Breadth of experience for Maguire

The Superior Court judge articles (Sept. 21 and 30) in The Enterprise presented fair and balanced snapshots of both candidates running for Yolo Superior Court judge. If you believe the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office has carried out fair and professional administration of justice in every criminal case for Yolo County, then candidate Clinton Parish, […]

Don’t pit students and water

I read Reed Youmans’ letter to The Enterprise on Sunday with appreciation. His lifelong love for Davis and his optimism for the future are uplifting. Public debate is a cherished part of life here. County, city and school district policies reflect the values of the community and are strengthened by consideration of diverse perspectives. I […]

Two lousy vetoes mar record

Nine months into Jerry Brown’s third term as governor of California, there’s no doubt he’s made some courageous moves at the desk where he signs and vetoes bills passed by the Legislature. He OK’d the national popular vote measure previously nixed by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, assuring that California will help see to it that […]

Pakistan’s duplicitous intelligence service

The issue: The U.S. may need to hammer ISI and Haqqani strongholds until they stop attacking us and our Afghan allies Perhaps because Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, retired Sept. 30, he felt no need to respect the feelings of Pakistan or the U.S. State Department. He bluntly said that […]

Europeans bristle at Obama’s lectures

The issue: We can get on our high horse after we get our own country back on solid financial ground Americans have always been generous to other countries, and especially generous with advice — solicited or not. LAST WEEK, President Barack Obama observed that the 17 European nations in the eurozone had not only failed […]

Another reason not to join the Russian army

The issue: These appetizing incentives don’t seem to be working The Russian army is having a hard time filling its ranks with draftees. About half of all potential recruits never show up for induction. Bribes to obtain medical deferments are common, and there is no real social stigma attached to draft dodging. In fact, it […]

Iran says its warships will head for Jersey shore

The issue: 6,500 or so miles is a long way from home Remember those joint Russian-Venezuelan naval maneuvers of 2008? Hands? No? THE RUSSIAN FLEET consisted of a nuclear-powered missile cruiser, an antisubmarine vessel, a supply ship — and a tugboat, in case one of the other three broke down. The little fleet steamed around […]

Brace yourself for a budget train wreck

The issue: We’re limping along with temporary funding, with $1.5 trillion in recommended cuts on the horizon Congress is congratulating itself on narrowly averting a government shutdown last weekend. The temporary respite came when the House passed unanimously — if three lawmakers out of 435 can be considered a unanimous vote — a $2.7 billion […]

Drones give us an edge, for now

The issue: It is not unrealistic to think that an al-Qaida weapons maker is working on devising a jihadi drone Drones — remote-controlled, pilotless aircraft — have become, to use that overworked phrase, a game-changer in fighting terrorists. They have taken away the terrorists’ greatest tactical asset: the ability to hide in ruggedly remote areas, […]

Information key to helping yourself

Dear Annie: I am a former professional football player. During my career as a punter, I enjoyed stints on the Oilers, Lions and Ravens and led the NFL in the yards-per-punt average three times. I was even selected to play in the 1994 Pro Bowl. Despite my success on the field, life off the field […]

The truthiness of extracting wisdom teeth

By James R. Carey In this age of evidence-based health care, I was astonished to discover that the oral surgeon’s recommendation for removal of my 21-year-old daughter’s impacted wisdom teeth was not based on evidence, theory, logic or facts but rather on truthiness — the quality of being considered to be true because of what […]

College grad stuck in a rut

Dear Annie: My 26-year-old son graduated two years ago from a terrific university. During college, he lived on his own and had a girlfriend, but just before graduation, they broke up. My son had a hard time coping, and when he graduated, he came back to live at home. In those two years, he hasn’t […]