D-QU site isn’t right for project

The current proposal to subdivide D-QU’s property to build a residential drug treatment center needs careful review. The proposal involves D-QU turning over a portion of its agricultural property to build 12 acres of treatment buildings and facilities. This raises a number of concerns. First, the land was given to D-QU with the condition that […]

And a great time was had by all

The St. James Wine Tasting Festival Committee is thankful to the Davis community and surrounding areas for supporting the fun event of Saturday, March 5. This annual social event embraces the parish and greater community in Davis. It also serves as a fundraiser for the St. James Memorial Center, which serves the parish and Davis […]

Let’s break up the big banks

I agree with Matt Damon in his criticism of President Obama, but he could have gone further and told people to boycott the six big banks that have formed the most powerful and efficient oligarchy in history. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase controlled 18 percent of […]

Inept president needs replacement

If you voted for a president who talked a good game, you got what you bargained for, a man who talks and talks and talks.His only talent is giving voice to the spin, happy talk, and other fabrications created by his White House Office of Disinformation. If you believe you have a president capable of […]

Democrats endorse Measure A

I am pleased to announce that, by unanimous vote at our recent meeting, the board of directors of the Davis Democratic Club has endorsed Measure A, encouraging all Davis voters to vote yes as ballots for the mail-in election reach homes this week. Should Measure A fail, Davis’s admired schools will need to make damaging […]

Brother piles on in time of misery

Dear Annie: Through circumstances beyond our control, my husband and I recently found ourselves homeless for about a month, and we slept in our car. We had two dogs. A friend took one, but no one wanted “Rex.” Temporary boarding was not economically feasible. Keeping him in the car proved impossible. All the animal rescues […]

Apologies to columnist Rifkin

In my letter in The Enterprise (April 3), I commented on Rich Rifkin’s column criticizing the recent demonstration in Davis held to mark the eighth anniversary of the Iraq war. I stated that in an earlier column, Rich had referred to Davis peace activists as “terrorists.” In the online Enterprise, Rich denied using this term. […]

‘Mission Leap’ in Libya

The issue: Once a purely humanitarian project, the goal now of the NATO intervention is to force Gadhafi to leave “Mission creep” is generally defined as the incremental process by which a project expands well beyond its original aims. Something like mission creep seems to be taking place with the U.S. and NATO intervention in Libya. […]

Fight cancer at Relay for Life

Fighting cancer in many ways is like preparing for nature’s disasters, and the recent ones in Japan I named “Eartha Quake” and “Sue Nami” really caught our attention, just like cancer does. With UC Davis’ annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life coming Saturday, the thought struck me that cancer could be classified as a […]

More anti-war marches ahead

Rich Rifkin’s jabs at Davis’ March 18 peace marchers (Forum, March 30) are way off the mark. He seems to recognize that the protest focused on the Iraq war because it has entered its ninth year, but he quibbles about the war’s actual anniversary date and declares the march to be “almost comical,” an unfortunate […]

War’s not over for those who serve

Rich Rifkin’s callous attitude and patronizing comments offended those of us with family members who served or are serving in Iraq. His assertion that the Iraq war is “over” is belied by the fact that there are still some 47,500 armed U.S. military personnel remaining in Iraq, including about 20,000 assigned to advise and accompany […]

Hey, Mr. Postman, where’s my ballot?

YOU’VE GOT MAIL … well, I stood out by my East Davis mailbox all day yesterday, waiting for the mailman/poll worker to hand me my Measure A ballot, but when he looked in his satchel, the only thing he could come up with was a DirecTV bill … but wait a minute, since I’ve yet […]

Odd couple: Messy and messier

Dear Annie: I am a 22-year-old college student living on a fixed income in a small apartment with a roommate. “Randy” is one of my best friends, and we’ve known each other for 10 years. We’re a good match. I suffer from Asperger’s, and Randy has a minor case of OCD. We are two average, […]

Recovery finally starts to reach job market

The issue: Hard work is still ahead of us to pull economy out of the doldrums Technically, the recession has been over for nearly two years, since June 2009, but the job market has been agonizingly slow to recover. Now there are encouraging signs that may be changing. THE MARCH unemployment rate fell to 8.8 […]