California’s parks held hostage

Budget deficits have threatened California’s state parks — among the finest places with which nature has gifted this state — for several years, with annual threats to cut their operating budgets or even close them down. Under most plans, only those parks that produce enough revenue to pay for their own maintenance and ranger staffing […]

Obama maps route out of Afghanistan

The issue: Goals announced with December 2009 surge have largely been achieved In laying out his plan for a way forward in Afghanistan, President Barack Obama split the difference between the advice of his military commanders and the political imperatives of a Congress and an electorate increasingly weary of the war’s cost and duration. The […]

Consider what water is worth

Proposed water rate increases Let’s get some perspective on proposed rate increases for water and sewer. Our water bills have been relatively low for decades, but we cannot realistically expect them to remain that low in the future. Few people stop to think about what it takes to deliver reliable, high-quality water to your tap […]

For the record

Due to an editing error, Paul Brady and Kathleen Flaherty’s letter, published Sunday, contained incorrect information about retirement benefits granted to city of Davis employees. The Davis Fire Department employees’ retirement deal was changed to 3 percent at 50 years old in September 2000, Police Department employees were changed to 3 percent at 50 in […]

Tired of the old boy

Dear Annie: I’m a young woman who is living at home for the summer before moving away in the fall. Here’s my dilemma: Several months ago, I excitedly arranged for my long-distance boyfriend to live with my family and get work nearby. Unfortunately, now that he’s here, I find that I simply don’t want to […]

School spirit comes in many forms

As the parent of a soon-to-be high school freshman, it’s probably natural to think a lot about college. It’s not some far-off, unimaginable time any more, but rather a mere four years from now. Gulp. Like most things, it’s difficult to separate yourself from personal experience. If you loved college, it’s natural to think your […]

Please preserve our community of interest

The following letter, signed by more than 100 Yolo County residents, was submitted Monday to the California Citizens Redistricting Commission. “Between the river and the range is Yolo. This is not only a poetical but is a geographical fact, as the county’s eastern line is the Rio Sacramento and its western wall is a chain […]

Wal-Mart ruling a setback for broad class actions

The issue: There has to be a better judicial mechanism to resolve plausible claims of widespread discrimination The Supreme Court handed Wal-Mart, and other large employers facing class-action suits, a huge victory last week. The aggrieved workers who filed the suit didn’t fare quite so well. OVERTURNING an appeals court, the justices unanimously ruled that […]

Keeping things separate

Dear Annie: I have been dating “Jeff” for three years. He has two teenage kids from a prior marriage. During the first two years, I understood that he did separate activities with his children, but I now feel he should include me in more than the occasional dinner. Jeff claims he wants us to be […]

Doesn’t feel like helping

Dear Annie: I need to know how to handle my father, who is mean and hateful toward me. I am 52, and my earliest memories are of this man physically and emotionally abusing me. When I was 10, he would kick me across the yard, call me “tramp” and “slut,” and say I would never […]

AARP is just a business

AARP does not speak for me or virtually any retired or retirement-age person I know. Its stated position to consider how cuts to Social Security and Medicare should be “phased in slowly, over time, and would not affect any current or near-term beneficiaries” exposes its true agenda, which is to market its product line to […]

Don’t play games with tax funds

A week or so ago, I read in The Davis Enterprise that the school board had set dates for an election to renew school funding Measures W and Q. The article also mentioned that a third vice principal (half-time) position was being funded by Measure A funds under the category of increasing school safety and […]

Keep doors closed on hot days

Forever 21 seems to feel that leaving its doors open during hot weather is OK despite having their air conditioning on. This seems outrageous, given foreign oil, global warming and common sense. If the city of Davis can’t get corporately owned stores to at least close their doors on hot days, who can? By the […]