Generosity has its limits

Dear Annie: I have always been a generous person. I have allowed my brother, niece, nephew and now mother-in-law to live with me on a temporary basis in order to get their lives together. This hasn’t been easy, and I have tried to deal with them in the calmest possible way, but somehow they always […]

Mother neglects son’s needs

Dear Annie: I’m having a difficult time dealing with my adult stepdaughter, “Daphne.” Last year, Daphne threatened to kill herself and we had to take custody of our 3-year-old grandson to prevent Child Protective Services from putting him in foster care. It’s not the first time they’ve taken her son away. Daphne completed the necessary […]

‘Game reserve’ questions pop up

I am not sure how “conservatives” crawled into Vashek Cervinka’s analogy of “jungle,” “game reserve” and “zoo.” Let’s look at this along a line of chaos to tyranny; the jungle is “chaos” and the zoo is “tyranny.” Most of us would want to be somewhere in the middle, the “game reserve.” A couple of questions […]

Consider adopting a forever friend

The price is right at the Yolo County Animal Shelter during its May adoption event, May 24-28. For the already discounted fee of $55 for cats or $75 for dogs, you can have a forever friend. Furthermore, during the adoption process if you choose the right “door,” the adoption fee will be further discounted to […]

Nothing routine about space travel

The issue: We have reaffirmed our nation’s penchant for looking beyond the ordinary Endeavour lifted off last Monday in a near-perfect launch, the next-to-the last for the 30-year-old space shuttle program. The last flight, Atlantis, is scheduled for July. OVER THE DECADES since President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Space Act, officially creating the National Aeronautics […]

Feeding senior citizens is a moral imperative

By Enid Borden If you are reading this while eating your dinner, here is a hard fact to swallow: Six million senior citizens in America face the threat of hunger. That is one in nine. Yes, in the richest nation on Earth, many seniors are struggling to survive without proper nutrition. Now, add to that the […]

Lasting legacy of Vince Forcella

The board and staff of the Davis Cemetery District would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful community legacy left by the late Vincent Forcella during his 30-plus years of service as our cemetery superintendent. From invisible infrastructure to renewal of neglected family copings to unique mounded flower beds, Vince laid the foundations for […]

Learn this lesson from history

Yesterday, a cold feeling ran down my spine as I read that for the first time a president of the United States demanded publicly that Israel accept its borders of 1967 as a starting point for peace negotiations with the Palestinians. The president of the USA has adopted the Palestinians’ opening demand. In September 1938, […]

Thanks for help with lost dog

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the kind people who saw our lost dog on campus near Hutchison Hall on Friday morning and made sure that she was delivered safely home to us by the Police Department. She had fled in panic at the first of the fireworks on Thursday night, and […]

Grief, Facebook and propriety

Dear Annie: I’m 20 years old, and lately, I’ve been catching a lot of criticism about my Facebook page. My grandfather passed away, and I updated my status to say that he is loved and deeply missed. People offered condolences and support. My father thought it was wrong for people to find out on Facebook. […]

Don’t miss the student compositions

Rejoice! For Monday will again bring us that inestimable annual musical event, the Empyrean Ensemble’s performance of UC Davis graduate student compositions. Among the art previews of Wednesday’s paper, the reader unfamiliar with the merits of this concert will find described all the details and virtues necessary to draw the most reclusive from their evening […]

What will you believe in the post-Rapture world?

So. You’re still here? Yeah, me too. I mean, I’m assuming that I am, as it’s still only Friday morning as I write this column. But I’ll hazard a guess that my clothes aren’t in a little pile on a sidewalk somewhere right about now. Apparently yours aren’t either. Whew, right? I mean either way […]

Obama plans ‘new chapter’ in Mideast, North Africa

The issue: There’s an acknowledgement of how truly limited the U.S. is in trying to influence unscripted events Speaking Thursday at the U.S. State Department, President Barack Obama promised to open “a new chapter in American diplomacy” in the Mideast and North Africa. He was responding to the “Arab Spring,” the rolling series of mass […]