Embrace growth for Davis’ benefit

Chancellor Linda Katehi’s recent announcement of the 2020 Initiative is great news for Davis! It’s very fortunate for us that our region’s primary employer is planning significant growth. The increase of our student population by 5,000 and our faculty by 300 ensures our community’s health for the next generation. Let us embrace this good news […]

Understanding ear issues in pets

Itchy and infected ears comprise one of the most common presenting complaints at a small-animal veterinary clinic. Early and appropriate treatment of ear issues in pets is vital to manage this irritating condition and prevent serious complications. Otitis externa is a term that describes inflammation of the outer part of the ear, from the pinna […]

Nursing home nightmares recur as California enables more customers

By Mariko Yamada Recent front-page Sacramento Bee headlines about tragedies in California nursing homes should be glaring reminders about the reasons California pioneered the adult day health care alternative to nursing home care 40 years ago. If you are old — or are planning to be — pay attention, because this system is about to […]

Sad, sentimental, even philosophical about Borders’ closure

By Natalie Fladager For most of us, the exodus of Borders was a disappointment, a shrug, a short reminisce of those rainy Sundays and “Harry Potter” premieres we dressed up for. We enjoyed the holiday coffee blends, the endless stacks of magazines for every plausible and sometimes unbelievable interest, the little corners where we could […]

New challenges for college towns

By John L. Gann Jr. The beginning of another college school year is sending growing numbers of students to campus, as it has for more than half a century. The annual ritual seems to go on forever, but for the first time there are signs that in its present form it won’t. And it is […]

What do you think: What would you want to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for?

Curtis DeWitt researcher, Mountain View: “The longest single line of bicycles in a parade. I’m going to be in (the World’s Greatest Bicycle Parade) this weekend.” Dania Herrera student, Davis: “Eating the most slices of pizza.” Norma Munoz student, Davis: “Shopping for the most consecutive hours.” RJ Navarro nurse, Fairfield: “Most sushis you can eat.” […]

Sign a water rates petition

Please sign the referendum petition to put water rate increases on the ballot and give all Davis voters a chance to vote on this issue. You can sign the petition to protest at any local grocery store, or at the post office. Nearly 5,000 property owners rejected the rate increases last month, but the City Council […]

He’s made his priorities clear

Dear Annie: I am a 67-year-old woman who has been deeply hurt. My husband died seven years ago, and I suffered deep depression. My psychiatrist told me to meet new people, so I did. I joined an expensive dating service, which was a disaster. Then I went to dinner with a girlfriend in an upscale […]

Big questions about government

I’m puzzled by the personal anguish of Kristine Wise (standing in for Bob Dunning) because she is a Republican living in Davis. She is quite liberal by her account, as most people in Davis are known for. There’s just one exception, she doesn’t want to pay taxes. I assume if our country can run without […]

‘Tax’ is not a dirty word

I want to thank Jonathan London for his Sunday column where he put into eloquent words my thoughts about the recent charge by several Republicans that President Obama’s jobs bill was “class warfare” against the rich. As the columnist Eugene Robinson has stated, “The GOP and its upper-crust patrons have been waging an undeclared but […]

Focus on the positives of cycling

During a week where Davis garnered top honors in the nation for the percentage of commuters by bike, I was appalled that The Enterprise chose to do street interviews for the Sunday paper asking “random” residents what they don’t like about bicyclists. The responses ranged from bicyclists never pay attention to traffic laws to multiple […]