A practical view about politics

By Vashek Cervinka So-called conservative politicians are wasting human lives in wars, wasting money in military adventures in foreign countries, and wasting energy and other natural resources. They refuse to provide social and medical support to families in need. They do not protect the quality of life and ideas upon which our country was established. […]

Can’t help her help herself

Dear Annie: I have a dear friend who has been in an abusive relationship for many years. The abuse is mostly verbal, but occasionally physical. Apparently, this has been going on for their entire 23-year relationship. When she would temporarily leave him, I would be very supportive, cheering her on when she took his name […]

Paranoid husband won’t get help

Dear Annie: My husband and I can no longer communicate effectively with each other, and our eight-year marriage is suffering as a result. It’s like we are living in two separate worlds. In his, no one is trustworthy, including me. We are all out to get him. He sees signs of intentional disrespect from others […]

Don’t feed ducks in Arboretum

Doing a project for school, I discovered that feeding the ducks in the UC Davis Arboretum can lead to duck overpopulation. Duck overpopulation can cause lots of problems, and may help spread avian influenza to humans. Avian influenza is a very deadly disease, and it can kill ducks and humans. I had read on the Internet […]

How to balance state’s budget

To balance the budget, instead of the present complicated tax code, I suggest a flat tax, between 1 and 2 percent of adjusted gross income, for all individuals, partnerships and corporations, with no exemptions, no credits, no deductions, no allowances and no exceptions. To pass the budget, if I were governor, I would call the […]

Stop fireworks, for pets’ sake

On Sunday, Christi Skibbins of the Davis Chamber of Commerce submitted a warning to pet owners regarding fireworks at the Celebrate Davis! event. Every year, wherever and whenever fireworks displays are put on, many pets panic and run away from home to be lost forever, either hit by a car or because they lose their […]

Photo journalism at its finest

What a great piece of photo journalism! The photo with Nick Thomas, a junior at UC Davis majoring in community and regional development, reflected in a Zipcar did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the article that followed. Fred consistently takes great photos, but his one was a story in itself. Bob Schultz […]

Dinner sets stage for festival

International House, Davis, is hosting an International Festival to take place at the Veterans’ Memorial Center on Oct. 1. As a warm-up for that festival, we are having an international potluck dinner at I-House, 10 College Park, on Thursday, May 26, at 6 p.m. with music and dancers. Community members and students are invited. Wear a costume from your native […]

Water softeners hurt environment

Did you know that by drinking a glass of water you could be hurting the environment? It may be true if you have a salt-based water softener. The problem with these softeners is that the salt eventually gets washed into rivers and lakes — but the biggest problem is in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The […]

Grandma gets cut off

Dear Annie: In one short month, my life has fallen apart. My son and his wife have a beautiful 7-year-old boy — bright, funny and athletic. From the day he was born, I helped care for him while his parents worked. I rearranged my work schedule so I would be available for him. I taught […]

If you’re a true believer, send me all your money

Hey all you Family Radio fans… You don’t really believe that the Rapture is happening next Saturday. I don’t care if you worship every word that falls from Harold Camping’s lips, or you’re Harold Camping himself — in your heart of hearts, you don’t really believe that come Saturday, all the good Christians on Earth […]

Family feud affects everyone

Dear Annie: Two years ago, my wife and our 25-year-old daughter had a falling out right after our son’s wedding. They talk during family get-togethers, but otherwise haven’t spoken in the past six months. Meanwhile, my newly married son moved to his wife’s hometown five hours away. My wife is now convinced that our daughter-in-law […]

Parent and adult child anticipate the big move

I recently made phone calls for a foothills community group to check on an elderly woman. I learned that what we hope for from such efforts is not always what we get. Marie (identifying details have been changed) was 81 years old, living in a retirement community. She experienced a major life change when her […]