Letter to the UC Davis Police

Dear Editor, This is the letter I sent to the UC Davis Police Chief. Dear Ms. Spicuzza, I am writing an email as a concerned Davis resident over the actions of your police department. I find it incredibly disturbing that passive protesters were pepper sprayed at point blank range. I listened to your comments on […]

Response from a UCD alumnus

Dear Editor: The following is a copy of an email I sent to Chancellor Katehi today: Dear Chancellor Katehi, Greetings! I am a year-2000 UCD alumnus, with a degree in political science and an individual minor in environmental policy analysis. I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Florida. My years at UC-Davis […]

The chancellor should resign

The Nov. 18 pepper-spraying of the peaceful Occupy UC Davis protesters on the campus Quad is by now appropriately infamous. After watching the videos circulating online, I could not contain my disgust. I cannot help but compare in my mind the actions of the UC Davis police to the brutal suppression of peaceful protesters that […]

To the chancellor

Dear Chancellor, Your handling of the recent campus protest amounts to a catastrophic educational failure, making you unfit to continue as chancellor. While your intentions and your decisions may have seemed in your own mind to be sound and appropriate to the situation, they were in fact extremely mistaken and inappropriate. You may have not known nor anticipated […]

Shameful police treatment of UCD protesters

I am ashamed, sickened and disgusted by the tactics employed by the Davis and UCD police. The pepper-spraying of passive protesters is a gross abuse by these officers, whom I pay to protect people and their constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of assembly. This gross abuse merits the investigation and punishment of the […]

I’m sending donations elsewhere

I had been thinking about contributing to the campus recently, as my finances have improved. However, due to the recent actions by Chancellor Linda Katehi and UC Davis Police Chief Annette Spicuzza in permitting Lt. John Pike to illegally pepper-spray students, the funding will not be forthcoming. I fear that this illegal activity against students […]

The curious case of the missing bird

My husband is our Thanksgiving chef and the family that gathers to enjoy his meal now numbers in the mid-20s. When our oven could no longer hold a turkey large enough to feed everyone, he started buying two turkeys and cooking one outdoors. This allows him to strut his stuff. One turkey is conventional; the […]

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Bring Black Friday home or boycott it entirely

Two months into the Occupy Wall Street movement and if it doesn’t unravel because of the chaos and violence, it will when the cold winter weather sets in. But that doesn’t mean the energy behind it has to chill too. It’s great timing, actually, because like anything else, if the Occupy movement is to survive, […]

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Pepper spraying was an overreaction

The issue: Police action on UC Davis Quad went beyond necessary force We add our voice to the growing chorus of members of the Davis and UC Davis communities who are deeply concerned about the pepper-spraying of protesters Friday on the university Quad. Watch the video. Look at the photographs. Read the account of what, […]

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Violence is not appropriate

The following letter was signed by a group of UC Davis faculty and staff and sent to Chancellor Linda Katehi: We are saddened and disappointed by the way that the university decided to handle the removal of the students’ encampment on the Quad on Friday afternoon. Until now, we used to take pride in the […]

Outrageous response by chancellor

The following is a copy of a letter to UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi: I was forwarded your letter to the UC Davis campus community, included below. Your response is inadequate and deceptive. You state, “We are saddened to report that during this activity, 10 protesters were arrested and pepper spray was used.” The passive voice does not […]

Calm tactics urged with Davis group

The following is a copy of a letter to the Davis City Council: Please instruct the Davis police chief to use calm, deliberate tactics in any confrontation with unarmed demonstrators, particularly the Occupy Davis camp in the Davis Central Park. It is possible to be forceful without inflicting bodily harm. In the early 1970s the city […]

Uphold Principles of Community

The memories I have as an alumna of UC Davis are suddenly shattered by the images of police violence against peaceful protesters, students just like us — trusting that their campus would be a place where they could speak their minds and their hearts without fear of oppression and brutality. The UC Davis I attended […]

Students were no threat

When I was watching video of UC Davis police spraying pepper spray on Occupy UCD students, I was so upset I was shaking. What kind of police can do such a horrible thing to innocent, peaceful students? The officer who used pepper spray is a coward. Pepper spray should be used only to control violent […]