A salute to crossing guards

Throughout the school year, on sunny days and dark mornings, in freezing cold, drenching rain, thick fog and howling winds, crossing guards have dutifully controlled traffic and escorted pedestrians and cyclists across busy streets. As the end of the public school academic year approaches, I’d like to salute these school safety sentinels — and one […]

NAMI celebrates sunflower power

Don’t miss NAMI-Yolo’s Sunflower Art reception Friday at the Davis Art Center, to experience art at its finest. The reception, hosted by Supervisor Don Saylor, features awards, music, food and prizes. The seed card winner this year is Woodland resident Pat Lucero. Much of the artwork is for sale, with many artists donating a percentage […]

Adopt a cat or kitten in June

June is “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month,” and many cats and kittens are waiting for you to visit them at the Yolo County Animal Shelter. For the entire month of June, adult cats and single kittens are half-priced at $55 and kittens under 4 months are two for $75. Visit the shelter at 2640 E. Gibson […]

Protest water rate increases

I would like to ask my fellow Davis citizens to protest the proposed dramatic increases to our city water rates. Our city services bill increases every year and the city wants to raise the water rates again (dramatically) over the next few years. These increases come at a time when we can ill afford them. […]

Local taxation would give voters options

Local governments already have a lot of taxing authority. They can levy sales taxes, parcel taxes, utility taxes, create assessment districts and charge business license fees, among others. There are also, of course, property taxes. It takes a two-thirds majority of local voters to originate or raise almost any of these levies. In short, Californians […]

Time to disconnect those electronics

The issue: Plenty of studies show the negative impact of screen time on obesity, sleep deprivation and relationships We never seem to know when it’s time to disconnect. Many Americans are persistently tethered to one or more electronic devices, usually mobile, from the time they wake up until (maybe) the time they close their eyes […]

Nosy neighbor won’t back off

Dear Annie: I have lived across the street from my husband’s sister for 20 years. She is super-competitive and nosy. She knows our every move — when we are home, who is visiting, etc. When she sees a car in our driveway, she will come over with some lame excuse to see who is visiting. […]

Money matters most to him

Dear Annie: Six months after my daughter married, her husband was arrested twice. Each time, he called from jail and begged me to pay bail and then legal fees, promising to pay me back when he got out. My daughter stuck by him through seven years of prison. Now, 15 years later, he has started […]

Daughter tired of being the counselor

Dear Annie: My mother was physically and mentally abused as a child. I know because I have been listening to the horror stories since I was 5 years old. I am now in my 40s and, quite frankly, am running out of compassion for her. First of all, I resent her dumping this on me […]

Everything we need to know about Weinergate was on the Harley

Poor Anthony Weiner. See what can happen when you’re innocently indulging in a little Liberal porn: videos of Sarah Palin on the back of a Harley with a really hot biker chick. Rowr. Hey, don’t feel so bad, little guy. Let’s face it — Sarah’s hot. Those videos might’ve had the same effect on me. […]

Join in remembering Hannah

Friends of Hannah Biberstein are invited to an informal gathering in her memory on Tuesday June 14, at 7 p.m. in the Social Hall at Congregation Bet Haverim, 1715 Anderson Road, Davis, sponsored by Israel Peace Alternatives. People from all of Hannah’s many community service organizations are encouraged to attend, including Davis Community Meals, the […]

Piano music has wings that carry me home

I knew what was going to be special about the house concert I attended on May 22. I would see my new friend Dennis Johnson, an accomplished pianist, in his element, hear his music, and spend time with his wife and friends. As a young man, Dennis practiced up to five hours a day, and […]

Birther issue turns in Obama’s favor

The issue: The latest ridiculous charge is that Democrats concocted all of this to make GOP look bad Since the start of his candidacy, President Barack Obama has been dogged by charges that he was not born in the United States and thus was ineligible to be president. These charges were amplified by right-wing radio […]