What do you think? What advice would you offer new graduates?

Ekram Alexander, graduating UC Davis student, Davis: “Always know what you want.” Reneé Andrade, Bistro 33 manager, Davis: “When you go for your first job interview, dress professionally.” Jose Rodrigues, UC Davis student, Davis: “Never stop pushing for success.” Hardeep Gill, accountant, Davis: “College is a good place to experiment so take a variety of […]

Parents deserve information about pertussis immunization exemption

By Samantha McCarthy Recently, Davis parents have been barraged with warnings, threats, mandates, fliers and even phone calls telling us that, without demonstrated proof that our children have a current pertussis (whooping cough) immunization, they will not be allowed to register for school next year. This simply is not true. We have been getting these […]

Rural voice needed in Yolo redistricting process

Learn more What: Yolo County Redistricting Advisory Commission When: 6:30 p.m. Monday Where: City Council Chambers, Woodland City Hall, 300 First St., Woodland Info: http://www.yolocounty.org I am writing this as a farmer and Yolo County rural resident. However, as the designated Yolo County Board of Education trustee (I represent Trustee Area 5) from the Yolo […]

Father, daughter drift apart

Dear Annie: I have two daughters, “Kathy” and her younger sister, “Carly,” both in their late 20s. Carly and I have always had a rocky relationship, stemming from my being the disciplinarian since my wife refused to do it. Kathy always seemed more understanding and forgiving. After Carly graduated and I no longer sent her […]

Brown adopts Arnold’s best ideas

Political irony was as thick as it gets on the day Gov. Jerry Brown introduced his revised state budget plan, one that incorporates many ideas generated by his predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. No recent California governor has crowed more about his successes than the sometimes buffoonish Schwarzenegger. But he couldn’t brag at all on the day […]

But who will oversee the overseers?

The issue: Congress — where jealousy and turf protection are the name of the game — is the root of the problem Oversight is one of Congress’ most important functions. When there is a major blunder — the federal regulatory lapses that led to the BP oil spill being a good example — it can […]

Kids are now marathoners

I would like to congratulate the kids of the Fairfield Elementary Running Club for a tremendous year! Running every Tuesday and Thursday after school, 95 percent of our 56 runners (93 percent of the school) ran more than a half-marathon to earn a T-shirt designed by Thor Straangard, one of our runners. More than half […]

We deserve the truth about 9/11

The Enterprise’s May 25 editorial titled “Reviving site of the twin towers” is a positive, upbeat discussion. However, as a nation we cannot truly move forward without determining what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001. The health and, ultimately, the survival of our form of government depends on its citizens being fully and accurately informed, […]

A bounty of thanks for fundraiser

The Yolo Land Trust thanks the greater Yolo community for a successful spring fundraiser, “Birds, Berries and Bouquets,” held on May 22 at the home of John and Marsha Anderson, owners of Hedgerow Farms. Our special thanks to Tucos Wine Market & Café of Davis, who donated delicious tres leches strawberry shortcake, and Vic’s Ice […]

Sutter Davis care ‘outstanding’

I do not understand why anybody goes out of Davis for medical care, especially birthing. I am absolutely impressed by the level of excellence of health care service we have here at Sutter Davis Hospital. On May 2, my daughter was admitted to Sutter Davis with a case of complicated pregnancy. The continuous, around-the-clock, tender, […]

Build them up, tear them down

I have no idea whether Lance Armstrong used performing-enhancing drugs. Apparently, Armstrong passed more than 500 drug tests during his career. This, however, has not been enough for those who are convinced that he must have used such drugs. We have devolved into a “build them up to tear them down” 24-hour newsertainment society. I […]

Wife fed up with husband

Dear Annie: I am down to my last nerve with my husband of 30 years. He has turned into a lazy slob I can no longer tolerate. Last year, “Evan” worked a total of three weeks. It was the same the year before. He has taken one shower in the past four months, which was […]