NATO must remain strong

The issue: Libya proved that the alliance must be ready in a hurry to be effective The NATO-led coalition began its mission in Libya on March 19 with the limited objective of providing air cover to the rebel held areas of the country, notably Benghazi, where Moammar Gadhafi, the nation’s dictator of 42 years, was […]

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U.S. troops leaving Iraq but not the Mideast

The issue: Maintaining a substantial presence in the region seems to be a reasonable insurance policy We may be leaving Iraq as planned at the end of the year, but apparently we’re not going very far. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States would have “a continuing robust presence in the region.” Defense […]

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Dealing with cold feet

Dear Annie: My fiancee, “Beth,” and I have been together for more than two years. Recently, she called off our wedding, saying she isn’t ready. The wedding was planned for a year in the future, so I am grateful she told me now. A few weeks later, we decided to take a break and work […]

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Oppose wind turbine permit

Yolo County is in the final stages of granting a permit to CEMEX to put a large-scale wind turbine in Cache Creek at its gravel mining plant near Madison along Interstate 505. The county claims that the wind turbine will have minimal to no impact on the surrounding environment and people who live in the […]

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GOP candidates are short-sighted

Based on a recent Republican presidential debate, it is clear that if any of these candidates had been elected president in 2008 rather than President Obama, we probably would not have an American automobile industry as we know it today. All of the candidates indicated that they would not support federal loans to the automobile […]

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Is radio tower really necessary?

I agree with the progressive thinkers who opposed the radio tower project. It is unnecessary, costly, polluting and unsafe. In the modern age of Internet radio streaming, whether from iTunes, Pandora or even radio-station specific podcast, I find it antiquated and irresponsible to let a giant radio tower be built in our back yard for […]

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This is a recipe for congestion

Steve Tracy, a transportation planner, is quoted in The Enterprise (Oct. 18) as saying that if Fifth Street traffic lanes for cars are reduced from four to two, and two new lanes are created as bike lanes, the results likely will be as he has observed during his 30 years of observations. Vehicle speeds go […]

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An enthralling look at baseball

Thank you, Nancy Keltner and Bruce Gallaudet, for the column Sunday, Oct. 23, “A little Dodger girl remembers Grandpa and Jackie.” As a longtime baseball fan, I found the personal reflections of this most significant change in the game to be enthralling. Jan Bridge Davis

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A tragic public policy mistake

Thanks for your continuing spotlight on adult day health care in Yolo County. More than 37,000 of California’s most vulnerable adults will lose this Medi-Cal benefit Dec. 1 without court action. The next hearing is Tuesday, Nov. 8. AB 96, a budget trailer bill authored by Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield, D-San Fernando, provided for a smaller, “step-down” ADHC program to […]

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Existing speed limits retained

I am writing to clarify the Yolo County Board of Supervisors’ actions concerning speed limits on county roads as reported in Wednesday’s edition of The Davis Enterprise. Yolo County Planning and Public Works staff did an excellent job of following the policy and procedures set out by California state law, which resulted in their recommendation […]

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A fresh look at next Farm Bill

Recently, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack laid out his priorities for the upcoming Farm Bill legislation and noted that we need to think bigger than the words “Farm Bill” suggest. This major legislative package, drafted only once every five years, is about a whole lot more than farming: It’s about supporting jobs in the future, […]

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Disturbing news from neighbor

Dear Annie: We live in a large townhouse complex with people from many different backgrounds. For some time, several of the residents have been talking about a young boy who lives here. The mother, whose husband openly disparages her (and has little respect for women in general), told me her son is routinely exposed to […]

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A reckoning for the freeloader

Dear Annie: My only sibling passed away six years ago. He left three adult children and a wife who walked out on him a month before he died. The two eldest children are doing great. The problem is the youngest. “Olivia” is an adroit liar and has stolen from most of the family members. Three […]

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