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Don’t build near a freeway

A few years ago, I cited a peer-reviewed medical journal article that described the adverse effects on lung development in children who grow up close to a freeway as a major reason why the city of Davis should not locate the New Harmony project in South Davis so close to Interstate 80. Noted UC Davis […]

Sports discussion is long overdue

Sunday’s op-ed piece by Nancy Peterson, “We Must Protect All of Our Children,” was informative and distressing. I appreciated Peterson outlining the restrictions incumbent on her as a public official, i.e., school board member, when it involves personnel issues. These have been stated before but were worth repeating as there seem to be continued misunderstandings […]

Fault lies with superintendent

The Davis Joint Unified School District, once considered a standard for administrative excellence, is in shambles. Since the superintendent was hired, he has managed to botched the hiring and firing of Jeff Christian, Amanda Ryan, Rob Cole and Julie Crawford; caused popular coaches Dan Gonzalez, Ashley Yudin and Steve Smyte to reconsider their career options; […]

Our kids are learning important life lessons

By Jamie and Kirsten Gilardi Kudos to The Enterprise for continuing its coverage in news articles and Bob Dunning’s artful pieces on the school board’s ongoing Davis High School coaching scandal. Like many Davis residents, we chose to relocate here decades ago largely because of the vibrant community and outstanding school system. But until now, […]

Why trust them with more money?

Before you vote, yes or no, on the City Council’s proposal to increase the sales tax in Davis another half-cent — from 8 percent to 8.5 percent — you should know where your money is going. The city figures the larger levy will generate $3.61 million per year. Most of that will go to higher […]

He wants more out of marriage

Dear Annie: I’d give anything to be intimate with my wife, in any form. We’ve been married for 18 years. We have not made love in more than three. We also don’t hold hands, hug, kiss or cuddle. We have pleasant conversations, and I would classify us as compatible roommates. My wife once had a […]

Bike barriers on Fifth Street

The Davis General Plan redesign of Fifth Street states that “bike lanes can be accomplished with just paint and new traffic signal heads at the F and G streets intersections.” We also will need physical barriers to make riding a bike on Fifth Street a safe, smart option. Statistics show when barrier-protected bike lanes are […]

Allow a vote on Co-op manager

In firing Eric Stromberg, the Davis Food Co-op board of directors offered neither justification nor reason for its action. The board indicates that it wants a new direction, but has never discussed this with Stromberg, who has been at the helm of the store for 14 years. If the board has a new strategic direction, […]

Keep local businesses alive

This is an open letter to the city of Davis Planning Commission: Last week, my wife and I learned that my barber and her nail salon owner are on the brink of being forced out of their present locations (the building at the southwest corner of Third and G streets) along with other merchants. They […]

Taking out the garbage

The issue: Leaf bins will help city meet its mandate Davis has always been on the cutting edge of environmental progress, and whenever presented with a challenge, we’ve been able to ditch the old ways and do our part to help. SO IT IS now, as state government pushes toward a net zero waste future, […]

‘Doonesbury’ dives back to the beginning during Trudeau’s hiatus

We’ve all been warned: Be careful what you wish for. Last summer, Garry Trudeau took an extended leave from “Doonesbury” to write and produce “Alpha House,” an Amazon Instant Video comedy. Starring John Goodman, this political satire about four Republican senators sharing a house in Washington ended in a raucous finale last month that viewers […]

Water rationing: If it comes, do it right

Despite heavy mid-February rains that briefly drenched Northern California and the respectable ensuing snowfall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the California drought remains. In fact, it is still more severe than the worst previous dry spell of modern times, which hit in 1976-77. Short of millennial downpours in late winter or early spring, this means […]

Nobody is reaching out

Dear Annie: My sister complains that our mother (who can be narcissistic and self-centered) has never reached out to her son. “Mitch” is now 25, and Mom has never tried to get to know him. Mom sent my daughter (now 33) on trips to Europe and would visit us often, but did not do the […]

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