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Beware the robot dinosaur

Once again, the robot dinosaur has come to my house in the early morning hours. I dread these visits. The city of Davis sends this monster to eat the leaves off the sidewalk, instead of just sending humans to pick them up as they do in normal places. That is fine, I guess, but the […]

Stick with no-burn days

I disagree with Pam Helm, whose neighbor seems to regard neither friendly discussions nor “no burn” regulations as reasons not to burn. Helm wants more regulation. This doesn’t make sense. What does make sense is the continuance of the no-burn days and the reporting of those who violate these regulations, followed by a fine or […]

Keep young couple’s spirit alive

The Warm Remembrance Family Picnic scheduled for this Sunday has been canceled, but the efforts to raise money for the Warm Remembrance Family Play Area in Redwood Park on Anderson Road continue. As a close friend to John Riggins and Sabrina Gonsalves, who were brutally murdered almost 33 years ago, I encourage you to make […]

Drivers make mistakes, too

By John Whitehead Jane Dyer makes excellent points about cars and bicycles sharing the road, including an acknowledgment that people make mistakes when using either mode of transportation (Enterprise letters, Oct. 7). Her list of errors made by bicycle riders suggests that we also should consider common behaviors by car drivers that reduce the ease […]

France’s economy is stuck in the past

The issue: Letting Sephora sell after hours would be a step in the right direction When Nicolas Sarkozy was elected president of France in 2007, he promised to get the economy moving by lengthening the 35-hour work week, cutting back on the number of paid holidays, tightening up on the generous amounts of paid vacation […]

Where is this all going?

Dear Annie: I have been in a relationship with a wonderful guy for a year. We are in our mid-20s. Both of us are interested in moving abroad in the near future. When we started dating, we just wanted to have fun. I have since graduated and am currently working. He is also a graduate, […]

Waldorf responds on vaccinations

In response to Thursday’s article about vaccination rates among local schoolchildren, the Davis Waldorf School wishes to state its position on immunizations. The Waldorf schools around the world have focused on educating the whole child for nearly 100 years. With more than 1,000 schools across 93 countries, we have a unique and broad view of […]

Family member bids farewell

The Hays Antique Truck Museum is moving. I am saddened by this news in one way because Woodland has been the home for this fine collection of antique trucks since its founding in the 1970s by A.W. “Pop” Hays, who happens to be my father. The members of the board of the directors for the […]

Northstar Pond aerators are effective

After reading Andy Bale’s recent letter concerning the Northstar Pond with his expert opinions on the health of the pond, I had to chuckle at his comments. The simple fact is that when the aerators run for approximately eight hours a day there is no “pond scum” (what us uneducated people call the condition) and […]

New ideas at Ag History Center

The Heidrick Ag History Center’s more than 282 permanent vehicles and farm implements collection remain open to the public, and will soon be joined by more tractors and autos, as well as military vehicles, locally restored vehicles, horse-drawn carts and wagons. The east wing of the center that used to house the Hays truck collection […]

How drivers miss out

You feel the burp in the sidewalk where the elderly oak has taken its stand and you hope it won’t be sacrificed for accessibility’s sake. You note the fading blooms on the agapanthus. If they resided with you, you would cut them back. But then the scent of lavender is heady and happy-making. Passing the […]

Cuts are hurting Yolo seniors

The following is a copy of a letter to Rep. John Garamendi, D-Walnut Grove: The cuts to services for seniors in Yolo County as a result of the sequestration and the Older Americans Act not being renewed are substantial and affecting our most vulnerable seniors. Three community organizations that serve homebound, homeless and those unable […]

Let’s not forget the teachers

As the Davis school district’s financial picture gradually improves and the Davis community embarks on a school strategic planning process, it is important to recognize the critical role that good teachers play in the education of our children. While there is considerable debate about how to improve primary education in the United States, one irrefutable […]

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