Can’t get over this overtime thing

Dear Annie: I work in a small office with two other people. The office was understaffed to begin with, and my boss is now undergoing chemotherapy and is out two weeks of every month. Then my co-worker decided to retire. As a result, I had to work a fair amount of overtime in our busiest […]

Slamming reviewer lacks manners

I always enjoy the insightful Enterprise theater reviews by Bev Sykes and look forward to reading many more of them. Bev brings an extensive background in theater and writing to her job. I also thought that the additional review of “Miss Saigon” by Ann and Amanda Bistolfo was of interest for its different points of […]

Make bike safety a priority

Happy New (School) Year! Davis schools are back in session. This is a good time to take a moment as a community to remember that the safety of our children is in our hands. Please, drive slowly and carefully near schools especially during drop-off and pickup times. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous driving maneuvers […]

How about real suggestions?

Matthew Hoh’s “Special to the Enterprise” on Sunday, Aug. 21, bore the title, “Time to bring the troops home.” But for the life of me I can’t discern anything he adds to the strategy discussion of how and how swiftly, to withdraw from Afghanistan responsibly. I gladly credit Hoh for his public service in Afghanistan; he […]

Better water is needed, now

By Ed Schroeder In mid-2008, my faculty colleague, George Tchobanoglous, and I were asked by the Davis City Council to review the city’s Water Resources Master Plan. George is currently out of the country and therefore comments in this piece are mine alone. The council was particularly interested in responses to two questions: Do alternative […]

Summitt’s brave fight against inevitable defeat

The issue: We hope the venerable Tennessee coach battles Alzheimer’s as long as she can Society has a long tradition of dealing with certain diseases by simply not mentioning them. It wasn’t all that long ago that cancer was never mentioned as a cause of death in newspaper obituaries. The deceased, as it were, died […]

The Arab Spring: And then there was one

The issue: It’s dangerous to underestimate a dictator like Syria’s Assad These must be lonely times for Syria’s Bashar Assad. When he tries to phone Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak or Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, he gets no answer, or if he does, it’s a voice he doesn’t recognize. Likely when he tries to call […]

Not letting the bedbugs bite

Dear Annie: My husband’s mother lives three hours away, not far from his sister and her family. The problem is, my sister-in-law has had a bedbug infestation for more than a year. She has sprayed the mattresses and covered them with plastic, but won’t hire a professional. Six months ago, she got new mattresses and […]

Husband enjoying business trips

Dear Annie: I recently discovered that my husband has a secret email address and has been meeting women while on business trips. In the past year, he has emailed seven different women. When I vaguely questioned him, he changed his upcoming dates of travel and his hotel. I finally confronted him, and he told me […]

Role reversal for daughter

Dear Annie: My mom has become a handful, and I don’t know what to do about her. I am a grown woman, and I feel like I’m raising a teenager. Mom had some financial problems and came to live with me 18 months ago. She helps with some bills when she can, but mostly, I […]

All the fun and revelry of the Middle Ages, minus the plague

Some people dream of white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and pink sunsets for their vacations, others of dancing and fine dining on a posh cruise ship. Me, I dream of slogging through sticky, stinky mud in layers of heavy, unwieldy and frequently uncomfortable clothing in the crushing summer Pennsylvania heat, the air so thick […]

Parvo a serious threat to dogs

Puppies are a blessing and a wonderful addition to a household. Unfortunately, a disease known as parvo is lurking in the environment — especially this summer in Yolo County — and can be devastating to their health. Proper prevention (most importantly vaccination) is vital to keep this disease at bay. Parvo is a highly contagious […]

Woodland-Davis water project is all wet

By Walter E. Sadler As a rate payer, I have no objections to considering surface water as a future component of the city of Davis’ water supply. I do, however, have serious objections to the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Project as currently proposed; it has serious flaws. I will not support it. The project as proposed […]

Davis needs a sustainable water supply

By Joe Krovoza and Stephen Souza Davis’ water system is not sustainable. Not the supply. Not the quality. Not environmentally. Our system of groundwater aquifers for source water and wastewater treatment pond systems, built in 1972, have served us well. But, we must face the fact that our rural groundwater system was not designed to […]