Enjoy beauty of West Area Pond

The West Area Drainage Pond doesn’t sound like a very interesting place, but it is. For many years, I have enjoyed walks and bike rides along the level, paved path next to the pond. Viewing platforms along the path offer chances to watch geese, ducks and shore birds all year. During migration seasons, additional species […]

Take time to explore options

It’s great news that we’ve dodged a bullet on the water question, and for now we can avoid a $300 million-plus “solution.” Having the time to reconsider the proposed upgrade to our existing wastewater treatment facilities is especially welcome. Davis already has a very effective treatment facility. It was well ahead of its time when […]

Thanks for being our village

On June 15, our daughter was in a bad bicycle accident and we want to thank the young man who found her. We know his name is Josh Taylor, but do not have a phone number or address to thank him. Josh found our daughter approximately 15 minutes after she slammed her bike into the […]

Get employee costs under control

We are concerned that the city continues to close budget shortfalls with reductions in fire, police and community services. Proposed recreation program reductions include closing the Community Pool facility with its three pools. What next? Overly generous employee benefits continue to create budget problems here and elsewhere. In 2000, 2001 and 2007, the council passed […]

Al-Qaida’s new man is an abrasive leader

The issue: Next up in our sights is Ayman al-Zawahiri Al-Qaida is under new management. It took seven weeks after the death of terror chief Osama bin Laden — because it’s tough to count votes in a cave, joked Defense Secretary Robert Gates — for the predictable choice to replace him with longtime deputy, right […]

Cuts imperil delivery of justice

Special to The Enterprise The following letter was sent to Gov. Jerry Brown and members of the California Legislature: We write to express our strong and unified opposition to any further legislative efforts to direct additional budget reductions to California’s 58 trial courts. The impact of this action would be nothing short of catastrophic to […]

Who knows what can happen in 16 years?

CALL ME TOMORROW … I remember my Great Aunt Flo in Portland telling me long ago to never pay a bill today that you can put off until tomorrow … I was reminded of her words when I saw that front-page, above-the-fold headline above Jonathan Edwards’ story that said “State: City can ask for more […]

For the record

Roberta Millstein’s name was misspelled on her letter to the editor published Wednesday, “Missing the big picture on bags.” We regret the error.

Says the cake, after being eaten and had

Dear Annie: I am having an affair with a married woman. We used to live together and then separated under conditions that were totally my fault. Afterward, I begged her forgiveness and proposed marriage. She declined, but we continued our physical relationship. She then abruptly ended this relationship and married someone else. I was devastated. […]

Society’s pressure adds to the problem

Dear Annie: I am a 20-year-old male who recently developed an eating disorder. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds from restricting, purging and over-exercising. Even though I get a lot of compliments on my weight loss, I am nowhere near where I’d like to be. My parents notice that I don’t eat very much, but as […]

GOP risks alienating Latino voters

Eliseo Medina is one prominent Democrat who wasn’t much upset by last year’s midterm election outcome, in general a Republican rout of Democrats. That’s because Medina, the international secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union, believes 2010 may be remembered as a political watershed year, but not in the way Republicans would like. He sees […]

New regs shed sunlight on sunscreen labels

The issue: Truth in labeling should help protect us from skin cancer We’re not crazy about additional government rules. Still, if sunscreen makers can’t do the job themselves, Californians will welcome federal plans for truth in labeling for lotions and sprays that are supposed to block the sun’s harmful rays. “BROAD SPECTRUM” will be the […]

Speak up on funding priorities

At its June 16 meeting, the Davis school board voted not to support the 25 Teachers Campaign. This campaign petitions Congress to spend less on war and more on public schools. Its premise is that a million dollars spent on one bomb can fund 25 new teachers. Two board members, Sheila Allen and Susan Lovenburg, […]