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A six-month plan to meet our challenges

By Dan Wolk and Robb Davis A week from Tuesday, a new City Council and mayor will be sworn in at City Hall. This is certainly an occasion for celebration, and we invite the community to join us in this time-honored tradition. But this year the celebration will be tempered by the significant challenges our community […]

That’s not really me calling you to help lower your credit card debt

So, I’m home for lunch, eating popcorn and watching “The Daily Show” the other day, and the phone rings. I pick up and hear my friend Suzy’s unmistakable cuddly voice. “Hey, so what’s up?” “I dunno… what’s up?” “You just called me.” “No, I didn’t … I was watching TV.” “Your name was on the […]

Long group meetings are a lifestyle with me

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the week off. This is a slightly revised column from 2008. She reports that since then, groups No. 2 and 4 have ended, but she joined two new groups: the Board of Yolo Hospice and a book group that reads whole books. At a 2008 Stanford commencement, Oprah Winfrey proclaimed […]

Plenty of options to revamp your smile

By Samer Alassaad, D.D.S. The trends change. Pearly white Chiclet teeth were often praised in the past, while today, smiles that look as real as possible, yet are spectacular, are sought after, too. We have all heard many times that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” That should always remain true; beauty should not […]

He’s definitely a cat person

Dear Annie: My husband of four years insists on keeping a picture of his cat as the screensaver on his cellphone. Occasionally, he’ll switch it out for a photo of one of his kids, but the cat always comes back as the “top dog.” It’s never a picture of me. ”Fluffy” also enjoys the top […]

Yolo DA treats interns right

Interning at the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office was by far my most valuable law school experience. I started as a full-time intern during my second summer. Within a week, I knew my calling was to be a prosecutor. I saw how all the attorneys were so dedicated to serving justice. It was clear to […]

Transportation planning defended

In reference to George Hague’s op-ed piece, “Transportation policies must boost economy”: * The ideas of the Transportation Element of the General Plan aren’t “unsupported.” There was a well-publicized Transportation Advisory Group workshop with opportunity for public input. City staff circulated a transportation survey on the city’s website. Additionally, TAG sought input from five city […]

Take a peek at these special cats

It’s kitten season once again at the Yolo County Animal Shelter and all summer long we will have kittens of all color, coats and personalities. But today I want to tell you about three wonderful adult cats that will steal your heart. Are you lonesome for a super-affectionate kitty who wants only to sit on […]

Time for Congress to consider H1-B visa reform

By Merrill Matthews A new study by three academic economists, Giovanni Peri and Kevin Shih, both with UC Davis, and Chad Sparber of Colgate University, shows that wages rise fastest in U.S. cities with the greatest influx of highly skilled immigrants. While one might be inclined to respond by saying, “Well, duh!,” highly skilled people, […]

Let’s give college grads freedom from debt

By LeeAnn Hall The U.S. Senate held a vote recently to bring up legislation allowing student debt holders to refinance old loans at lower current interest rates. The motion to debate the “Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act” (S 2432) garnered a 56-38 majority but fell short of the 60 votes needed to open […]

Intimate chat on company time

Dear Annie: I believe my husband is having an emotional affair with his employee “Tina.” All the signs are there. My husband’s office phone accidentally dialed me while he was talking with Tina at work, and I overheard their conversation. He called her terms of love. I started snooping and discovered that they text each […]

‘Click and Clack’ from Boston

Natalie Nelson, in her June 10 column promoting the latest Pence Gallery exhibit, wrote, “In honor of the two mechanics from Brooklyn who guffaw on the radio every Sunday, I’ve named our current exhibit on cars “Cartalk.’” Really? I can only suspect that Nelson has never heard the Magliozzi brothers show, aired locally on KXJZ every Saturday and Sunday […]

Nothing nice to say? I’ll just block

Dear Annie: I am the thrilled stepgrandmother of a wonderful grandson, age 3. I’ve had the privilege of taking care of him twice a week since he was born. I decided to post his pictures on Facebook because his extended family lives all over the country and appreciates the updates on his outings and activities. […]

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