Obama’s Libya strategy is paying off

The issue: Despite criticism, U.S. support has been integral to rebels’ success so far Coming after the killing of Osama bin Laden, President Barack Obama has another foreign-policy success — the impending, if it hasn’t happened already, fall of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, which the U.S. played a material role in organizing. OBAMA, WHO IS […]

Summer House gets upgrades

Work was recently completed at Davis Summer House on two Americans with Disabilities Act accessible bathrooms. Construction was completed by local contractor Western Sun Construction. The city of Davis assisted in funding these upgrades through a Community Development Block Grant award for Davis Summer House in the amount of $15,000. These ADA upgrades will allow […]

Newcomer picks a bone with Bob

I’ve been a Davis resident for about six months now and I love everything about the town except Bob Dunning’s paranoid rantings that are supposed to pass as “opinion.” First it was the plastic bags, now it is incessant harping and junior high reasoning about improving the city water supply. Everyone is entitled to an […]

I choose a secure water source

Making choices Davis’ water, though drinkable, has been evaluated as unsafe for discharge to the waterways leading to the Sacramento River. Davis’ water is out of compliance with Clean Water Act regulations. Compliance with these state regulations is not optional. Perhaps people believe that protesting under Proposition 218 will mean that we can protect the […]

They’ve found the strength to serve

NAIROBI, Kenya — Many Americans go to the developing world to serve others. A smaller percentage actually end up being useful. Those who do have often climbed a moral ladder. They start out with certain virtues but then develop more tenacious ones. The first virtue they possess is courage, the willingness to go off to […]

Perry livens up the GOP race

The issue: We’re betting this Texas governor will be a quick study on the big political stage Texas Gov. Rick Perry has bounded, literally, onto the Republican presidential stage, adding some much-needed flash and fire to what had been a listless contest, with the exception of loose cannon Michele Bachmann and the sudden sightings and […]

School’s great, except for the bullying

Dear Annie: We live in a small rural area. We love the community, school, church, etc., but I am sad for my daughter. ”Tess” is a junior in high school. About six months ago, one friend became angry with her for some reason and managed to get the rest of their group to ostracize her, […]

Water project is good for our kids

As a consultant, I am privileged to work with wonderful nonprofit organizations across Northern California. A substantial proportion of my clients are working on behalf of some sub-set of their community’s children: children in the foster care system; children who yearn to excel as leaders or scholars; children who come from homes where languages other […]

Another successful Childspree

The Davis Salvation Army Committee would like to thank the 75 volunteers who donated their time to our annual Childspree. The volunteers chaperoned 75 Davis school children as they shopped for back-to-school clothes at JCPenney on Saturday, Aug. 20. JCPenney in Woodland opened its doors for the children and provided an additional $30 discount on their […]

We need to fight these cell towers

Crown Castle is a large telecommunications company that is suing the city of Davis to force the city to allow installation of 25 cell phone antennas throughout residential neighborhoods all over our town (from west of Lake Boulevard to east of Alhambra Drive). These installations would violate our current zoning ordinance, which requires a 500-foot […]

Parents, teach with kindness

After witnessing a disturbing scene between a mother (don’t know if that’s a good word) and a young boy in Target, about 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 11, I felt ill! At the checkout, the woman was berating the boy because he didn’t know the correct change given back by the clerk. She was loud and […]