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DHS students go for Baroque

People Offenbach at going for Baroque, but those who went to the Davis High School Baroque Ensemble concert on Sunday evening, featuring visiting virtuoso Rachel Barton Pine and DHS music educator Angelo Moreno, were richly rewarded with a fabulous performance of Italian Baroque music. It was a full house. Call me a romantic, but I […]

A stop-loss for teachers, not a raise

By Blair Howard, Frank Thomsen, Cathy Haskell, Ruthie Bowers, Connie Alexich, Tim Paulson and Gail Mitchell Recently, the Davis Teachers Association voted to ratify a tentative agreement with the Davis Joint Unified School District. This agreement brings about a 2-percent increase to our members’ salary scales along with a 2-percent one-time payment. It is the first increase in the better part of […]

Convention shows Brown’s restraint

One well-worn thought that has not been heard since Jerry Brown won his third term as governor in 2010 is the notion that California’s state Capitol needs some adult supervision. That suggestion became commonplace among pundits and voters during the Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger years of massive budget deficits and, for just one example, […]

Regrets; he’s had a few

Dear Annie: My mother is approaching 80, and after raising three of us, she is in declining health. My brother and sister live near Mom, but I couldn’t handle big-city life, so after I married, we moved to my wife’s hometown. I don’t drive, so visiting my family always means relying on my wife, and […]

A milestone made very special

Our daughter is terrified of needles, we all dread the fall flu shot season every year (but still do it and have ice cream afterwards). For her 13th birthday, we gave her birthstone earrings and our permission to have her ears pierced. This is something she has both looked forward to in anticipation and has […]

City needs to set priorities

If the city cannot fix potholes in the sun between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., I’d be hard-pressed to believe it can repair a blown-out transformer at 3 a.m. in the driving rain. Put the money for the study into pothole repair and let the people who know how maintain and repair the gas/electrical infrastructure. […]

Nursery funds no longer available

EMQ FamiliesFirst’s staff and board recognize that the Yolo Crisis Nursery is an important service to children and families in Yolo County; nevertheless, as is the case for all nonprofits, there are many programs that require support from a limited pool of charitable dollars, and EMQ FamiliesFirst can no longer run this program at its […]

Nicholas Kristof: Her first, and last, book

Two years ago, Marina Keegan’s life brimmed with promise. She was graduating with high honors from Yale University, already a precocious writer about to take up a job at The New Yorker. She had a play that was about to be produced. She had sparked a national conversation about whether graduates should seek meaning or […]

A lifesaver, not a lifestyle

By Thomas E. Perez Of all the challenges I face as the nation’s labor secretary, this is the one that keeps me up at night: long-term unemployment. In my travels, people have shared heartbreaking stories about being out of work for six months, one year, even longer. There’s no single “face” of this crisis. Some […]

Trouble on the groom’s side

Dear Annie: A few years ago, my brother announced that he should have been born a female. He started counseling and three years ago legally changed his first name and began living as a woman. This devastated my parents and two of my siblings, and they have disowned him. I have not seen my brother […]

Today on ‘Overreaction Theater’ …

Dear Annie: I am a recently divorced and remarried 46-year-old male. I was always very close to my sister, but these past few years, she only thinks of herself. My mother passed away a year ago, and my sister handled her memorial service. I was extremely grateful to her because I was a wreck. However, […]

What do I use to solve mysteries, fact or imagination?

It’s rare that something as small as an email will lead me to change my plans, plunk down money and enter a dark movie theatre on a sunny day. But I did that last Sunday after I got an email from my friend Hieu Dovan recommending a new movie that is briefly at the Varsity […]

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