Not interested anymore

Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our early 50s. We have been married for one year and have not been intimate for six months. Until he transferred to a second-shift job, our bedroom was exciting. Now I’m not allowed to touch him. Anything more than a hug and he pushes me away. I […]

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What do you think of Gov. Brown’s tax proposal?

Emma Luna local artist, Davis: “We need more revenue to pay for our school system, and the rich need to be taxed more.” Enriqueta Valdez professor, Davis: “I would say yes because I think people who make less than ($250,000 annually) pay more taxes right now.” Vy Nguyen student, Davis: “We don’t have enough money, […]

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Not too late to do right

The Davis City Council has a chance Tuesday to reverse course in its handling of the DACHA debacle and begin steering in the right direction. Instead of opposing Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation and Neighborhood Partners LLC as it has done for years, the city should applaud and support these two remarkable entities for their great […]

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Keep Davis Diamonds in town

Sometimes when I drive past unknown places on the freeway, I look around and imagine what it would be like to live there. Sometimes this is scary. Sometimes I imagine charming downtowns with friendly people. What do people imagine when they drive by Davis? Well, the Mondavi Center is beautiful (or it will be again […]

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We gave permission for trail

Gerald Hartwig’s concerns with the Berryessa Peak trail are erroneous. This trail only crosses public lands and our private ranch property on a recorded trail easement that we donated to Napa County. In fact, the Napa Regional Parks Commission and John Woodbury (who works in the Napa County Planning Department) worked closely with the easement […]

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We’re staying off his land

Gerald Hartwig’s recent letter to the editor regarding “hiking extremists” is factually incorrect. Hartwig charges that a trail project under construction in Napa County is trespassing on his land. This is incorrect. Tuleyome obtained confirmation of Hartwig’s property corner from Hartwig himself and identified it in the field using reference markers provided by Hartwig. We […]

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Use endowment to freeze tuition

By Joel I. Friedman and Walter Leal The following is a proposal to UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi: We are convinced that much can be done to alleviate current student unrest if we meet one of their most compelling demands: a commitment to freeze, or even better, to substantially reduce annual student tuition. With this […]

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Dad keeps the kids around

Dear Annie: I am in a relationship with a widower. He is a thoughtful person and works two jobs. His two adult sons live in his home with their girlfriends. Neither of the boys pays rent. Nor do they buy groceries or cleaning supplies. They never offer to take their father out to dinner or […]

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Truly blessed to be an American

I would like express my great appreciation to those wonderful kids from the Patwin Elementary School Chorus and their teachers, Katie Henry and Laura Sandage, for their beautiful opening of the Martin Luther King celebration at the Varsity Theatre on Monday. While listening to them, I could not help the tears in my eyes. I […]

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Positive, exciting downtown vision

As a downtown retailer, I applaud Councilman Dan Wolk for clearly enunciating a positive, exciting vision for our downtown, and for committing to achieving the vision. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Rosalie Paine Davis

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Stealing our secret ballot right

In a recent column, Bob Dunning raises the question that he cannot tell the difference between an absentee ballot and an all-vote-by-mail ballot. Article 2, Section 7 of the California Constitution establishes that a citizen in California is entitled to a right to vote by “secret ballot.” When you vote absentee, you make the choice […]

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