Unhappy with situation

Dear Annie: I am 30 years old and divorced with two young sons. Two years ago, I began dating “Brad,” who is six years younger. He doesn’t work or go to school and now lives with me and my kids. I work full time and pay someone to clean and watch my kids until I […]

What the cluck do I have to do to get some eggs?

I’m a chicken whore. Not in a fearful slut way. In a “I lust after chickens” way. Remember the Holstein cows plastered on everything from cookie jars to coffee mugs? So five minutes ago. Chickens are the new cows. They’re totally sexy. Raising them yourself is even sexier. My BFF Jesse was way ahead of […]

Does repetitive work have to fence people in?

* Editor’s note. Marion Franck is on vacation. This column originally ran January 2003. Today I feel like a mouse in a cage. I’m sitting where I always sit, with a window in front of me and another to my right, looking out on the green of my backyard, normally very soothing, but this time […]

Mother lets her kid hear it in public

Dear Annie: I work as a clerk at a clothing store. Yesterday, a woman came in with a boy who looked to be about 13. She wanted him to try on a specific outfit, and he refused, saying it “looked stupid.” I silently agreed with his assessment. The outfit was ridiculous for a boy his […]

Speak up about cell towers

The city of Davis is proposing the construction of 25 cell phone base sites throughout the city of Davis. The public hearing meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 3, in the city offices. The public should know that there’s a call for a re-evaluation of electromagnetic field standards as they are not protective […]

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Civil liberties must be protected

Am I the only one who finds the views expressed by Rich Rifkin, “Legal decision lacks common sense” (Enterprise, July 20), quite disturbing? The Ninth Circuit held only that Jared Lee Loughner cannot be involuntarily medicated prior to consideration of his appeal on the issue, scheduled to be heard next month. The court noted that […]

GOP must share the blame

Tom Elias enumerated the devastating effects of the new California state budget in his column (“Check the state budget’s details,” July 21), but he attributed “the budget deal” entirely to “the big Democratic majorities in the state Senate and Assembly and … Gov. Jerry Brown.” Since a two-thirds majority is required to increase taxation or […]

The newest country on the world map

By Hashim Hassan On July 9, Southern Sudan finally enjoyed the fruits of its long quest for freedom, which it has been seeking since the independence of the country from British colonial rule in 1956. The Republic of Southern Sudan has become the newest, and the 193rd, country on the world map. The map of […]

Foreigners dismiss risk of U.S. debt default

The issue: Let’s hope they’re right and we’re wrong Perhaps it verges on the un-American to say so, but foreigners seem to have greater faith in our political leadership than we do, particularly in reference to settling the debt problem and avoiding default. And how do we know this? They vote with their money. AMERICANS, […]

Yolo County ‘steeled’ itself early on

By Mariko Yamada As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11, it is heartening to know that the remaining wreckage in Hangar 17 at New York’s JFK airport soon will find memorial homes in all 50 states and six countries. Some local residents may recall that on July 3, 2002, an 85-pound piece of the World Trade Center […]

Just Us in Davis: No town is an island

By Jonathan London Thanks to Cory Golden’s excellent feature story in The Enterprise on Friday, July 15, many readers will be familiar with Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions, a study that documents how California’s capital region is failing its young people to the great peril of the region as a whole. This study, which I was fortunate […]

Bring our troops home, now

The following is a copy of a letter to President Barack Obama: We, the directors of the Davis (California) Democratic Club, respectfully but strongly urge you to significantly speed the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO fighting forces from Afghanistan. We do not presume to prescribe a timetable for the withdrawal. No timetable would be speedy […]

Reduce, reuse and recycle

After enjoying a delicious Thai tea from the Old Teahouse at the University Mall last Tuesday, it came to my attention that there were no recycling receptacles outside the mall in which I could throw my #5 plastic cup. Walking over to Starbucks (also at the mall), I was sure I would find a place […]

Time to chip away at extra weight

By Bonnie Williams What a shocker: Potato chips are the main culprit behind the average American’s small but steady yearly weight gain, according to a study at Harvard University. But it’s not so much the chips’ fault as it is our inability to — paraphrasing the slogan of one of the best-known brands — eat […]