Gossip comes back to haunt marriage

Dear Annie: My husband and I were in a social group with several other women who I thought were friends. A short time ago, he told me that two of the women came to him under the pretense of being concerned about our marriage. They claimed I had said negative things about him that he […]

As long as I get my own stick

The unexpected invitation was short and to the point. “Dear Robert,” it began, giving off the telltale scent of some sort of impersonal fund-raising appeal. I mean, my mom was the only one who ever called me Robert. And then only when I was in trouble. In this case, the person calling me “Robert” was […]

Always think ahead

Dear Annie: I would like to thank you for the many times you’ve reminded readers to take care of important medical, financial and end-of-life decisions. I did that years ago and have a legal will and power of attorney. Over the years, I also gently requested that my parents do the same, but they chose […]

Why I voted against county climate plan

I support the adoption of a Yolo County Climate Action Plan. Unincorporated areas should be active participants in greenhouse gas reduction efforts being addressed statewide under the provisions of AB 32. However, I voted against a motion adopted by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, March 15, because I believe the plan goals […]

E-waste recycling: It’s easy, right

Local recyclers * Yolo County Central Landfill, County Road 28H northeast of Davis, http://www.yolocounty.org, (530) 666-8856 * Recycle City, West Sacramento, http://www.recyclecity.biz, (916) 617-2007 * 1800GOTJUNK?, West Sacramento, http://www.1800GOTJUNK.com, (916) 374-2757 * 1st Free Ewaste Removal Service, West Sacramento, http://www.recycleforfree.net, (916) 437-8927 By Mark Leary There’s a simple principle behind California’s commitment to e-waste recycling: […]

Energy policy is a team effort

The issue: If America is to have a clear, coherent plan, Democrats and Republicans are going to have to work together Energy crises have been a part the American landscape on and off for the past 40 years. However, it seems we have learned little, except perhaps that politicians understand they can get a lot […]

Assessing Japan’s nuclear crisis isn’t easy

By Marvin Goldman, Ph.D. I’ve been on some local TV and radio these past few of days to address the issue of radiation at the Japanese nuclear plants affected by the tsunami and earthquake. Based on the news reports I’ve been able to assemble, here is my assessment of the current, almost unbelievable, situation. At […]

What do you think: What natural disaster scares you the most?

Jason Sodano server, Woodland: “I’d say earthquakes.” Mickey Ugolini Dos Coyotes employee, Davis: “Nuclear fallout from Japan.” Don Abbot professor, Davis: “The big one. A big earthquake in California.” Michelle Touchstone hairstylist, Sacramento: “Nuclear disaster. Also, an earthquake could happen here, too, so easily.” Elizabeth Quesada hairstylist, Davis: “The nuclear disaster in Japan coming here.” […]

New guy sounds like trouble

Dear Annie: My neighbor “Linda” has been single and lonely for years. A few months ago, she told me that she was communicating with a man she met on a personals website. I was initially happy to hear this, but quickly changed my mind. Over the past few weeks, Linda has told me they have […]

Age sits well on a comedienne known for extremes

Last Sunday I could have fulfilled a teenage dream and learned every major profanity in sign language. But instead of watching the woman who was signing dirty words for deaf audience members, I was engrossed by the performer herself: Joan Rivers, live at the Crest Theatre. I enjoyed the show. Today I’m trying to understand […]

You’re going to love getting this Speck in your eye

About a year ago, my buddy David Lacy and I got this bright idea to form an online syndicate, iPinion, featuring columnists, bloggers and photographers we knew and loved. It’s come a long way from its humble beginnings, with David serving dual duty as co-editor and website designer, as well as head cheerleader. Who knew […]

Build a university on D-QU land

Several years ago, I personally invited the Rev. Jesse Jackson to D-Q University. He started the second “Save the Dream March” at D-QU. It is important to add that others wanted him to march from Stockton. He decided to march from D-QU because it was the only tribal collegein California. Today, D-QU is closed. California […]

Don’t ignore radicalized Muslims

With all due respect to Hamza El-Nakhal, I believe he has completely missed the point in his “Inclusiveness, Not Division” letter (March 18), which is more notable for what it omits than what it includes. El-Nakhal notes that it was a Muslim vendor who thwarted the Times Square bomber. He omits that the bomber was […]

Senior citizens want to downsize

I was quite surprised by the negative view expressed by two of the commissioners in response to the presentation by Choices for Health Aging at the Davis Senior Citizens Commission meeting earlier this month. The best thing Davis could do is provide for its growing population of senior citizens who have a desire to downsize […]