Tax supporters pay it forward

Truly, there’s much to be ambivalent about in Measure A. While it’s too late for this one, how about, in the future, a financial opt-out rather than an age opt-out? The unemployed and those under water on their homes are the ones who need that choice. My kids have been the beneficiaries of others who […]

Picnic Day headline misleading

Sunday’s headline, “Tragedy mars festive Picnic Day,” was misleading. Absolutely, Scott Heinig’s fatal injury was tragic. However, associating that off-campus event or any other party mishaps with Picnic Day after the campus’ festivities ended is poor journalism and unfair. The rest of the story basically painted a picture of a successful and joyous Picnic Day. […]

Landing the last space shuttles

The issue: Many sites missed out on the NASA tourist attractions NASA administrator Charles Bolden can likely sympathize with Abraham Lincoln’s observation on patronage: For every job you fill, you’ve created 50 enemies and one ingrate. Bolden was tasked with finding homes for the United States’ last four space shuttles, three that flew orbital missions […]

Say yes to Measure A, for kids’ health

By Kathy Glatter As the parent of two schoolchildren, I support Measure A. Coming here 10 years ago as newlyweds, we had bought our first house here and then had two little boys. We’ve come to love the easy bike paths and family-friendly atmosphere of Davis. My kids’ school, North Davis Elementary, is a fantastic […]

Boss’ daughter rocks the boat

Dear Annie: I have worked many years in a small family-owned business. One of the owner’s children recently graduated from a prominent university and is now employed here. This kid has an opinion on everything and is quite the gossip, constantly criticizing the other employees and clients. She shares these tirades with me, as our […]

Like this isn’t ending badly anyway

Dear Annie: My good friend “Lara” is three months pregnant with her third child. She recently confided in me that she purposely didn’t use birth control. She told her husband, “Joe,” that the pregnancy was “an accident.” The problem is, my husband played golf with Joe and told me how upset Joe is. He and […]

Many factors go into the Measure A decision

I would never suggest to anyone in the Second Most Educated City in America how they should vote on a particular issue. Measure A is no exception. I am, however, willing to share what’s going through my mind as I sit down at the kitchen table to cast my ballot in what has become a […]

One solution to the snoring problem

Dear Annie: You told “Upset,” whose husband has no interest in sex, to have his testosterone level checked. Because “Upset” specifically mentioned their sleeping apart was due to his serious snoring, I suspect a much more likely cause of the problem is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is an insidious and treacherous health condition. The […]

Interesting week in news

Sometimes I can’t find much of interest in the daily news, but then there will be a week like a recent one. On Tuesday, April 12, there was an exciting photo of Ian Rock in mid-pole vault by Wayne Tilcock, and on Thursday, April 14, there was another amazing photo, this time by Fred Gladdis, […]

Composting program is a great opportunity

We are Davis citizens concerned about our planet and members of the Stewards of God’s Creation group of Davis Community Church. We’re committed to changing our lifestyle in ways healthy for our planet. We have built a three-bin composter at DCC and invited our neighbors, including apartment dwellers, to compost there. We planted a community […]

UCD administration should be ashamed

It is always amusing how the power-holders always apply happy face explanations to their meddlings in the lives and rights of the less powerful. I couldn’t help but scoff in disappointment as I read the UC Davis administration’s rationale for their actions gathering intelligence about the plans and motivations of student protestors. Under the circumstances, […]

Film gives all sides of vaccine debate

I want to thank Judith Plank of the Davis Film Festival for showing “The Greater Good.” This movie, written and produced by Leslie Bradshaw, takes a look at the ever-increasing number of vaccine recommendations and mandates in our country, and the tragic fallout from those policies. This film is unique because it gives experts from […]

Casualties of the class war

The Republicans had no real intention of destroying Planned Parenthood. They know that the result would be more abortions than ever. They were willing to risk that result because they do not even genuinely care about the abortion issue. It is merely a useful wedge issue to help them gain political power. Actually, they held […]

Consider the birds in the air

I thought the birds were my unique guilty pleasure. Then, about a month ago, we had new friends over for dinner at our place in Lotus. I know they participate in more overtly spiritual activities than I do — at church and elsewhere — but I was surprised, nevertheless, when Marsha said, “I just sit […]