Now it’s up to the citizens of Davis to stop water rate hike

It may have taken them all of the spring and part of the summer to get it done, but the Davis City Council finally came up with a simplified form to allow citizens to protest the proposed increase in our water rates. Actually, the word “increase” doesn’t do the planned rate structure justice. In some […]

And baby makes … four?

Dear Annie: Five months ago, I begged my sister to move in with me to get her away from her abusive boyfriend. It took some convincing and tough love, but she finally ceased contact with him completely. Three months after she moved in, my fiancé and I found out that we were expecting a baby. […]

Use robots for space exploration

The final Space Shuttle mission has been greeted with much emotion, pride and some sadness. Is our leadership in space exploration fading? I think not. I’ve been involved in deep space exploration for over 40 years and have a slightly different outlook on this subject. Basically, I ask what specifically is required of space science […]

Talk about the honeymoon being over

Dear Annie: I have been married to “Ryan” for three years, and we dated for two years before that. It’s a second marriage for both of us. My first marriage was miserable and lonely, and I wanted to make sure to do it right the next time. When I met Ryan, he was supportive and […]

Wearing out her welcome

Dear Annie: A year ago, my sister “Lois” left her boyfriend. She had no place to live, so my husband and I offered to let Lois and her four children move in with us. I have three teenagers myself, so our house became very crowded. At the time, Lois was attending nursing school. She received […]

Hugo’s story has happy ending

I’m responding to Julie Sontag’s letter from June 30. I just wanted to let her know that Hugo’s story has a happy ending. Our family adopted Hugo on June 28. We met Hugo the previous Friday while helping my daughter and her fiancé pick out two kittens. We had no intention of adopting a dog, […]

Muchas gracias Renee Andrews

At the end of this past school year, my daughter was graduating, and things were in a whirl, and I was unable to pay tribute to one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever met during my tenure as both a parent and teacher in DJUSD elementary schools. I had planned to speak at her […]

Water rate hikes will have ripple effect

I don’t know whether the Davis business community has thought through the likely effects if people end up paying $400 a month for water (as a result of tiered rates). Restaurant business is likely to drop precipitously (and their prices will have to increase considerably). Other Davis businesses will also see lower volumes of sales. […]

Mayor offers his top-10 list

* Editor’s note: Mayor Joe Krovoza was joined by City Council members Rochelle Swanson and Dan Wolk in delivering this top 10 list of reasons to shop at the UC Davis Store Downtown, at its grand opening celebration Friday. 10. It’s freezing in the Varsity Theatre and you need a pullover, and fast! 9. You […]

The married ‘single mom’

Dear Annie: I have been married to my husband for 20 years, and we have two children in their teens. Over the years, my husband has purchased rental property that will hopefully turn out to be a good investment. Along with maintaining those properties and his full-time job, he also participates in sports and plays […]

Who is doing the prescribing these days — doctors or patients?

After mulling over the “logic” behind our medical marijuana laws recently, it was serendipitous that one night last week, I didn’t set my DVR correctly and was subjected to television commercials during the evening news. Normally, I leave the DVR on NBC and hit “rewind’ to the beginning of the news, and fast-forward through the […]

Coastal drilling, fossil fuels

Regarding the Our View editorial of Wednesday, July 6, I’m just astounded that the conclusion drawn from the president’s release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is that the administration should “address the supply side by approving expanded drilling and exploration off America’s coasts.” It appears that the writer has not been exposed to […]

Obama must show leadership

Henry Paulson, Allen Greenspan, Paul Krugman and Bruce Bartlett (of the Reagan administration) all have said tax cuts do not pay for themselves. So why are Democrats letting the Republicans shout from every mountaintop that they do pay for themselves? I don’t think the Republicans are going to give in on spending cuts or tax […]

Aim city job cuts for 2012

I would like record a correction regarding my support for $2.5 million in personnel savings. In an article published online Thursday (but edited for print Friday), I was incorrectly described as saying that “cutting $2.5 million from personnel costs could have ‘disastrous effects,’ especially if the savings are reached by laying off employees.” In fact, […]