Speaker gets no help on debt showdown

The issue: Semantics may offer one way out on ‘revenue increases’ If House Speaker John Boehner can pull off an economically essential increase in the debt ceiling, accommodating Republican demands that it be achieved by spending cuts only and Democratic insistence that the cuts be offset by some revenue increases, the nation should perhaps declare […]

Counseling testimonials continue

Dear Readers: As promised, one more day on counseling: Dear Annie: Is counseling helpful? You bet. Every person sees a situation differently. Counselors give us a viewfinder into the other side so we can empathize and understand. They teach us that conflict is normal and healthy and give us the skills to fight fair. Counselors […]

Reuse or reject plastic bags

I’ve read competing views on the proposed plastic bag ban in Davis. Rather than banning plastic bags, I support educating folks about the environmental effects of plastic bags. To this end, please see the accompanying photo of an adult California gull with a plastic bag wrapped around its neck. I found this gull a few […]

City Council takes the first step

The issue: Addressing spiraling pension, medical benefits is the key The Davis City Council took a step forward last week toward reining in city personnel costs. In addition to approving a balanced budget for 2011-12 — closing a $789,000 general fund deficit by shuttering Community Pool and eliminating several positions in the Police and Fire […]

Watching ‘Through Their Eyes’

Thank you, Davis community, for your support of the “Through Their Eyes” fundraiser. It was an evening full of fine food, great music and wonderful people who came to Central Park to support the event. All of the proceeds will go toward the production of the film, which aims to help orphans in Nepal. A […]

Fireworks don’t give enough bang for the buck

* Editor’s note: Debra is taking the weekend off. This column originally ran on June 28, 2004. Ah, the memories. All these fireworks stands popping up in parking lots remind me of when my kids were little and I did my time in the fireworks booths, helping to raise funds for Little League and the […]

Costly wars suck treasury dry

Recently, a group of scholars at Brown University, including a number of economists, have used whatever data are available to estimate the total financial cost of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (see http://costsofwar.org). The figure they have come up with is about $4 trillion. This is roughly $50,000 per American family. Could this […]

Davis Music Fest a huge success

Big thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the shows last Saturday! Without your support, this would have been a one-and-done, failed experiment. Fortunately, local music fans are alive and kicking and we intend to provide a similarly styled festival again in 2012. As organizer, I’ve been the face of this thing for the […]

A tripling of water rates? That’s an understatement

Learn more The city of Davis is hosting community outreach meetings to answer residents’ questions about proposed rate hikes. The increases will help fund a surface water project that would pump water from the Sacramento River and reduce Davis’ reliance on groundwater. Davis is partnering with Woodland on the project. Meetings are planned: * July 14: 7 […]

AB 52 is the wrong medicine for California health care

By Garry Maisel At Western Health Advantage, we have worked with local community members, business owners, doctors and hospitals for the past 12 years to find ways to streamline costs and ensure affordable access to care for the region. The results have been high patient satisfaction and more affordable premium options for our clients. We […]

Real patriots pay their taxes

By Scott Klinger and Holly Sklar Some of our nation’s biggest corporations are planning a tax holiday and they want you to pick up the tab. Actually, you already pay for their routine tax avoidance through the use of tax havens in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and elsewhere. These accounting acrobatics cost the U.S. Treasury […]

What do you think: What would our Founding Fathers say about America today?

Moret Webster city of Davis employee, Davis: “I think they’d be disappointed because we’ve strayed so far from Christian values.” Lynn Shields housewife, Davis: “We have so much to be grateful for in our beautiful country. I think they founded this country based on their faith in God and they’d be sad that God is […]