Auld acquaintance brought to mind

Dear Annie: A while back, I signed up for Facebook in order to stay in touch with friends and renew old acquaintances. Several weeks ago, my husband’s 35-year-old daughter, “Sheila,” sent me a friend request. She has not been in touch with us since she turned 18, when my husband no longer had to pay […]

A-plus to A-1 and Hoffmann

For a woman to walk into an automotive shop is quite intimidating. Recently, the turn signals on my Toyota van stopped working. So for five days, I’ve been doing the old-fashioned arm signals, which is pretty scary, since I’m not sure how many people would know what they mean these days. After much trepidation, I […]

Band concert a great inspiration

As one Davis parent told me last Thursday night, her son who plays trumpet in the Davis junior high school band was deeply inspired by the well-received concert at the Veterans’ Memorial Theater. Each number was warmly applauded by the approximately 250-member audience, with even a few joyous shouts. The Travis Air Force Band of […]

Thanks, firefighters, for 9/11 tribute

I was privileged to attend the Davis firefighters’ ceremony Sunday to remember the bravery of the firefighters and police officers who died 10 years ago on 9/11. Thank you for the opportunity to join in community to pay tribute to your friends and families. Thank you also for all that you do to help keep […]

Seek out Compassionate Friends

My husband and I recently moved back to Davis after a year away. Although the sabbatical was a time of renewal for both our professional and personal lives, I am happy to be back in Davis. As I get settled back into my home I find comfort in rediscovering familiar routines. One routine is the […]

Think transportation, not parking

Davis should not build a larger parking lot in the center of town. If anything, we should use that money to build an intermodal facility centered around the Amtrak station. A parking lot only encourages one mode of travel to the detriment of others, and one vision of our city over better alternatives. More parking […]

Consider people over vehicles

Who has the right of way in Davis, people or traffic? A multi-level parking structure increases the volume of automobiles. A higher density of cars works against allowing pedestrians the right way. It works against public transportation, which, as it is, is not built up enough and will in the long run lead to less […]

Redevelopment agency is good for Davis

Thirty-six years after he was sworn in as California’s governor for the first time, Jerry Brown assumed his old office anew on Jan. 3. That same day, the Sacramento Bee broke the news that Gov. Brown would propose to eliminate all local redevelopment agencies. His goal was to save the state approximately $2 billion a […]

Son stays in dangerous situation

Dear Annie: My son has been married to “Josie” for 11 years. I admit I never cared for her. She has a volatile temper and creates destructive scenes. Once they married, I did my best to be friendly, hoping she would mellow with time. She has not. In the past three years, Josie’s violent behavior […]

Daughter flees for greener pastures

Dear Annie: I have been a single mother for 20 years. Four months ago, I was talked into letting one of my daughter’s friends stay with us while her parents searched for a new home in another state. They agreed to pay me a monthly stipend for their daughter’s expenses. This has not happened. I […]

Don’t waste time on this issue

As someone who has practiced or taught city planning for 20-plus years, I am always sad to see some relatively inconsequential local topic consume enormous amounts of citizen, staff and elected leaders’ time when there are so many more important issues to address, including climate change and growing inequality. The cell phone “tower” controversy in […]

Don’t ruin beautiful open space

Early on the morning of Sept. 7, I was at the ATM of US Bank. As I turned to walk away from the ATM, I caught a glimpse of the beautiful trees in the parking lot across F Street being bathed in the early-morning sun. The trees, in response, were casting their shadows throughout the […]

Parking garage doesn’t fit Davis

By Alan Brownstein and Shel Givens Recent articles and letters to The Enterprise supporting the construction of a parking garage at Third and F streets offer a one-sided description of this redevelopment project filled with abstract, adjective-filled generalities. The stark facts of this proposal present a very different picture than the one painted by its […]