King, Einstein were Israel supporters

The recent column by Mikos Fabersunne (Thursday) contains so many misstatements that it is impossible to answer all of them within the confines of a letter. Here I address only two of his claims. Fabersunne writes that it is a “hoax” to portray Martin Luther King Jr. as a supporter of Zionism, and that Albert […]

Apartheid? Just look at the facts

Enterprise readers have been treated to a diatribe in which Mikos Fabersunne exhibits his hard-core contempt for the only free, democratic nation in the Near East, Israel. He trots out the by-now notorious falsehoods and slanders fashionable with the anti-Israel crowd, in a way remarkably belligerent for such a self- pronounced proponent of nonviolence. He […]

Writer relies on absurd information

We in the local community of supporters of Israel must be doing something right in presenting a positive case for the validity of Israel as a democratic, peace-seeking nation that wants a two-state solution. Why else would Mikos Fabersunne get so exercised about a quarter-page ad and letter, both in The Enterprise, to issue an opinion […]

Let’s get the facts straight

In Thursday’s Forum section of The Enterprise, Mikos Fabersunne again vents his hatred of Jews by demonizing Israel and glorifying Palestinians with a series of untruths, showing his lack of knowledge. One glaring example of this is his reporting of the horrific murders of the Fogel family. He claims these heinous murders probably were committed […]

Tax helps build strong foundation

Davis and Da Vinci High School students excel in many areas. Recent examples include selection of the Jazz Band to compete at the Monterey Next Generation Music Festival, accolades for our choral groups at international music festivals, the recent Robotics Club regional victory propelling them on to national competition, awards in debate and math competitions, […]

Measure A all the way!

The economic blow that has struck our nation is not a reason to further bash our schools. In Davis, for the past 40 years, we have rallied and stood behind our belief that a solid public education is worth fighting for. We have made the best out of conditions forced on us by a minority-run […]

All deserve a rich education

Davis is special. But Davis is no more special than any other city with kids. Driving through our town, I see kids playing soccer and baseball in our parks with countless volunteer coaches. I see teens carefully balancing cellos and clarinets on their handlebars. I see kids giggling to run out to anxious parents after […]

Seniors care enough to sacrifice

I seriously doubt that more than a handful of middle-class seniors in Davis request exemptions from property assessments such as the Measure A proposal. I daresay that many seniors in reduced circumstances pay such taxes because they care about this town and its future populace and are willing to sacrifice as did their elders in […]

School funding is a state effort

I think I’ll be voting no on Measure A. One grandchild lives here, the other is in Paso Robles. While neither is of school age yet, they both should receive an equal education. This requires a statewide effort. It shouldn’t matter WHERE kids live. Eric Thompson Davis

Here’s why I’m voting no on A

Bob Dunning wrote on March 26 that opponents to Measure A, the additional tax for schools, are mostly “lying low.” Let me stand up and give several reasons to vote against the school tax. * It’s very regressive and unfair. The person with a small, relatively inexpensive home in the older core pays the same […]

Wife tired of the charade

Dear Annie: My husband and I own a business together that would collapse if we divorced. The business is starting to prosper after several years of debt and difficulties. At this point, we cannot afford to rock the boat, as we surely would not survive financially. We also have two teenagers at home, and the […]

Tax vote has readers riled up

Wow. Between Measure A, the senior exemption, the proposed ban on plastic grocery bags and Christmas trees that sprout from the gutter in spring, the mailbox has been filled to overflowing. Writes Ken at “Dear Bob — The two-thirds vote requirement on tax increases ought to be abolished. It’s odd that it has not […]

Mom tries to cut the cord

Dear Annie: I am ready for the loony farm. Both of my adult sons are back at home, one with his child. My husband retired last year. I am still working. One son, “Matt,” contributes toward rent and household chores, but the other, “Joe,” sits like a bump on a log and does nothing. I’m […]

There are so many sources for my weekly disappointment

Every week, I aim for a perfect Express. And every week, I’m disappointed. Several factors: simple, garden variety obsessive compulsiveness; trying to function in a never-ending stream of distractions, particularly when I’m highly distracti- …  Oooh, sparkly!!!; other people and their drama, random power outages and computer crashes, and advertising staff who don’t understand why […]