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Time for a progressive PD

Now that the MRAP “crisis” is behind us, I think it is time to propose much-needed changes to our Police Department. I propose that from here on out, all Davis police will ride bikes on patrol. Motorized vehicles can be a weapon and are menacing and dangerous. The bikes also will have tassels on the handlebars […]

A bad vote for our water

Tom Elias’ recent column on groundwater underscores why we should be doing everything we can to protect fresh water in California. In this time of drought, we simply cannot afford to waste water by polluting it. Unfortunately, it seems that Congress, including Rep. John Garamendi, is doing everything it can to put our resources in jeopardy. […]

Sierra Club Yolano Group opposes current proposals for Paso Fino development

By Alan Pryor and Pam Nieberg Several proposals for the development of the old Haussler homestead off of east Covell Boulevard recently have been brought forward by Taormino and Associates. Dubbed the Paso Fino development, the proposal currently in line to go to the City Council for consideration would place eight residential units and four […]

Davis has options on innovation

The issue: Davis has multiple opportunities to move forward It seems that Davis is spoiled for choice when it comes to “innovation parks.” No fewer than three developers have floated proposals to build a multi-acre campus where high-tech businesses, fed from the UC Davis brain trust, can grow and prosper. Two of the development groups have gotten as far […]

Preventing RSV infections in our kids

By Jeff Ribordy As we head into fall and eventually winter, children may once again be exposed to many cold viruses. One of the worst is called respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV for short. For most of us big people, and even for big kids, if we catch RSV we get nothing more than a […]

Is it already too late

Dear Annie: I am a 21-year-old college student. I have found someone I am really close to and would love to have a relationship with. The problem is, she is already in a relationship with someone else. We worked together for two years and became best friends. Unfortunately, she left the job to focus on […]

We had plenty of critical thinking

Basking in the memories stirred by my 60th high school class reunion, I read John Clark’s letter on Common Core (Sept. 9) with a wry smile. My summative comment is that I am glad I was spared what I have seen so far of Common Core as a formative event. Our critical thinking in the […]

Public broadband, too

It was great to see Tuesday’s Enterprise report that a huge majority of Davis residents support the city’s forming its own electric utility. It’s particularly exciting, in a time of fiscal crisis, to see that a large part of Davis still wants to think about the future. If we’re going to think about public power, […]

Dog aggression is increasing in Davis

By Nancy Abplanalp Mike May, I would like to thank you for your wonderful op-ed that was published Sunday in The Davis Enterprise. Your concerns are very real and the situations that you describe are deplorable and terrifying. I wanted to share my own experience as well as current dog training knowledge. I had the great […]

Cheers and Jeers: A light in the dark

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to Bob Bowen, the city of Davis public relations manager, and downtown pizza magnate Steve Wilkinson for their work keeping downtown’s collection of twinkling lights going. Wrapped around dozens of trees in the business district, the light strands provide […]

Granddaughter gets a tough lesson

Dear Annie: My granddaughter “Rachel” is 14. Her parents raised her to attend church regularly. In the past year, however, they quit going to church and got divorced. My daughter was seeing a married man who left his wife and children and moved in with my daughter. What a mess. Rachel asked me, “How can […]

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