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Measures O and P have direct ties to Davis’ economic vitality

By Rob White Davis voters will decide two measures on Tuesday’s ballot that will play a pivotal role in our economic sustainability. Measures O and P will impact the economic, social and community development efforts for our city. As I recently reported, our economic development staff is spearheading the Innovation and Economic Vitality Work Program […]

Today I write in praise of pausing

This is a column in praise of the pause. I’ve been pausing for things all my life, but I recently realized that some pauses ― not the traffic-signal type ― contain hidden wealth. The other day I was trying to remember who sang “If You Could Read My Mind.” I pictured the singer’s face and […]

What do you think? How will you vote on Measure P?

Rohan Mohapatra student, Davis: “No, because water rates should be allocated fairly based on how much you’re using.” Will Colburn student, Davis: “Yes, because then the rates would be lower.” Enrique Arechiga student, Davis: “Yes, because the rates are cheaper.” Jennifer Kim student, Davis: “Yes, because repealing the rates and making them lower would be […]

Simple tips for healthy eyes

By Michael Vovakes, MD Your eyes are an important part of your health. There are many things you can do to keep them healthy and make sure you are seeing your best. Follow these simple steps for healthy eyes. * Have a complete eye exam — visit your eye care professional and have a full […]

No home, no car, no more backing down

Dear Annie: When my husband died, my daughter, “Emma,” insisted that I move in with her to take over the child care, cooking, cleaning, etc. One of my requirements was bringing my dog. Emma knows “Maisie” is a barker, but promised it wouldn’t be a problem. Emma began seeing a fine young man, who moved […]

Cheers and Jeers: We’re making progress on water rates

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the Davis City Council for heeding the community’s concerns about convoluted and confusing water rates, and giving clear direction to its newly constituted Utility Rate Advisory Committee. That panel will come back to the council with some […]

Demand a fair share on rates

The City Council and those who devised the consumption-based fixed rate water charges say that the rates are fair because ratepayers will pay in proportion to their maximum usage. This is not true. Single-family homeowners will pay 40 percent more per gallon of water than will owners of multi-family units. This is because the rates […]

Ensure fairness: Yes on P

Trust us — we will get it right! One week before the election, the City Council is considering recommendations developed by the new Utility Rate Advisory Committee. It appears that the Sacramento River water project costs have been reduced, and as a result, the Davis water rates also can be reduced. The last quoted figure […]

Threat of opting out looms

Consumption-based fixed rates for water usage are underway. Total “summer usage” (May 1-Oct. 31) determines the “supply charge” we pay each month of the following year. (2014 usage determines 2015 charges, etc.). “Supply charges,” which are 67 percent of our water bill, cover certain fixed costs related to water supply and treatment. In effect, because the “supply […]

Give council mandate on rates

It’s not enough for the current council to say the water rates and rate structure need fixing and promise to do so. The reason to vote yes on Measure P is to repeal the current rates/rate structure and ensure that the incoming council has the mandate to promptly fix them. A victory on Measure P […]

Re-elect Rochelle Swanson

I threw my enthusiastic support behind Rochelle Swanson back when she first ran in 2010 and I’m happy to do so again. She has stayed true to her herself and our city in her four years in office. She remains an excellent negotiator, listening to all sides of the conversation. She has also continued to […]

Parrella connects with community

Have you had the opportunity to meet Daniel Parrella? He’s the 23-year-old candidate running for a seat on the Davis City Council. Having grown up in Davis and gone through our schools, he knows this community. He is walking precincts five hours a day meeting people, talking about the issues and connecting with the community. […]

Ask candidates about raise

This July, the City Council’s raise takes effect. Passed last September, it is a 70-percent increase at a time of citywide financial challenge: The city projects a $5 million deficit for the fiscal year; the council asks voters to approve and extend sales taxes; and city employees adjust to compensation cuts while bracing for future […]

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