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Kids can cuddle up

On behalf of the children of Yolo County, Project Linus of Yolo County volunteers want to thank the community that has supported us this past year. The final blanket count is in. We are happy to report that during 2014, our chapter collected and distributed more than 1,320 handmade blankets to the following agencies in Yolo […]

Let them sleep on it

The issue: Teen brains could benefit from waking up later When the Davis school board took on the issue of later start times back in September, it hit the snooze button. FACED with a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics that recommended starting high school and junior high classes no later than 8:30 a.m., the board […]

Want a solution? Consult fifth-graders

By Nikole Reina-Guerra I am not an expert on fracking, but I know enough that it scares me. I know that there are unanswered questions and safety precautions being overlooked. I feel alarmed. At the risk of sounding ignorant, drilling sideways 4,000 feet below the Earth’s surface, in our beautiful fault-line state, concerns me. Forget […]

Mayor’s Corner: Housing, arts issues are percolating

* Davis Mayor Dan Wolk writes: For this week’s column, I’ve asked my friend and colleague, Councilmember Lucas Frerichs, to stand in. Enjoy! (And thanks, Lucas!) By Lucas Frerichs Well, 2015 is already off to a fast start, and spring is definitely on its way, especially with all the daffodils and fruit trees blooming around town. […]

Cheers and Jeers: Local economic successes are piling up

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the news that another Davis company is taking the plunge and going public. Following on the heels of Marrone Bio Innovations in 2013, Arcadia Biosciences Inc. has filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and […]

Measles: views from the top and the front line

By Tia Will Robbie Pearl is the CEO of The Permanente Medical Group. As such, he is responsible for the provision of medical care to the 3.6 million people insured by Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. He writes a monthly column for Forbes. In the Feb. 5 issue, his commentary started as follows : “My […]

And the cat‘s in the cradle …

Dear Annie: I have been married to “Bob” for 11 years. Once we had our son, “Jack,” everything changed. Bob found excuses not to be home, worked all kinds of overtime or had to “go somewhere.” I can count on one hand the times he did anything with Jack or was even home on a […]

Disaster can happen here

The explosion of the oil train in Mt. Carbon, W.Va., is the latest wake-up call for communities like Davis with tracks running through their downtown areas. The article in Tuesday’s Enterprise quoted a resident living about a half-mile from the derailed train, “It was like an atomic bomb went off.” Confronted by a threat of […]

Blackbird needs your help

My name is Nithmi Jayasundara, and I am a fifth-grader on the Davis Explorit Nature Bowl team. I am going to tell you about a big problem in the California Central Valley. This issue is about a native California bird called the tricolored blackbird, which was placed on the California Endangered Species Act list a […]

Water conservation ideas needed

My name is Karen Meng. I am a fourth-grader at Fred T. Korematsu Elementary School. I was selected to be on a Nature Bowl team. Nature Bowl is an after-school program taught by my science teacher, Mrs. Cooper. At Nature Bowl we learn about nature and science. Mrs. Cooper taught us how to write environmercials. […]

Environmental justice for natives

In 1750, Native Americans inhabited all regions of California. By 1860, they were told to move to reservations that were 7 percent of their original lands. However, the treaties weren’t ratified, and now they have a tiny portion of the lands they were promised. Hunting, fishing and gathering are central to Native American culture, but […]

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