Painful pattern repeats itself

Dear Annie: Last summer, my 23-year-old daughter, her husband and their 2-year-old son moved in with me. My husband and I wanted to help them get back on their feet, and we also wanted my daughter to go back to school. My daughter has some mental health issues. The last time they lived with us, […]

LWV sponsors the world’s easiest debate

The spirit of openness and fair play that we’ve come to expect when debating political issues in the city of Davis was clearly lacking in the recent League of Women Voters “forum” on Measure A. The League went out of its way to invite only speakers who were favorable to a “Yes” vote on Measure […]

Blaming the messenger?

Dear Annie: I took care of my grandson three days a week for the first two years of his life. He is now 3, and I have not been allowed to see him for nearly a year because I noticed clear evidence of sexual abuse and told my son. I took my observations to many […]

Beware a ‘for sale’ parking ticket

A note of warning: It is illegal, in our fair city, to have a “for sale” sign in a car unless it is a) moving or b) in your driveway. A $43 parking ticket awaits the miscreants who break this rule. Who knew? Who knows what other laws may be lying in wait for us? […]

The Health Benefits Of Volunteering

The health benefits of volunteering are not a new revelation. However, much is still unknown about the relationship between giving time and personal health. Certainly, the question “does volunteering make you healthier, or do healthier people volunteer?” has been repeatedly posed. As has its corollary question: “are there health benefits to volunteering that working for pay […]

Leave time today for one more trip to the store

Editor’s note: Marion is taking the day off. This column first appeared in March 2002, but it has been slightly updated Attention parents of young children: I am about to share with you one of my most brilliant ideas about raising children. It’s a seasonal idea, so you need to pay attention today. Actually, this […]

Cat Barf Zen 101: Be one with the cat barf

The good news is my carpets are the same color as cat barf. The bad news is my carpets are the same color as cat barf. Yes, wasn’t I the clever girl, picking out carpets the exact same color as cat barf so there’d be no more stains. Sadly, I wasn’t quite clever enough to […]

Loosen up on youths drinking

Davis’ leaders and bugle callers’ obsession with the “Mardi Gras” atmosphere of Picnic Day reeks of petty provincial bourgeois hysteria. Such a reaction doesn’t auger well for Davis’ standing in terms of a place with a secure self-image and a focus on worthy concerns. Maybe it’s just that a sleepy town obsesses with events that […]

Long live the UC Davis domes

The announcement that UC Davis Student Housing will shut down the Domes — a Davis landmark and local sanctuary — is rash and unwarranted. Had it not been for the Domes, I would not have gone to UCD for graduate school, or for that matter, met my wife. After receiving my B.S. from UC Berkeley, […]

No substitute for school music

I respect Carol Chandler’s views in her recent letter to the editor that parents’ roles in their children’s education are important. But I disagree with her suggestion that school music classes are a cheap substitute for private lessons, and for that reason could be cut. Private lessons always help, but the school music program offers […]

Don’t forget retired teachers

In addition to their role in the classroom, teachers, both active and retired, contribute much to their community. After retirement, teachers don’t quit, they volunteer. The members of the California Retired Teachers’ Association, Division 83, volunteered a total of 39,750 hours this past year. Many of the volunteer hours are spent in the classroom assisting […]

A child, a great book: magic

I’m bitter. I don’t like it when the New York Times beats me to a story. So here’s the letter I’d intended to write before those East Coast upstarts got ahold of this topic. I am a parent of two children who attend Birch Lane Elementary School. I cannot begin to describe the joy and […]

Setting the KDVS record straight

In a recent letter to the editor, David Stolp complained that KDVS is spending his tax dollars to broadcast Al-Jazeera English. Stolp is misinformed as to how KDVS is supported; it is not at all a “tax-supported media outlet.” The station is just wrapping up its on-air fundraiser, which raises more than 50 percent of […]

The paper grocery bag: endangered!

Earth Day developed as a temporal marker for taking stock of the condition of our natural resources and the impacts of our personal and collective behavior on the sustainability of our life support systems. Recently, there has been a sharp increase in concern about our use of plastic and paper bags used to transport our […]