All the fun and revelry of the Middle Ages, minus the plague

Some people dream of white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and pink sunsets for their vacations, others of dancing and fine dining on a posh cruise ship. Me, I dream of slogging through sticky, stinky mud in layers of heavy, unwieldy and frequently uncomfortable clothing in the crushing summer Pennsylvania heat, the air so thick […]

Parvo a serious threat to dogs

Puppies are a blessing and a wonderful addition to a household. Unfortunately, a disease known as parvo is lurking in the environment — especially this summer in Yolo County — and can be devastating to their health. Proper prevention (most importantly vaccination) is vital to keep this disease at bay. Parvo is a highly contagious […]

Woodland-Davis water project is all wet

By Walter E. Sadler As a rate payer, I have no objections to considering surface water as a future component of the city of Davis’ water supply. I do, however, have serious objections to the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Project as currently proposed; it has serious flaws. I will not support it. The project as proposed […]

Davis needs a sustainable water supply

By Joe Krovoza and Stephen Souza Davis’ water system is not sustainable. Not the supply. Not the quality. Not environmentally. Our system of groundwater aquifers for source water and wastewater treatment pond systems, built in 1972, have served us well. But, we must face the fact that our rural groundwater system was not designed to […]

Have water options been studied?

I’m mystified that Claudia Krich finds “voting by parcel” unethical. Why shouldn’t someone who owns 35 houses and therefore pays 35 city utility bills not have 35 votes? How would one vote for them be more ethical? Why is it unethical to give protest votes to someone who doesn’t live in Davis? Not living in […]

No ugly and unsafe towers here

I know a number of Davis homeowners who can’t accept the blatant “anything for business” attitude of the telecommunication companies that are trying to force ugly and unsafe towers into Davis’ usually serene and beautiful environs. The homeowners, many with children’s safety to be concerned about, are distressed enough to set up a booth at […]

What do you think: What was the highlight of your summer?

Jenny Zuniga student, Davis: “Salsa Night at The Grad.” Amber Garcia student, Davis: “River rafting. It was pretty great.” Felipe Sibrian food industry worker, Woodland: “Hanging out with my family.” Alan Humason executive director of the Yolo County Visitors Bureau, Davis: “Completing the 105-mile Livestrong challenge ride.” Tom Van Der List student, Davis: “Next week, […]

Is there a good time to be hurtful?

Dear Annie: How do we deal with our sister “Michelle” who says and emails hurtful things to each of us at the most inopportune times? I have three other sisters. “Debbie” called me this evening in tears. She recently spent a week in the hospital after surgery on her leg. She’s now in a rehabilitation […]

Do we really need more parking?

It has recently come to my attention that the city is proposing to build a parking structure between Steve’s Pizza and the Bank of America. I wasn’t aware we had a parking problem there. Even on the weekends, I have been able to find a parking spot in that location. We don’t need to build a […]

Bicycle safety is important

I was very glad to see the article in Wednesday’s issue about the bicycle safety event Saturday at the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. With the number of young as well as older bicyclists we have in Davis, this will be a valuable service, and one would hope it won’t be the only time presented. Last June, you ran […]

Act now on water, save money

On my way home from work today I heard a news story on the radio about how the city of Sausalito has been able to save $2 million out of the budgeted cost of $16 million for a city construction project. The savings are to be returned to the taxpayers who funded the construction. I […]

Market booths come with fees, rules

Bob Dunning should check out the rules for setting up a booth at the Davis Farmers Market. Yes, it’s on public land, but there is a “stall fee” paid by the vendor, as well as a list of rules many pages long. “Roach coaches” don’t need to pay for use of the streets, parking lots […]

Davis needs surface water project

I would like to thank our City Council members for taking on the important issue of Davis’ water supply. I can’t remember the last time I drank or served water straight from the tap in my home or ordered it at any Davis restaurant. What I do remember are the mineral deposits that I can’t […]

Delay only hikes the cost

Water used to be “a free good” and it is not anymore. Anyone opposing the water rate vote is facing even higher bills for and from the city if we delay; all the other options are higher-cost, and lower-quality. It’s a lose-lose. We had this discussion about gasoline in 1973. Jon Li Davis