Afghan strategy being rethought — again

The issue: The end of our longest war may be in sight President Barack Obama and his national-security team held their regular monthly meeting on Afghanistan on Monday, and a proposal for an accelerated drawdown of U.S. forces reportedly was on the table. WHEN THE PRESIDENT committed 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in December 2009, […]

How’s this for a Weiner roast?

I don’t want to be too hard on Anthony Weiner, as his recent exposure is but a bump in his otherwise modest political career. Perhaps he carried Teddy Roosevelt’s admonition to “speak softly and carry a big stick …” a bit too far. My guess is that the present media frenzy will peter out soon […]

Son taking advantage of mother?

Dear Annie: My father passed away a year ago. My brother, who lived closest, was entrusted to oversee my mother’s care. My siblings and I were all aware of the sacrifices Dad made to ensure my mother would be provided for. Their house is not paid off, but there is enough coming in monthly to […]

It’s more than just a TV show

The issue: ‘America’s Most Wanted’ has helped locate more than 100,000 missing children John and Reve Walsh could have gone into isolation and mourned the loss of their 6-year-old son, Adam, after he was abducted from a Sears store in Hollywood, Fla., in July 1981 and murdered. His partial remains were found two weeks later […]

Give the self-employed a break

Self-employed individuals pay both the employer and the employee contributions for Social Security and Medicare, usually 15.3 percent. The total earned income tax burden adds up to about 50 percent from federal, state and “self-employment” (Social Security plus Medicare) taxes. The simplest way to stimulate employment from the bottom up would be to make one-half […]

Is corn grain for cattle the culprit?

I am not a public health expert, but I have a gut feeling that I know what caused this recent E. coli outbreak in Europe. The strain is new, and antibiotic-resistant and more virulent than normal E. coli. My hypothesis is that the vegetables were contaminated by manure from cattle that were primarily fed corn […]

Daly City school board leads

On Wednesday, May 25, in Daly City, the Jefferson Elementary school board became the first school board to pass a resolution in favor of trading bombs for teachers. This is the resolution proposed by 25 Teachers’ Salaries, the grassroots campaign for public school funding that I started last July 4 in Davis. The school board […]

Conspiracy theories abound

Let’s see now. The attack on the Twin Towers was an inside job. The CIA assassinated John Kennedy. Elvis is still alive. The first moon landing was staged in a TV studio. And so forth, on and on. For some people, nothing is more fun than to believe the unbelievable. William Estabrook Davis

Iran is no nuclear threat

Jim Stevens recently wrote a letter that you published, invoking maximum fear of Iran as a threat to world peace, presumably because of nuclear weapons capability in the hands of irrational mullahs. He also argued to your readers that Iran’s military and alleged nuclear capability is a fundamental source of political instability in the world. […]

Birth certificate could be doctored

The Enterprise June 5 editorial addressed the Obama birth issue assuming all is well. The fact that President Obama was unwilling or unable to provide a birth certificate in response to a court order in August of 2008 and has avoided doing so for so long is really strange and suspicious. Any American born in […]

Missed Jungerman Hall coverage

I’m so disappointed that my favorite newspaper didn’t cover a wonderful event, Wednesday, June 1, right here on the UC Davis campus. The name of the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory building was changed to the John A. Jungerman Hall, in honor of a former director and a longtime Davis resident. Hundreds of people attended the ceremony in an outside […]

Commitment sought on Domes

I was pleased by the May 25 coverage of the rally and march to deliver letters of support for the Domes (“Residents hold out hope deal can save UCD’s Domes”). This sustainable and vibrant intentional community is still under threat of destruction this summer. As a recent alum of the Domes, I am not satisfied […]

Let’s be precise about killing

The Osama bin Laden story seems to go on forever. A few weeks ago, I suggested in The Enterprise that even if we need to kill we should at least not enjoy it. Although the topic is anything but poetic, please allow me to express my deep gratitude to your many gracious readers who took […]

Before college, consider the military

On Friday night, the Class of 2011 will graduate from Davis High School. They are the 84th class to receive Davis High diplomas. The first was in 1928. That group had 20 seniors — six boys and 14 girls. Only 1,200 people lived in Davis in 1928. This year’s much larger class — there are […]