Shutdown would hurt veterans

I am appalled that Speaker John Boehner and Republican House members keep pushing us towards a government shutdown, when it is clear that troops and military families will be among those hurt. While our troops will be asked to continue serving, they won’t be paid for their sacrifice until the government shutdown ends. Though they […]

Imitation not really flattering

Dear Annie: I’ve been close friends with “Lucy” since high school. In the past few years, I’ve noticed that she is imitating everything I do, and I mean everything. I recently dyed my hair red, and she did the same, even using the same stylist. She bought the same carpet, painted her house the same […]

A green vehicle on a red planet

The issue: The Opportunity rover on Mars is a government success story The federal government’s numerous critics have sneered at its efforts to coax Americans into heavily subsidized battery powered cars with limited operating ranges. But the fact is that the government has built and successfully operated for the last seven years a solar-powered vehicle […]

The case against Measure A

I would like to share with you the reasons why I am voting NO on Measure A: It will raise your parcel tax by 62 percent for every home owner in Davis. We are already paying $320. If Measure A passes you will be paying $520 per year. That amounts to a 62 percent increase. […]

Pollution in the Sacramento River

For a river this size the Sacramento River is fairly clean. That does not mean it is not polluted. You can find pesticides, heavy metals, and waste in it. They can cause sickness, abnormal behavior, even death to fish, birds and people. This should not be happening. I believe we still have time for it […]

Money for jobs, not Libya

Our federal dollars should be going to jobs versus warheads. Depleted uranium strikes against Libyan forces are not helping anyone! Pull back, negotiate — and give monies to the state to provide for jobs! Karen Blomquist Davis

Measure A preserves educational experience

I am the parent of two Davis Senior High School students, and I am an employee of the Davis Joint Unified School District. I am voting for Measure A because I want to preserve the educational experience for other children that my children have enjoyed in Davis since kindergarten: the class sizes, the extra classes […]

Measure A faces unprecedented resistance

With voting already hot and heavy according to reports from living rooms all across the Davis Joint Unified School District, I’m certain that a majority of Davisites will be hoping Measure A passes. Whether that will be the two-thirds majority needed for passage remains to be seen, but by all indications, this one will be […]

Seniors ready to step up for schools

By Shirley Auman I am offended by the biased stereotyping and sweeping generalizations about “senior citizens” present in the April 3 letter from Christian Renaudin. I find it to be a misleading letter, implying that all senior citizens in Davis would be exempt from the Measure A tax. In fact, any such exemption would only […]

Senate needs to pare even further

The issue: Plan to streamline confirmation process is a step in the right direction, but even more is needed Nominees for top jobs in the federal government may be forgiven for thinking that they’re being punished for agreeing to serve their country, often at considerable personal inconvenience and financial hardship. THERE ARE the voluminous and […]

More of my money? Not this time

By Greg Stovall When I saw the headline in the March 31 Enterprise announcing that Measure A was designed to sustain programs, I was thrilled. Finally, I would be told what those lofty and crucial programs were that are above and beyond the usual math, science, English, history, etc., that I expect to be in a […]

School tax is a wise investment

Your Davis house is worth $100,000 to $200,000 more than the exact same house in Woodland, Dixon or West Sacramento. The quality of Davis schools is one of the major reasons for this increased value. $200 per year is a very small fee to maintain that extra value. Brian Horsfield Davis

Excellent service at Hoffmann Automotive

My family and I have been longtime customers of Hoffmann Automotive on Second Street in Davis where we have received consistently excellent service. Last week, we had one family member’s car at Hoffmann’s for maintenance, another car had a sudden (unexplained) light go on, and a call was put in to ask about a third […]

Making Picnic Day safe and fun

As a community member who attends Picnic Day every year, and as a parent of a young child, I participate in the Davis Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Group, which involves a city-campus collaborative initiated by UC Davis’ Health, Education and Promotion Department. This collaboration recognizes that Picnic Day is a wonderful opportunity to showcase […]