Interesting week in news

Sometimes I can’t find much of interest in the daily news, but then there will be a week like a recent one. On Tuesday, April 12, there was an exciting photo of Ian Rock in mid-pole vault by Wayne Tilcock, and on Thursday, April 14, there was another amazing photo, this time by Fred Gladdis, […]

Composting program is a great opportunity

We are Davis citizens concerned about our planet and members of the Stewards of God’s Creation group of Davis Community Church. We’re committed to changing our lifestyle in ways healthy for our planet. We have built a three-bin composter at DCC and invited our neighbors, including apartment dwellers, to compost there. We planted a community […]

UCD administration should be ashamed

It is always amusing how the power-holders always apply happy face explanations to their meddlings in the lives and rights of the less powerful. I couldn’t help but scoff in disappointment as I read the UC Davis administration’s rationale for their actions gathering intelligence about the plans and motivations of student protestors. Under the circumstances, […]

Film gives all sides of vaccine debate

I want to thank Judith Plank of the Davis Film Festival for showing “The Greater Good.” This movie, written and produced by Leslie Bradshaw, takes a look at the ever-increasing number of vaccine recommendations and mandates in our country, and the tragic fallout from those policies. This film is unique because it gives experts from […]

Casualties of the class war

The Republicans had no real intention of destroying Planned Parenthood. They know that the result would be more abortions than ever. They were willing to risk that result because they do not even genuinely care about the abortion issue. It is merely a useful wedge issue to help them gain political power. Actually, they held […]

Consider the birds in the air

I thought the birds were my unique guilty pleasure. Then, about a month ago, we had new friends over for dinner at our place in Lotus. I know they participate in more overtly spiritual activities than I do — at church and elsewhere — but I was surprised, nevertheless, when Marsha said, “I just sit […]

Ended up checking myself in the checkout line

There’s a lesson in this story, and I’m not sure what it is. But the story goes something like this: Being a hard-wired penny-pincher (it’s genetic — I had a Depression-era mother of Scottish descent), I was thrilled to get a Safeway coupon in the mail offering $10 off a $50 purchase, as well as […]

Brain activity linked to political beliefs

This may be nothing new to political consultants, but neuroscientists seem to be catching up with the notion that the partisan loyalties of hearts and minds are at least in part dictated by how big, and how active, certain structures of the brain are. The latest study to support this was published online by the […]

Harris’ apology was lacking

In response to the article on Tuesday, April 12, School Board President Richard Harris offered an apology for the timing of letters for Measure A exemption status for senior citizens. As I read more of the article it sounded as though Bob Dunning was to blame for “blowing it out of proportion.” Reading Bob Dunning’s […]

Measure A is a necessity

I was recently reminded by my friend and neighbor (a Davis teacher and parent) that it is really important to participate in our special spring mail-in election. With the ongoing controversy at all levels of government about program cutbacks, we do need to focus on our community’s educational future. I support Measure A because the […]

Schools benefit kids, community

Measure A is important to the Davis community for financial reasons, in addition to multiple other reasons. I have heard from many people who say they moved here because of the schools. How would you like to see your investment in your home depreciate because people no longer wanted to move here for the schools, […]

Students must make choices

Constance Fuller bemoans that her seventh-grade daughter may have to choose between band and languages (Forum, April 14). Possibly Fuller believes life is an ever-expanding source of consumption, with ever-expanding choices without limits to supply or means. Life is not like that, and Fuller should be happy to be able to teach her daughter the […]

Obama serious on the deficit

The issue: As the campaign begins, the deficit is a newly important topic for Obama It is fair to say that up until now President Barack Obama has seemed relatively indifferent to the federal deficit, set to reach $1.6 trillion in the third year of his watch. He did not fight to let the tax […]

What do you think: What’s your favorite thing about Picnic Day?

Joan Wink professor, Howes, S.D.: “I have so many memories. I love it all. I love the tie-dye shirts.” Allison Friebertshauser UC Davis employee, Davis: “I really liked the Battle of the Bands.” Alyssa Markham paraeducator, Davis: “I really like the food. Davis seems to let its hair down on Picnic Day, which is fun.” […]