Marriage equality on Tax Day

“Together 37 years … still filing separately.” “Second-class status is a first-class pain at tax time.” “No taxation with discrimination.” “We all deserve the freedom to marry.” These are a few of the signs we have held at our annual Tax Day Protest held at noon for many years in front of the Davis post […]

Concert showcases school orchestras

I cast my ballot in favor of Measure A this week as a vote of confidence in the Davis public schools. Having lived in Davis for 15 years, my sons have benefited from the the many dedicated and creative teachers in our schools, Spanish immersion, smaller class sizes and the music programs. Orchestral music teachers […]

A hostile work environment

Dear Annie: My 29-year-old daughter works at a large multinational corporation. On numerous occasions and in different divisions of the corporation, she has heard anti-Jewish comments. In fact, at one event, she was so upset by what was being said at a group dinner that she had to leave the table for fear she would […]

Bidding adieu to French visitors is bitter sweet

“I’ve kept thinking about you guys since we left Davis. You have been the best host families in the whole world for the last ten days and made us the luckiest French visitors in a million years. You all have to come to France next year, no matter what, and let us redeem our debt. […]

Threat levels lose their color

The issue: The Department of Homeland Security is retiring its color-coded threat levels Be honest: We’ll miss the color-coded threat levels. They are a part of our shared history. Like padding around without shoes or having a stranger’s hand in your crotch, they had become an integral part of the airport experience. The colored threat […]

Follow students’ lead on composting

The April 5 meeting hosted by the Hallmark Inn brought forth only one more addition to participate in the Davis Compost Food Waste Program that is scheduled to start May 1 if enough restaurants and business volunteer for the pilot. All of the students in elementary schools in Davis and the majority of junior high […]

Time to admit the truth?

Dear Annie: I’m a 47-year-old father of four kids. My oldest, “Janet,” is 24 and lives on her own. I adopted Janet when she was 2. Her mother made it clear that Janet is to never know that she is not my biological child. Janet’s mother and I are now divorced, and I have moved […]

A gathering of Davis musicians

WENNBERG FESTIVAL A WINNER … while some may see music in the schools as an “extracurricular” activity, I see it as essential as mathematics and advanced biology … fortunately, in a town like Davis, I am not alone … For unknown reasons, perhaps because I played the violin for a couple of weeks as a […]

Education helps students compete

Recent world events are magnifying how technology and the web will increasingly bring all inhabitants of this globe closer together. This accelerated, and sometimes painful, globalization will evolve societies that provide its citizens greater freedom of expression and the ability to pursue interest leading to greater economic benefits. The foundation of this movement will require […]

Students shouldn’t have to choose

My seventh-grade daughter and her classmates are facing some very tough choices. They have been working very, very hard to participate in both the band and/or orchestra program along with a language program. My daughter is working to go on an abroad program and has already started a savings account to that end. But with […]

Safety needed for entire city

I’ve read ‘Police step up Picnic Day enforcement’ in Tuesday’s Enterprise. Can someone please explain to me why the City of Davis has not been designated as a Safety Enhancement Zone for that period of time and fines doubled throughout the city? We have apartment buildings and other places where activities will occur that have […]

Support students’ elective opportunities

I urge Davis voters to mark their ballots “Yes” on Measure A. As stated, its goal is to continue programs and choices as well as teaching and support staff at current levels so that students can benefit from the rich program of core and elective courses that Davis schools have traditionally provided. One key aspect […]