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Daughter shows signs of OCD

Dear Annie: My wife and I are a little concerned about our 30-year-old daughter, “Amber.” Every day, she spends an hour brushing her teeth and five full minutes washing her hands and then rechecks the same things about five times. Amber says she can’t control it and it’s hard to stop. This has been going […]

Enjoy great local theater

Until Aug. 3, all of you folks who have wanted great local theater have a chance to see “She Loves Me” at the Veterans’ Memorial Theater right here in Davis. No trek to Sacramento and no threat of traffic jams. “She Loves Me” is a delightful revival musical. The whole cast can sing beautifully. We understood […]

Movie credits: a tax break that actually works

Businesses are moving out of California — or at least building new plants in other states — in droves because this is such a high-tax state. That’s the frequent claim of Republican politicians who have tried to bludgeon Democrats for years with the issue. The idea has been repeated so often it is widely accepted as truth, […]

And a fun time is had by ALL!

By Andy Jones On July 10, I attended the commemoration and launch of a new universally accessible play area at the north end of Central Park. The event was hosted by City Councilwoman Rochelle Swanson, and supported by other city dignitaries such as Davis Board of Education member Gina Daleiden and Will Arnold, a field representative for […]

Not feeling the holiday spirit

Dear Annie: Every year, my grandmother and I go to my cousins’ house for Christmas. This year is different for me. I have had the miracle of God helping me overcome some major addictions in my life. I’ve expressed to my uncle that I do not feel like I know who my cousins are now […]

Grandma has no time for them

Dear Annie: My husband and I have three children, two of whom recently graduated college. We knew the dates of the graduations five months in advance, and we told my mother, the only grandparent they have. We told her how much we wanted her to attend and celebrate the accomplishments of her two oldest grandchildren. […]

No more fish in the sea?

Dear Annie: I am a single mother of a wonderful 5-year-old son and am expecting another baby in the winter. My son’s father cheated and lied and then left me for another woman. He briefly came back, and I thought he meant to stay, but it was only a one-night stand. I became pregnant, and […]

The people for whom I am responsible

I was maybe 11 when my father brought Archie home to live with us for a bit. Archie was ruddy and a little loud, but gentle and gracious, especially at dinner. Archie had no job or home. For who knows how many reasons, he could not reconcile his memories of Vietnam with the reality of a […]

The failures of capitalism

I love capitalism. I truly believe it is the best system in existence. Whether you want to call it greed or ambition, a capitalistic system drives people to seek success. As Warren Buffett said, it is this system that makes America the most successful country in the world, not something exceptional in the individuals that make […]

All law officers need Crisis Intervention Team training

By Bob Schelen Isla Vista. Fullerton. A Los Angeles freeway. These are all places where training in handling people with mental illness may have made a difference. In Isla Vista, someone might have noticed a behavior pattern that would have warranted a search or a 5150 hold, and a mass killing may have been stopped. […]

Early prison releases are a political hazard, too

From early in his career, Gov. Jerry Brown has had a proclivity for dismissing problems with wisecracks or aphorisms. As early as 1975, in the first term of his first go-‘round as California’s top official, he mocked university professors’ pleas for pay raises by saying they didn’t need more money, but could make do with […]

Don’t like the look of this storm

“You haven’t written about my illness,” my husband says. “That means it’s really affecting you.” He’s right. My silence in this column does mean his illness feels scary, as any heart ailment would. His illness is also complex and confusing. My heart is as troubled as his. Which leads me to an observation: getting older […]

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