Income tax falls unevenly on rich and poor

Perhaps as an incentive for the rest of us to work harder and earn more, the Internal Revenue Service marked Tax Day by telling us that the 400 best-paid Americans had an adjusted income of $345 million. Nice work if you can get it. THEIR AVERAGE federal income tax rate was 17 percent, down from […]

Debt dispute shakes confidence in U.S.

The issue: The results could choke off our economic recovery, drive up interest rates and, by doing so, add even further to the deficit The clichés came in gusts: Warning shot. Wake-up call. Alarm bell. The clichés were right. Standard & Poor’s, for the first time in 70 years of rating creditworthiness, changed its outlook […]

Cutting off the booze is the only solution

The mail, as they say, has been both anguished and angry. Everyone, it seems, has a different take on our once-beloved celebration known as Picnic Day. One impassioned email said simply: “Please help save Picnic Day.” Another said it’s finally time to call it quits. And yet another staked out a middle ground of a […]

Neighborhood watch gets overzealous

Dear Annie: We have lived for six years in a lovely neighborhood and have great neighbors on both sides. My wife and I travel extensively, often for months, and both neighbors, “Jim” and “John,” have keys to our house and keep an eye on things, reporting to us via e-mail even when our grown children […]

LETTERS: Measure A deserves approval

Measure A deserves approval For the first time I sent my ballot by mail, as required, to vote YES on Measure A. Formerly I did not even read school ballots but voted automatically in favor of school improvements; now I read before I vote, for some ballots are so cleverly worded that they mean the […]

Picnic Day headline misleading

Sunday’s headline, “Tragedy mars festive Picnic Day,” was misleading. Absolutely, Scott Heinig’s injury was tragic. However, associating that off-campus event or any other party mishaps with Picnic Day after the campus’ festivities ended is poor journalism and unfair. The rest of the story basically painted a picture of a successful and joyous Picnic Day. One […]

Be honest about Picnic Day

As with last year’s event, we had a high number of police calls, citations, arrests and general mayhem descend upon our town on Picnic Day. Unlike last year, we had fewer fights and assaults, and, thanks to the increased police presence, better control of the mayhem. We also had a tragic death this year. In […]

Davis, you get what you pay for

It’s interesting to hear the reasons against Measure A. Other communities aren’t doing this, so we shouldn’t either (hmm), the Board of Education mistreated a coach (very true, and not one will get my vote), inappropriate mailings were sent out by the superintendent (can we fire him?), the quality of the schools doesn’t keep house […]

A secure water future is ahead

By Bill Marble With reservoirs filling and water allocations increasing, it’s a great time to reflect on and celebrate recent milestones in achieving a sustainable high-quality water supply for Davis, Woodland and UC Davis. By 2016, surface water from the Sacramento River largely will replace the degrading groundwater supplies which are currently our only source […]

Debt fight risks big damage to the dollar

The issue: The world is watching as debt ceiling deadline approaches next month Since the end of World War II, the U.S. dollar has functioned as the world’s reserve currency. International transactions are valued in dollar terms. Many commodities, like oil, are priced in dollars. U.S. Treasury bonds are a safe haven for other countries’ […]

Tragic death unrelated to Picnic Day

A COMMUNITY TRAGEDY … in this close-knit town, even those of us who did not know former Davis High and Aggie baseball star Scott Heinig feel as if we know him now … and we feel the loss, too, though certainly not as deeply or profoundly as those who knew him well and have been […]

A danger to herself and others

Dear Annie: My mother is bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies. My childhood was difficult. Days consisted of her drinking, gambling, being promiscuous and inviting homeless people to live with us. Mom would have conversations with herself for hours and roam the yard naked. She tore down walls and did things that made no sense, like gathering […]

Don’t spend my tax money on this

Recently, an article appeared in your paper regarding KDVS, UC Davis’ radio station, and their acquisition of Al-Jazeera’s broadcasting. It was especially telling when the program director stated that “after reading of Al-Jazeera’s problems with getting on the air in the U.S. that taking on Al-Jazeera would be unique for our market and in line with our KDVS […]

Neighbors decry mosque vandalism

The Oeste Manor Neighborhood Association has learned that that the Islamic Center, on the corner of Russell Boulevard and South Campus Drive, has been vandalized several times in the recent past. The original copper crescent from the mosque rooftop was stolen, as were two replacements. Vandals have smashed seven ceramic planters behind the building and […]