Anger, disgust replace pride

As an alumnus of UCD, I was shocked and appalled by the outrageous display of police brutality against students who were practicing their constitutional right to peaceably assemble. What Chancellor Linda Katehi has done is absolutely unconscionable, and she bears personal responsibility for students on her campus being brutalized by armed thugs. She has shown […]

Chief, lieutenant should resign

The action taken against protesting UC Davis students on Friday was unnecessary and inexcusable. Students and citizens must be allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights without being brutalized by police. Lt. John Pike’s actions against the protesters constituted excessive force and assault. UCD Police Chief Annette Spicuzza proved herself a liar in her statement […]

National shame for UC Davis

The following is an open letter to UC Davis Chancellor Katehi, I received my Ph.D. in English from UC Davis in 1991. I worked as a lecturer in the UC Davis English department from 1991 to 1994. I am writing to you today to express my horror at the police conduct on the Quad during […]

Chancellor should step down

I call for the resignation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi. The treatment of the peaceful protesters by the university police was brutal and unneeded. Trampling the protesters’ rights of free speech and assembly is inappropriate and counterproductive. I am as proud and encouraged by the students’ peaceful resistance as I am appalled and outraged […]

Cutbacks hurting students

Dear Annie: I am very concerned about the state of education, specifically as it relates to the elimination of services. I am a high school counselor who is passionate about helping students and their families navigate through some of life’s most difficult obstacles, including drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, teen pregnancy, divorce, peer-pressure, self-esteem issues […]

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Some advice to the council

It is still refreshing that Davis’ ragtag, though well-informed, platoon of community advocates can hold city government to task. It is still disappointing that they have to, and once again makes me regret my optmistic council candidate endorsements. City Attorney Harriet Steiner has long been a bit of an unrestrained cannon, lofting shells from right […]

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Yes, it’s time for a split roll

Oh thank you, thank you for Tom Elias’ Nov. 13 column, “Changes to Prop. 13 could become a necessity”! Elias correctly reminds us that “… when Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann … campaigned for Prop. 13, they spoke only about residential properties … repeating that homeowners were being forced out (of their homes) because of […]

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Don’t we care anymore?

I was dismayed by the article last week regarding the wild turkey with an arrow through its body. I am further dismayed by a recent letter to the editor, describing what has become of the habitat ordinarily considered “home” to the turkeys. In a city that regards itself as politically correct on all issues, I […]

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Docs aim at antibiotic overuse

In our pill-seeking society, a medical visit hardly seems complete if we aren’t “given something” for what ails us. Much of the time, the prescription is for an antibiotic — drugs that have saved millions of lives from infection for more than 70 years, but that have also been widely overused to the benefit of […]

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There’s much ado about a loo

By Jim Becket, Dennis Dingemans, Mary Lee Thomson, Roberta Stevenson, Stella Dinger, Adrian Gabriel, Merrily Dupree and Mary Ann Harrison It’s hard to resist making jokes, but this is serious. The city of Davis has plans to redevelop Central Park. The plans call for repairing a fountain, adding new restrooms in a more central location and […]

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DHS football asks too much of student-athletes

By Joan Blake I am moved to respond to Bruce Gallaudet’s article in the Nov. 8 edition of The Davis Enterprise about the Davis High School football team’s 2011 season and about the future of the team, its players and coaches. A serious review must be made of the DHS football team and its pattern […]

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The return of Gabby Giffords

The issue: If congresswoman is able to resume her office it would be a testament to American democracy’s capacity to weather tragedy Rep. Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords has three goals: to get better; have a baby with her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly; and return to her seat in Congress. We wish her the best of luck […]

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What do you think: What are you thankful for?

Laney Teaford student, Davis: “My great family and great friends. I’m lucky to have a roof over my head and food on the dinner table.” McKenzie Barlow student, Davis: “I’m thankful for a supportive family and all the food my family provides for me, and my friends.” Karen Dearlove USDA employee, Kenai, Alaska: “A job.” […]

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