She says she’s into him, but …

Dear Annie: You frequently print letters from husbands whose wives show no interest in sex, but I’ve never seen a problem like mine. My wife loves sex. However, she will never initiate it or act seductively. If I don’t initiate sex, it doesn’t happen. We can go for weeks without it. Yet when we are […]

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Single mom desperate for help

Dear Annie: I am a single mother of three, trying desperately to make ends meet. My paycheck is normally gone before I get back to work on Monday. I’ve been trying to find a part-time job to supplement my income, to no avail. Since my annual salary is right above the poverty line, I do […]

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Entering adulthood with eyes open

Dear Annie: I am 18 and had been seeing casually a 15-year-old girl who lives down the street. We were mostly friends, although she hinted that she wanted something more out of the relationship. When I turned 18, my father had a serious talk with me about the responsibilities associated with becoming a legal adult. […]

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By their bookshelves shall ye know them

Writers in the New Yorker Magazine have recently explored the topic of home libraries. Their question is, “How much can you learn about a person from the books he or she keeps?” When it comes to literary figures, this is an important line of inquiry, but it’s also interesting to ask about ordinary people—or yourself. […]

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Coming to you live, from the NBC Coliseum …

So help me God, had I not seen this with my own eyes (albeit nearly squeezed shut in horror), I wouldn’t have believed that anyone could be this desperate. This devoid of integrity. This pathetic. First, let me ask you: What is the price of your integrity? What line(s) would you never cross for money? […]

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Be firm with the doctor

Dear Annie: During a self-exam in March, I noticed a painful lump above my left breast. I was told repeatedly that painful lumps are rarely breast cancer, and that it was probably a benign fibroid. I was unable to get a doctor to take it seriously. During an appointment for another procedure, I insisted that […]

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Reconsider vote on restrooms

On the day after Halloween, three City Council members voted to massacre the 1937 Works Progress Administration-funded restrooms and storage building. Subsequent research reveals that faulty perceptions and lack of essential data clouded the majority’s logic. Here are reasons for a revote that creates instead an annex for the Hattie Weber Museum. Three flawed arguments […]

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An oil tax for education

Re: “Legislators demand campus change” in Thursday’s Enterprise The Legislature’s “pepper spray committee” that grilled university administrators, including UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, about campus police procedures seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon. It’s already clear that students have been subjected to brutal treatment and Katehi has demonstrated weak leadership. The Legislature’s chief responsibility […]

Don’t miss the Aggie women

The most exciting thing in campus sports right now is was highlighted in a great article in Wednesday’s Enterprise, “Backcourt spells trouble for UCD foes,” by Kim Orendor. She really got what currently makes Aggie women’s basketball so special. The diminutive, quick and ebullient Hana Asano has led the excitement on the UCD pressure defense […]

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Holiday bling can help schools

My wife and I grabbed some hot chocolate and parked our car on Henri Court last weekend to see the decorations. They were amazing. Marina Circle has some seriously impressive stuff as well. I think these skilled decorators should know that they could potentially win $100,000 for our school district just by uploading a photo […]

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No conflict between instruction, research

In his recent guest opinion, Sterling Chaykin makes a number of assertions regarding teaching and research at UC Davis, and on the basis of these proposes topics for action by students. As a member of the department that is the descendent of Chaykin’s home department when he was on the faculty at UCD, I take […]

Legislators need to step up

Here is the text of a message I recently sent to the California Senate Education Committee: I saw a report today of your questioning of Chancellor Linda Katehi over the recent pepper-spray incident at UC Davis, and was taken aback. The state Legislature has, decade after decade, steadily de-funded higher education in the state of […]

Our campus and community need restorative justice

By Robb Davis Everyone knows (or assumes they know) what happened in Davis on that Friday afternoon. (Given that it has all gone “viral,” there is no need to rehash the events here.) And most people have an idea about what needs to happen now. But do we really know what happened beyond what our […]