There wasn’t ever any passion

Dear Annie: I am 47 years old and am living with so many regrets. I married my husband because I did not think anyone else would ask me. I have never been in love with him. Fast-forward 25 years. Our children are off on their own. I have been in counseling, and my therapist suggested […]

Of course, the ultimate solution would be a trough

One of the joys — and hazards — of living and working in the Second Most Educated City in America is that everyone has an opinion. And more often than not, there’s a Ph.D. or some other fancy set of initials to back up that opinion. Sometimes those opinions end up in my mailbox. And, […]

Close loopholes, enforce sales tax

Go online today and buy a book or DVD from an independent California-based seller on and you will pay a bit of sales tax. Buy the same book from and you won’t. Similarly, buy a jacket from and you’ll pay sales tax. Go to eBay and buy the identical item and chances […]

Japan’s special gift keeps on giving

The issue: National Cherry Blossom Festival will raise funds for Japanese disaster relief For a few minutes each spring, government employee Rob DeFeo is the most carefully listened to person in Washington, D.C. DeFeo is the National Park Service’s chief horticulturalist and, early this month, in the elaborate confines of the Newseum, he made his […]

Speak out about budget priorities

Last Friday evening, in honor of the eighth anniversary of the Iraq War, 35 to 40 peace advocates braved the rain to walk through downtown Davis with drums and flickering candles. Many students and other citizens cheered us on. There was a round of speeches at Central Park. As a gesture of respect, the chosen […]

Arts supporters back Measure A

The Davis School Arts Foundation is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that has been supporting and celebrating arts education in the Davis public schools since 1981. The DSAF is committed to keeping arts education available to every student in the Davis public schools. In keeping with this 30-year mission, the DSAF supports the passage of Measure […]

Learn how to lessen your impact

Please attend a “Low Carbon Diet” meeting at our house this Sunday at 6 p.m. and learn very simple, easy and inexpensive ways to reduce your level of energy use without diminishing your lifestyle. Our house is at 2726 Brentwood Place in South Davis. The meeting will start with a tour of our home, showing […]

In Libya, U.S. is the leader

The issue: We may want to portray ourselves as just a member of the supporting cast, but it’s doubtful the world will buy it The United States was supposed to be a supportive junior partner in enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya, but after the opening weekend of that engagement it became openly clear that […]

Congress, please give us an energy plan

By A. James Barnes BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — To borrow a phrase from Ronald Reagan, “There you go again.” For the umpteenth time in the past 40 years, with every new crisis in — fill in the blank: the Mideast, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Venezuela or the Gulf of Mexico — and a concomitant rise in […]

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Splitting over stepson

Dear Annie: I am having a problem and don’t know what to do. Please do not suggest counseling, because I tried, and my wife won’t even consider it. We married 17 years ago. Both of us were in our mid-50s. She had two grown children, and I had none. There wasn’t supposed to be any […]

Councilman Dan, where’s your reusable cloth bag?

LUNCH WITH DAN … according to a St. Patrick’s Day headline in this very newspaper, there is going to be a “brown-bag lunch” downtown featuring none other than our newest Davis City Council member, the ever-smiling Dan Wolk … as the story goes, “Dan Wolk will share his thoughts about downtown Davis at the Davis […]

Will you trade bombs for teachers?

On Thursday night, March 17, the Davis school board discussed a resolution proposed by 25 Teachers’ Salaries, the grassroots campaign for public school funding. This resolution asked the California Legislature to pass a resolution asking Congress to pass a bill we have written called America’s Weapons Rebate to Education Act. This bill will re-allocate a […]

Health care law moving forward in fits and starts

The issue: There’s still time to repair or replace key elements of the reform plan This week brings a first candle for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the much-maligned and much-celebrated health reform law. CONSIDERING multiple lawsuits challenging it, Republican efforts to repeal the whole thing, along with moves by the Obama administration […]

Kudos to Yolo on climate plan

Jonathan Edwards’ reporting for The Enterprise is normally stellar, but I take exception to the focus of his March 17 article about Supervisor Duane Chamberlain’s questioning of the Yolo County Climate Action Plan. The article focused on the drama surrounding the plan without describing the plan itself. I think your readers would be interested in […]