A ‘Christian nation’? Certainly not

Once again, we hear the old chestnut that the United States was founded on “Christian values” or “Christian faith/principles” (Davis Enterprise, July 3, What do you think? feature). The repeaters of this bit of revisionist myth never tell us just what those values or principles are. Maybe because there are none. As historians repeatedly remind […]

I miss black watermelon seeds

No one ever asked me if I wanted watermelon without seeds — “seedless watermelon.” Easier to serve — no muss, no fuss. Is it really all that more convenient? On this hot, very Davis summer holiday weekend, I watched a 3-year-old eating his “seedless watermelon.” Guess what? It’s still messy —with juice dripping off his chin […]

Good info, poor attendance

I had the privilege of attending the water rate community meeting last Thursday night in North Davis. I was impressed by all the city of Davis staff members who spoke. Each speaker was well-informed on his/her part of the project and courteously and completely answered our questions. Their integrity and commitment to this project is […]

An oil release may be more political than economic

The issue: If this succeeds in re-firing the economy, Obama will get a pass from the proposition that the reserve should be tapped only in a genuine emergency President Barack Obama’s release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve has political and economic benefits, but both are likely to be transitory. THE TIMING is somewhat […]

‘I hear America calling’

* Editor’s note: Davis Poet Laureate Allegra Silberstein composed this poem for the Fourth of July, 2011. I hear America calling — poets and story tellers come this way, bring words to remember, words of integrity and vision to teach to our children. I hear America calling — all you who lead: councilors and council […]

Our city needs fundamental reforms

Their first meaningful act as members of the Davis City Council was voting in favor of the police contract, last year. Joe Krovoza and Rochelle Swanson took office claiming they were reformers who believed in fiscal responsibility. Yet when they had a chance to demonstrate their fealty to the taxpayers of Davis, they endorsed a […]

Shy patient doesn’t want men around

Dear Annie: I’m 22 years old and recently needed an operation in the only hospital in our area. I am an extremely shy and modest female and would never go to a male doctor except in an emergency. Luckily, I was able to arrange for a female surgeon and an all-female surgery team. However, while […]

Liberty’s cry for July 4

Dear Readers: Happy Fourth of July! We hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend with friends and family, watching fireworks and firing up the grill. Here’s something that was sent to our mailbox a while back, and we saved it for today: Dear Annie: Several years ago, you printed the words written on the base […]

Brunch bunch gets in the way

Dear Annie: My husband insists we have brunch every Sunday with his grown children and mine. Because he works extremely long hours and we don’t get to spend enough quality time together, I would like to use that time to do things for the two of us now that we are empty nesters. I love […]

Warm, fuzzy thanks to Intel

The members of Project Linus of Yolo County would like to thank the Intel Volunteer Grant Program for its recent monetary donation. The Intel Foundation distributes money to organizations through its grant payments for the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program. As a result of Intel employees and retirees volunteering in their communities, organizations like Project […]

Thanks for Juneteenth event

Kudos to Sandy Holman of the Culture Co-op for her leadership role in the June 26 Juneteenth celebration. The program was diverse, informative, educational and entertaining. Thank you to the Yolo County Library, Friends of the Davis Library, We People, the Culture Co-op, Blacks for Effective Community Action, the African American Committee and AllStar Action Team […]

A joyful, inclusive celebration

The Juneteenth celebration on June 26 at the Davis branch of the Yolo County Library was a wonderful event, and many thanks go to those people in the community who made it happen, including Jay Johnstone of the library and Sandy Holman of Culture Co-op. Calvin Handy and others provided music, there was lots of […]

Free microchipping for Yolo pets

Keep your pet safe. Free microchipping and low-cost vaccinations for cats and dogs are available Thursday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the east steps of the Capitol in Sacramento. Yolo County pets are welcome. Animal welfare groups are offering free microchipping. No proof of income is required. Chips are the size of a […]

Local, federal budgets linked

It is shocking to read about the budget disaster looming over the Davis Unified School District (July 1, etc.). The Board of Education, like the Davis City Council and the Yolo Board of Supervisors struggling with budgets of their own, must insist that Congress cease and desist from directing so many of our total tax […]