A child, a great book: magic

I’m bitter. I don’t like it when the New York Times beats me to a story. So here’s the letter I’d intended to write before those East Coast upstarts got ahold of this topic. I am a parent of two children who attend Birch Lane Elementary School. I cannot begin to describe the joy and […]

Setting the KDVS record straight

In a recent letter to the editor, David Stolp complained that KDVS is spending his tax dollars to broadcast Al-Jazeera English. Stolp is misinformed as to how KDVS is supported; it is not at all a “tax-supported media outlet.” The station is just wrapping up its on-air fundraiser, which raises more than 50 percent of […]

The paper grocery bag: endangered!

Earth Day developed as a temporal marker for taking stock of the condition of our natural resources and the impacts of our personal and collective behavior on the sustainability of our life support systems. Recently, there has been a sharp increase in concern about our use of plastic and paper bags used to transport our […]

Vote yes on Measure A

The issue: We must do what’s necessary to preserve excellence in our schools The Davis schools are facing an emergency. And if we value education — like we all say we do — we must respond in appropriate fashion. The Yolo County Elections Office has mailed ballots to every registered voter in the Davis Joint […]

What do you think: What should be done to reduce alcohol-related problems on Picnic Day?

Robin Averbeck graduate student, Davis: “You can’t let them sell booze until the afternoon, at least.” Joe Reilley student, Davis: “I’m a big believer in personal responsibility. It’s up to people to handle themselves. I don’t think we need more cops.” Griselda Martinez student, Davis: “They could ban alcohol.” Sumi Ghimire student, Davis: “Stores should […]

Judging a bookmark by its cover

Dear Annie: Several weeks ago, something happened that keeps bugging me. My husband and I were riding in his car when I noticed a book he had been reading on the front floorboard. I picked it up and asked how he liked it. He said it was interesting and he was almost finished. I thought […]

Vote yes on A, for music

This week, I was one of those in the near-capacity audience at the Richard M. Brunelle Performance Hall listening to the beautiful music performed by young adults who make up the concert bands at Emerson, Holmes and Harper Junior high schools, as well as the Davis High School Symphonic Band. As I listened to the […]

Don’t go the way of Berkeley

I agree with Aaron Sikes’ suggestion for Picnic Day. However, some obvious pitfalls to this suggestion are: * Large groups/organizations (i.e., the Greek houses, big student housing/apartment complexes) will only go out of town — earlier — to buy their store of alcohol; perhaps the suggested time period is too short. * They will go […]

Let those who profit, pay

I wholeheartedly agree with Bob Dunning’s view that all bars and restaurants must stop alcohol sales on Picnic Day if that day is to have a future. As it stands, it is an accident waiting to happen again and again. I felt that the day would not go as smoothly as many hoped when I […]

Neighborhoods bore the brunt

It’s time to either completely dry up Picnic Day in the city of Davis or shut it down. Zero tolerance for alcohol on campus and imposing martial law downtown this year was like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall; the revelers simply spilled out into the neighborhoods. This year the bars really weren’t the […]

Renters’ advocate says ‘no’

The Rental Housing Association represents owners and managers of residential rental properties throughout the Sacramento Valley region, including the city of Davis. Our members understand that the quality of our neighborhoods affect the value of their property. However, our association is opposed to Measure A on the May ballot. If the measure is adopted, it […]

TSA on alert for tiny terrorists

The issue: Instead of ‘procedures,’ why not rely on the common sense, good judgment and professionalism of the screeners? The public’s reaction to a viral video of a 6-year-old girl getting a full body pat-down at the New Orleans airport should serve as a wake-up call to the Transportation Safety Administration. TSA SAID ITS officer […]

A billion acts of green, one at a time

By Kathleen Rogers What if 1 billion people got together and created green actions ahead of the 2012 United Nations Climate Change Summit in Rio? What if individuals, schools, communities, corporations and government all committed to acts of sustainability and climate action that amounted to a billion actions? That would send a powerful signal that […]

After 20 years, DUI still splits family

Dear Annie: Nearly 20 years ago, I was convicted of drunken driving and given a year’s probation. My brother, “Joe,” immediately cut off all contact. I got treatment for my drinking problem and have been sober ever since. I know Joe was hurt and embarrassed by what I did, and I would like to make […]