Is California getting the wrong kind of solar?

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made his way to a remote desert location last October, not far from the Interstate 15 freeway that runs between Southern California and Las Vegas. So did U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and bunches of utility executives. All pronounced themselves thrilled to mark what they called a landmark advance in energy, […]

It’s not all that exclusive

Dear Annie: I am a 65-year-old male who has been involved in an exclusive relationship for the past four years. “Betty” is 56, and we get along great, travel frequently and have an active sex life. Several months ago, I began to notice that Betty was becoming quite distant, emotionally and physically. I was frustrated, […]

Stuck in the middle with her

Dear Annie: I am a divorced woman in my 50s and have been dating a man for several months. I feel close to “Darryl,” and he gives many signs that we are headed for a long-term relationship. Darryl and I have started socializing with another couple (“Diane and George”) who are longtime friends of his. […]

Important election is an odd time for an experiment

So, we’re going to have an election like no other. A lab experiment with you and me as the guinea pigs. Yes, the rumors are true. There will be no polling places on Election Day. Matter of fact, there will be no Election Day. Instead, we have an “Election Period,” during which we will be […]

The lesson: you can’t count on family

Dear Annie: I’m looking for an essay that appeared in an old Ann Landers column. It was about an elderly man who was celebrating a birthday. He spent the whole day waiting, but no one came. I visited my mother today in a home. She brought up this same column in our conversation, and I […]

What do you think? I’ve always wanted to …

Ellen Suder student, Davis: “I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica, because I like penguins, and not many people have gone there.” Naomi Kibrya student, Davis: “I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot-air balloon because it would feel like flying.” Danielle Fujino student, Davis: “I’ve always wanted to travel the world so I can […]

At the Pond: Hawks? We’re No. 1 for the continent

I hear the high-pitched kweeeeeee, kweeeeee — and rush outside and look up. There they are. Our Swainson’s hawks have returned from their winter in Mexico or Chile. Our local hawks go to both places. I watch as they fly, circling higher and higher. Then they dive down in a rapid descent. Once again, they […]

Napear’s commitment to our crown

By Michael Valle With the Sacramento Kings’ rumored move to Southern California, everyone invested in the team — be it with their hearts or with their wallets — is in a state of preoccupation and anxiety. At Maloof Sports and Entertainment, the management wing of the Kings, calls to the central office go unanswered and […]

Promoting tolerance on today’s college campus

By Linda Katehi UC Davis has a long tradition of promoting community — and our own Principles of Community — on our campus. We recently celebrated our 21st year with those principles with an entire week of events. Our commitment to respect, equality and freedom of expression runs deep. Our home is the rich and […]

Rolling back Miranda for terrorism suspects

The issue: Congress should have a chance to weigh in on this new loss of basic protection The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees certain fundamental American rights — due process, and against double jeopardy and self-incrimination. IN THE 1966 Miranda case, the Supreme Court thought those rights were important enough for suspects to be […]

Cattle ranching is a big polluter

There is little doubt that California’s ranchers themselves feel that the Williamson Act helps keep their marginally profitable activities afloat, that ranching cattle provides important “ecosystem services” and that ranching helps keep development at bay (March 23). In truth, this study and your article simply perpetuate myths about the Williamson Act, about ranching and about […]

Thanks for supporting Japan

I would like to thank Elisabeth Sherwin at International House, Davis, and the Davis community for turning out on Wednesday night to enjoy a potluck dinner and fellowship while thinking about the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. More than 100 people attended the dinner and we raised $3,335 to aid Japanese relief efforts. […]

Band Boosters are truly grateful

The DHS Band Boosters say thank you to the Davis community for its support of the Davis Jazz Festival (October 2010) and “An Evening at the Coconut Grove” (this month). Funds from these events support the DHS Band Program — Concert, Symphonic, Jazz and Pep bands. All band students benefit and the funds provide financial […]

Consider risks and consequences

In the March 22 edition of The Davis Enterprise I read Tom Elias’ column requesting updated and intensive reviews of California’s nuclear plants. Although the NRC is required to do an in-depth review before relicensing the plants, no doubt the recent Japanese disaster will provide some important lessons. I wanted to mention that all six […]