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If you’re struggling, get help

Dear Annie: Six years ago, I tried to take my own life. I was a popular high school student, excelled at sports and had a girlfriend and a supportive family who were always there for me. People thought I had it all. What they didn’t realize was that I was struggling with debilitating depression. One […]

Should the family shun this guy?

Dear Annie: My cousin is a police officer in a neighboring city, and we only see him when the whole family is together. Recently, he was caught on camera beating up a woman he’d pulled over for something. From his statement and the camera footage, it seems the woman got mouthy and he responded physically. […]

Why I’m struggling through stories about endurance

A bestseller when it came out in 2001, “Ice Bound” is the personal memoir of Dr. Jerri Nielsen who served as the physician for a team that wintered at the South Pole in 1999. During the long, frigid winter when the team could not be reached by boat or plane, Nielsen discovered a lump in […]

While we weren’t looking, our government was overthrown

Congress, do you have any idea how much The American People hate you right now? I say “The American People” because you love to throw that phrase around when you’re making outrageous claims about what we want, what we think, and how we feel. You know what The American People want? For you to do […]

Executor isn’t executing right

Dear Annie: I am devastated. I just found out that my baby sister, as executor of my older sister’s estate, sold the family house and possessions without discussing this with family or other beneficiaries. There is nothing we can do to recover the assets unless we initiate legal action to stop her self-serving behavior, and […]

Let’s try a citizen-centered approach to resolve wood smoke disputes

By Robb Davis There is little doubt that some of our neighbors in Davis have health problems that are exacerbated by wood smoke. There is also little doubt that other neighbors enjoy having wood fires and that some use wood or wood products as a way to heat their homes. This leads to a conflict […]

What do you think? How should the government solve the shutdown issue?

Sophia Hernandez student, Davis: “They  should put aside their differences and think about what’s best for the country as a whole.” Nancy Ly student, Davis: “One  person should  just make a decision. Compromising isn’t going anywhere.” Andy Rathbone business owner, Dixon: “They should shut down Congress and the Senate and deny them pay, just like […]

Innocence lost; now, where are my virtues?

By Gloria Partida The relativity of time is a concept appreciated by everyone regardless of your level of physics expertise. How many of us have looked at our teenagers and wondered where the time went, or sat through a half-hour meeting that seemed endless? Then there are the special dark holes of time that suck […]

Snow Mountain a good deal for land, people

The issue: National Conservation Area offers benefits from consistent land management One of the benefits of living in California is the ready access to breathtaking natural landmarks. While the rest of the country is familiar with such awe-inspiring landscapes as Yosemite Valley and Lake Tahoe, we locals know we’re only a short drive away from a […]

The Great Pumpkin saves teeth on Halloween

I am looking forward to our 3-year-old daughter being Minnie Mouse and 6-month-old daughter being a pumpkin on Halloween. Amid this joy of wearing costumes and trick-or-treating, one shouldn’t overlook the aftermath of sugar indulgence that can follow the sought-out accomplishment of topping off a jack-o-lantern bucket with candy during on Halloween. Like all other […]

Husband won’t let up about weight

Dear Annie: I love my husband, but I don’t like him anymore. He is disrespectful to me because I am overweight, and he has been after me for years to lose the extra pounds. He uses filthy language when he speaks to me and says it’s OK because I am disrespecting him by not losing […]

Government shuts down — for how long?

The issue: Longest dark time was 21 days in 1995-96 Hundreds of thousands of federal employees went on unpaid furlough starting Tuesday, victims of America’s 18th partial government shutdown. THESE FURLOUGHS result when Congress fails to appropriate money to operate the federal bureaucracy or fails to pass a continuing resolution to maintain past appropriations. It […]

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