Business support is appreciated

We are writing to tell everyone how fortunate we are to have such good neighbors at our new location on G Street. First, we are next to the Davis Food Co-op, and if we run out of anything, we run next door to get it. This would not be the case at any grocery store […]

Guantanamo details are lacking

I read the lead story in the June 8 edition of The Enterprise and I am somewhat confused. I do understand that the government reported three fewer children had been detained at Guantanamo than had previously been reported. That is not acceptable, but the story never gave an indication as to why the error was […]

Join us for a closer look at Libya

The International House will hold a panel discussion on Libya on Thursday, June 16, at 7 p.m. in the community room. I-House is at 10 College Park. The title will be “From Oppression to Revolution — Libya’s Freedom is Near.” The speakers were born and raised in Libya: 1) Abdalla Bassiouni, who has engineering degrees […]

Many will miss this special man

The people of Davis have lost a great citizen in the premature passing of Mike Flowers. He was a kind and loving man, a humorous clown and an extraordinary example of the power of generosity. He always had a moment to listen, a kind word, a way of really seeing people in their best light […]

Job creation is priority No. 1

There is such urgency coming from Washington concerning the deficit that is artificial and is being perpetuated by the myopic media. The most pressing problem is job growth. I am tired of the Democrats buying into the fear-mongering of the far right. Both parties should be thinking up “enhanced job creation techniques” instead of producing […]

More questions about river water

I would like to see the city of Davis issue some clarifications on the issue of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency conditional permit (21269) for 45,000 acre-feet of Sacramento River water that the state issued through the State Water Board on April 14, because I have not yet seen mention of the expenses and other […]

A flawless performance by Bennett

A few weeks ago, I attended a Tony Bennett concert at the Mondavi Center. I waited for reviews of the show to appear somewhere, but alas, did not see one anywhere. It would be a shame to let such a marvelous performance go unnoted, so I decided to send this letter to The Enterprise. The […]

Plastic bags put to good use

As I walk each day, I encounter so many dog walkers who are responsibly carrying a plastic bag for the dog’s excrement. I would hope banning the bags would not create an irresponsible citizenry. Marjorie Sorenson Davis

Rail planners may be wising up

For years since the 2008 passage of Proposition 1A gave planners of high-speed rail in California the prospect of spending $9.9 billion in state bond money, they have seemed bent on a single path: spending as much as possible. They’ve gone after and gotten billions more in federal help, they’ve chosen some of the most […]

Weiner blindsided by social media

The issue: Savvy Democrat severely tarnishes his once-promising political career The lesson never seems to sink in: There is no true privacy or confidentiality online, especially in the social media. What is private tends to become public, whether through carelessness, malice or hackers. TEENAGERS DO SEEM to learn this, but at some cost in chagrin […]

Landlubbers annoy old sailor

Dear Annie: I retired from the Navy after 30 years of service. Many of those years were spent at sea, so I was looking forward to spending some stress-free time with my wife. It hasn’t happened. Here’s the problem: We have owned our house for 30 years, but two years ago, new neighbors moved in. […]

Bill gives youthful lifers some hope

By Kary Joseph Shender If you are over 40, you’ve probably sat with friends and reminisced about some of the things you did while in your adolescence. But do you remember what you were thinking while doing those things, or what you thought before doing them? I have a close friend who, with her boyfriend, […]

Afghan strategy being rethought — again

The issue: The end of our longest war may be in sight President Barack Obama and his national-security team held their regular monthly meeting on Afghanistan on Monday, and a proposal for an accelerated drawdown of U.S. forces reportedly was on the table. WHEN THE PRESIDENT committed 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan in December 2009, […]