. projection of leveling out at about […]

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Feds must stop scam of stealing from dead children

The issue: Let’s start by implementing the recommendations of a scathing 2008 audit by Social Security’s inspector general In a ghoulish new identity theft scam, thieves are cashing in on dead children by stealing their Social Security numbers to fraudulently collect federal tax refunds. And, the heartless crooks are getting help from an unexpected source, […]

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U.S. locked into a self-defeating U.N. policy

The issue: Our ability to influence either the Palestinians or Israel now seems weaker than it’s ever been Something as intricate and ever-changing as foreign policy should not be put on automatic pilot, which is the gravest defect in the law that requires the United States to cut off funding to any U.N. agency that […]

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City aims to balance water costs, revenues

By Bob Clarke As our community continues to consider the issue of water rates, I’ve been encouraged by the passionate exchange of ideas and opinions as part of the public debate, while at the same time frustrated to see so much confusion about what rates the City Council actually adopted. Still more disappointing is the […]

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What do you think about the Occupy movement?

Joe Taormina aircraft mechanic, Benicia: “I think it’s great. We should’ve done this three years ago. What the banks and Wall Street accomplished was nothing less than organized crime.” Wesley Pierce head of security at Little Prague, Davis: “Honestly, I think they need to tone down the radicalism and put the focus back on the […]

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