Caregiver at wits’ end

Dear Annie: My wife, “Elizabeth,” is wheelchair bound with multiple sclerosis and needs constant care, which I have been doing alone for years. Our family members become irritated when we don’t attend birthdays, weddings or other family gatherings. They show no concern for the massive effort on my part to get my beautiful wife up […]

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Turn down the noisy concert

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, well after 11 p.m., a concert, “Tiesto Club Life College Invasion Tour,” was presented at The Pavilion on the UC Davis campus and inside my bedroom, which is well over a mile away. UCD police said a “noise permit” had been issued to “UC Davis Presents” and that neither they nor […]

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Care for defenseless animals

I commend Debra DeAngelo for her column in Sunday’s edition of The Enterprise. I also express much gratitude for those who became involved with the rescue of the suffering kitten, offering compassion and kindness during the kitten’s final hours of life. Thank you for taking action and trying to make a difference. Unfortunately, the sentiments […]

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Resist the insanity of drones

This is in regard to the Associated Press article of Sept. 30, “U.S. Air Strike Kills American al-Qaida cleric in Yemen.” The drone “targeting” of untried, “suspected” enemy combatants in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere is wrong in so many ways it is hard to know where to begin. One only has to imagine drones […]

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Local government does work

It seems that these days, everyone wants to complain about government — whether it’s at the federal level, state or even here in Yolo County. Things are always tougher when finances are tight and local elected officials are forced to make difficult decisions about cutting services. That said, I wanted to take this opportunity and […]

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An investment in our future

Right now, Davis is reliant solely upon groundwater. Shallow groundwater aquifers are contaminated with nitrates and are unsafe for children to drink, while providing water that makes it difficult to meet the city’s waste discharge requirements; deep aquifers have been shown by groundwater studies to have a limited quantity of water available. This condition is […]

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Genetic bias bill is a key action

There was plenty of publicity when California lawmakers debated for months over the state budget, yet the outcome — many cuts, almost no revenue increases — was a foregone conclusion once it became obvious that tax receipts were running below projections and Republicans would never vote for new tax levies. That was an example of […]

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Uncle Sam’s answer to deadbeats

The issue: Loophole allows robo-calls to cell phones for debts owed to the federal government It seems as if we only just got the telemarketer nuisance under control, unsolicited calls from insistent salespeople peddling magazine subscriptions, time shares, can’t-miss investment opportunities, mortgage refinancing and a whole cornucopia of sucker deals. Since the telemarketers wanted to […]

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Grandma not doing her job

Dear Annie: My mother-in-law, “Joan,” lives nearby. Since the birth of our son three years ago, she has not once offered to babysit or have him sleep over. She never asks to spend time alone with him. When I’ve suggested it, she tells me how tired she is, and yet she runs around with her […]

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Trackside safety should be paramount

Crystal Lee wrote a good article recently regarding both the city of Davis’ concerns and the railroad’s concerns about the fence under construction along the tracks. Both sides were fairly represented. This situation was set up long ago, however. City leaders knew trespassing was an issue years ago when they remodeled the railroad parking lot […]

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Leftover drugs for sale

Dear Annie: I would like to know the proper way to dispose of pain medications when a loved one passes away. Quite recently, my sister’s friend’s husband died from cancer. Two days later, my sister and her friend were trying to sell his unused Oxycontin and morphine. I find this appalling. I have read that […]

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A more appealing anthem

Bravo, Herbert Bauer! I couldn’t agree more with your recent letter to The Davis Enterprise. After long years of war I, too, am less than enthusiastic about “rockets’ red glare” and “bombs bursting in air.” “Purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain” appeals much more. John Jungerman Davis

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Please let spontaneous art live

The following is an open letter to the Davis City Council: On my bike ride to work yesterday, I passed through the South Davis bike tunnel and was greeted by a beautiful work of art in the bike tunnel. This has happened many times before and usually the mural is gone by the following day. […]

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Kudos to Davis police officers

Davis police knocked on my door early Friday morning while it was still dark. It was frightening to hear they were pursing a man and needed to search my back yard. However, the professional carriage of the Davis police was very reassuring. While performing their duty, the officers were calm, courteous and reassuring. My thanks […]

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