Kudos to Chávez, teacher

I recently visited family friends in Davis. I was along as she picked up her child at the Spanish Immersion school, César Chávez. He is in class with Sharon Davies and I found the program amazing! What a gift you have in that school and in Ms. Davies. I was very impressed with the program, […]

Watch that Zipcar contract

Thank you for publishing the news about Zipcar’s success in Davis. It is a city contract we should not forget. The headline is a little misleading. There is no goal for the city. There is no way the city can win anything through the contract. As you point out on the back page, “None of […]

Nix a trade deal with Colombia

While all the news out of Washington is about the debt ceiling and spending cuts, three nefarious trade deals are winding their way toward passage. The Korea, Colombia and Panama trade agreements would give corporate profits a small boost but would have disastrous impacts on the working class and the environment both at home and […]

Will board use common sense?

Congratulations to supporters of Measure A on their narrow victory on Tuesday, May 3. The No on Measure A campaign thanks the 5,403 voters who voted no on the school parcel tax. I reiterate that the opposition to Measure A was based primarily on the concern regarding the potential negative economic impacts that will be […]

Fireworks warning for pet owners

The annual fireworks show at Celebrate Davis! will bring joy to the hearts of many on Thursday night. It also may startle some dogs, cats and light-sleeping humans. The Davis Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the show, has sent notices to veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters and pet stores all over town to help prepare pet […]

Food for the hungry, or food for a party?

The issue: If we resume food aid to North Korea, we should not twist South Korea’s arm to join us; let Seoul decide for itself North Korea is starving — again — at least according to the United Nations, private aid groups, former President Jimmy Carter and North Korea itself. The world agency is calling […]

Time is wasting and Iraq is dithering

On a recent trip to Baghdad, Mike Mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs, set a deadline of a “few weeks” for Iraq to decide whether there should be some sort of U.S. military presence beyond the troops’ scheduled departure by the end of the year. THE IRAQIS HAVE their own sense of deadlines and the […]

Dos Pinos housing cooperative: 25 years of community

By Lyn Brinton Are you looking for a Davis housing option that provides something beyond the classic rental experience? Do you want more affordability in your shelter costs? Do you want some say in how things are decided where you live? If all that sounds intriguing to you, we invite you to investigate joining the […]

Positioning the Davis economy for a bright future

DSIDE’s steering committee consists of local entrepreneurs and leaders from: City of Davis Business and Economic Development Commission City of Davis Community Development & Sustainability Department Davis Downtown Business Association Davis Chamber of Commerce Davis City Council UC Davis Yolo County Economic Development Yolo County Board of Supervisors Yolo County Visitors Bureau By William Alger […]

Debunking myths about cats

Myth: Indoor-only cats cannot get heartworm disease. Heartworm disease in dogs and cats occurs when a heartworm-infected mosquito bites the pet, injecting heartworm larvae into the blood stream. These larvae ultimately grow into adult worms that live in the heart and large blood vessels of the lungs. This leads to heartworm disease, which causes symptoms […]

Parents let kids run wild

Dear Annie: My daughter has five beautiful children whom we love very much. My husband and I often take the kids overnight and on weekends to give some quiet time to their parents. When the children are with us, they behave beautifully. But when their parents walk back in the door, it is a total […]

Still around, but already gone

Dear Annie: My wife recently had an affair. She told me she was in love with the guy and was going to leave me. Now she says she realizes he was only using her physically and she isn’t interested in him anymore. This affair ended last winter, and they had no contact for a while. […]

The fight to legalize online poker

When the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act passed in 2006, Internet poker essentially became illegal. It was grouped in with all other forms of gambling (excluding horse racing and stock trading) and categorically banned from operating within the United States. A clear distinction must be made between poker and other forms of gambling. Poker is […]

Herbert Bauer is a treasure

Herbert Bauer is a model for us all. He has the intellect, the conscience and the ability to combine the two that is, in my experience, unparalleled. A mensch! Rick Blacker Davis