We may need to scale back our wish list

Five and a half months ago, on March 1, fearing the state was about to shut down all local redevelopment agencies, the Davis City Council, acting as the Davis Redevelopment Agency, borrowed $18 million by selling two series of bonds. They wanted the money for various infrastructure and investment projects, including funds to build a […]

Keeping his wife out of the loop

Dear Annie: “Ed” and I have been married for six months. He is a wonderful husband in every way except one: He refuses to discuss our financial situation with me. I know nothing about the mortgage payments, utility bills or insurance. I don’t even know Ed’s salary at his high-level government job. I have repeatedly […]

Questions about safety, reliability

Sacramento River water — safe and reliable? These are the words used by the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Project and two of our supervisors to describe the proposed use of river water. Regarding “safety,” Sacramento River water will have to be treated before it can be used for drinking water or even to dilute our treated […]

Here’s how to avoid rate hike

The city notice sent to all households shows proposed water-rate increases of factors near 3.5 over the next 4.5 years! These apply for both water usage and monthly meter charges, although the latter were funded long ago by a bond. Besides the large rate increases, the lower-rate, Tier 1 usage top decreases from 36 to […]

Aging anorexic needs to see doctor

Dear Annie: My mother-in-law has always had issues with her self-image and is borderline anorexic. Recently, Mom had surgery. As a result, she lost weight and has been unable to gain it back. She also suffers from depression, for which she takes medication. Recently, her mind has been slipping more and more, and she seems […]

The murky future of redevelopment agencies

It’s fair to say they did it to themselves. The future of California’s more than 400 municipal redevelopment agencies is completely unclear today, more than one month after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a budget enabling bill that threatened to eliminate them. Redevelopment agencies, usually called simply RDAs, previously existed unmolested since the 1960s, thriving on […]

Unsightly plastic bags, right here

Unless we drive to the ocean and dispose of our plastic bags there we’re probably not contributing directly to ocean pollution, but have you driven up Pole Line and then turned left at Covell? The number of plastic bags caught in the brush and fence by the field on that corner is remarkable for a […]

We need bipartisan compromise

The following is a copy of a letter sent to congressional leaders: Four of you, responsible for choosing the super committee that will propose solutions for the current economic and debt challenges facing our country, have the immediate future of our economy in your hands. I urgently appeal to you to resist the temptation to […]

Welcome, friends from Inuyama

Labor Day is coming and so, too, is a delegation of visitors from Davis’ sister city of Inuyama, Japan. The local Davis Friends of Inuyma (FOI) will welcome representatives from Inuyama, and with the help and generosity of FOI members and Davis merchants, will show them the best of Davis in a whirlwind four days. […]