This could give state more clout

Millions of Americans believed all through his presidency that George W. Bush never deserved to hold that office — regardless of what the U.S. Supreme Court ruled and no matter who got a few hundred votes more or less in Florida. That was because Democrat Al Gore won more actual votes in the 2000 election […]

Russian job is Putin’s if he wants it

The issue: Medvedev has a list of reforms he’d like to enact, but he may be running out of time President Barack Obama got an unlikely endorsement for re-election — from the president of Russia. “I can tell you openly — I would like Barack Obama to be re-elected president of the United States,” said […]

Money not well spent

Dear Annie: My daughter, “Chloe,” receives child support for her son, “Logan,” who is 3. Chloe does not live with her son because she is not capable of taking care of him. She is an alcoholic who lives with her abusive boyfriend. My husband and I have raised Logan since birth. He lives with us. […]

New Pentagon chief faces huge challenges

Robert Gates departs the Pentagon next week after 4 1/2 years under two presidents as one of the nation’s most respected defense secretaries. HE WILL BE A tough leader to replace, but the Senate showed great confidence that President Barack Obama’s choice as successor, outgoing CIA Director Leon Panetta, is up to the job. The […]

Thank you from Applegate Dance Co.

On behalf of Applegate Dance Company, I would like to thank our sponsors and the Davis business community for their generosity and for their support of the Applegate Dance Company’s production this past weekend of “The Firebird” ballet and “The Wonderful World of Disney Dances.” It was a very successful event that involved nearly 70 […]

Volunteers help make Grad Night a success

On June 10, Davis Grad Night celebrated its 27th year. Grad Night is an all-night, drug- and alcohol-free celebration for Davis’ graduating seniors. This year, more than 500 graduates of Davis High, Da Vinci, King High and the Davis School for Independent Study spent the night enjoying music, dancing, casino games, outdoor activities, a hypnotist […]

Switching water source is too costly

By now, all Davis property owners have received two glossy brochures from the city, arguing for a $160 million increase in our city water bills over the next five years. Our “public servants” are pushing to triple (at least) our water rates to make us pay for a boondoggle plan to pump filthy Sacramento River […]

Ads are not news articles

Please reconsider your policy of running advertisements as informational articles. The recent “Smart Gardening” article advocating Miracle-Gro products and Roundup is contrary not only to eco-sensitive gardening but also to recommendations by any knowledgeable garden expert. We have a responsibility to care for the earth. Please don’t encourage out-of-date practices in future articles. Leslie Kuss […]

Where has Devil pride gone?

It has been 41 years since I graduated from Davis High School. I happened to be in Davis a couple of weeks ago and decided to climb on a bicycle and toodle around town. I eventually ended up at the high school. It was a Sunday and nobody was on campus. I marveled at the […]

Gallaudet raises the bar

Has anyone else noticed that ever since Bruce Gallaudet is back on the sports desk at The Davis Enterprise, the quality of the writing, the information in the articles and even the bylines, subject matter and focus on the people has been much improved if not downright superior? I’d be the first to admit that […]

Find a friend at the animal shelter

Love awaits you at your Yolo County Animal Shelter. Really. I’ve visited the shelter a number of times over the last couple of weeks, looking for the right pet for me. It’s tough because there are so many great cats and dogs to choose from. Hugo really pulls on my heartstrings. He’s a big black […]

Treasure these local artists

Sunday concluded an outstanding local ballet performance by the Applegate Dance Company. This Davis-based nonprofit dance troupe brings professional performances by local elementary, middle and high school students. The performances at the Brunelle Performance Hall provided high-level choreography and production by students, parents and community volunteers committed to maintaining opportunities for young people to learn […]

California’s parks held hostage

Budget deficits have threatened California’s state parks — among the finest places with which nature has gifted this state — for several years, with annual threats to cut their operating budgets or even close them down. Under most plans, only those parks that produce enough revenue to pay for their own maintenance and ranger staffing […]