Finding jeans is tough when you’re a super slim

Finally. Blue jeans that fit. Cute ones, not soccer-mom jeans that scream “Not tonight, honey, I have a headache” or those, bulky high-waisted things with elastic waistbands that make your butt look like two saggy sacks of flour. Why do I have a problem fitting into jeans? Because I wear a size that doesn’t exist: […]

In defense of our neighbors

While I understand Victor Jung’s feelings (Letters, March 10) that the happenings around us are not always “above-board,” I don’t think that dragging the names of four Davisites through the mud is the proper way to deal with those feelings. Because I know one of those involved, I feel obligated to respond. By asking in […]

Soil fumigant poses no threat

I believe the authors and readers of the March 6 op-ed column, “Kids vs. prunes in the balance,” can rest assured that the state’s schoolchildren will not be harmed by the use of methyl iodide, a recently approved soil fumigant. By coincidence, I had just read an article about it in the March 4 issue […]

Here’s how to prevent tooth decay

By Ellen Mark, D.D.S. Dental decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood and is the result of a bacterial infection. The bacteria in our mouths feed on the things we eat, especially simple sugars and carbohydrates. They produce acid that makes holes in our teeth, which we call decay or cavities. Cavities cause […]

Israel is a global leader in green energy

While our local community hashes out the hot issues of the day, to bag or not to bag in plastic, I began to think about other far-flung places on the planet and what they do, especially those countries with minimal natural resources. Clean-tech renewable energy is good for us and good for the planet. It […]

Wisconsin’s Capitol: What’s the real story?

The Wisconsin state Capitol in Madison is the epicenter of protest against Gov. Scott Walker’s move to strip collective bargaining rights from public employees. I happened to be there Feb. 23-March 2, so the following story got my attention. On Feb. 28, Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly did a piece about the demonstrations. He introduced […]

He’s just the greatest

Dear Annie: I’m 15 and have the greatest boyfriend. “Dane” is 17. He shows me so much respect and is so sweet. He loves me, I can tell. We practice safe sex. We just celebrated our half-year anniversary. Sometimes, though, Dane is scary. When he’s angry, he punches walls and breaks things. But he’s never […]

Our last, best chance for development responsive to community needs

By Jerry Adler, Mary Jo Bryan, Bob Chason, Pam Gill-Fisher, Janice Graham-Welsh,  Janet C. Hamilton, Dyann Houston, Starr Walton Hurley, Rita Mt. Joy, Chris Snow, Charlotte Sobeck, Larry Swanson, Don and Merna Villarejo and Gil Wheeler Special to The Enterprise Davis may be missing an extraordinary opportunity to once again be a leader in innovative […]

What do you think: What’s the best part about spring?

Jesse Ramsey student, Davis: “I like the sun in the mornings.” Karen Luke teacher, Davis: “Seeing all the pretty flowers.” Jonny Tai student, Davis: “Probably the rain.” Alicia Scites traveler, Huntington, W. Va: “Rebirth.” Amanda Almand nanny, Davis: “Being able to wear shorts.” Duke Kang salesman, San Francisco: “The warm weather and being able to […]

Can you balance milk on a pointy head?

WILL OF THE PEOPLE … I keep hearing from the advocates of banning both plastic and paper grocery bags that Davisites are demanding better alternatives for bringing their groceries home … well, demand no more, fellow citizens … alternatives are available … alternatives have been available for a long, long time … You can carry […]

Travel to Cuba opens up, slightly

The issue: Slowly but surely, our short-sighted policies are changing In what one hopes will be part of a trend, the government has approved eight more airports to schedule direct charter flights to Cuba. Until the rules were relaxed at the end of January, charter flights to Cuba had to originate and return from JFK […]

Shedding light on bullying

Kudos to President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama for hosting the first White House Summit on Bullying on March 10. The Obama administration has focused on education as a key plank in its strategy for “winning the future.” They see bullying as an element that frustrates the ability of many children and youth […]

Save the domes for COFIEs

As a UC Davis student in 1972, I had the unforgettable experience of helping to build the domes. I lived there until I graduated in 1975. That experience of self-reliance and communtity-living shaped my life. Since 1972, the domes at Baggins End have served as home to an ever-changing community of creative, odd, fun, innovative […]