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Breakfast was a sincere thank-you

On Saturday, March 1, the Yolo Food Bank held its annual Pig Day Breakfast to thank the community for its generous support throughout the year. The breakfast was part of the city of Davis’ annual Pig Day celebration at the Davis Farmers Market. Despite the rain, 750 community members joined the Food Bank for a delicious […]

Honor a fair vote in Crimea

I hereby propose the following solution to the Crimea crisis: Postpone the Crimea referendum on joining Russia for two months, so that the Ukrainian government has time to present its case for Crimea staying with Ukraine. Give the Ukrainian government unfettered access to the Crimean news media, move Russian troops back to their barracks to […]

Putin is in good company

We have needed something to feel righteous about, and the Crimea situation affords us a righteous opportunity to demonize “Putin” — who is no longer President Putin, but just plain “Putin.” But before we get too carried away with our purity, we should pause to reflect that President Putin has lots of precedence for this […]

David Brooks: The leaderless doctrine

We’re in the middle of a remarkable shift in how Americans see the world and their own country’s role in the world. For the first time in half a century, a majority of Americans say that the United States should be less engaged in world affairs, according to the most recent Pew Research Center survey. […]

Teachers, too, want to be ‘absent of fear’

By Blair Howard, Frank Thomsen, Cathy Haskell, Gail Mitchell, Tim Paulson, Ruthie Bowers and Connie Alexich The Davis Teachers Association finds Nancy Peterson’s resignation statement quite interesting. According to The Enterprise report, Peterson said, “Over the years, countless families have expressed fear about the perils of challenging staff when wrongdoing is perceived. Most do not […]

Old note raises suspicions

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for more than 50 years and once had a very enjoyable and compatible sex life, even though my husband didn’t want any children and refused to discuss it. After 27 years of wedded bliss, my husband had major surgery. He developed erectile dysfunction and became afraid […]

Moral hazard and our economy

The moral hazard occurs in a situation in which a party engages in risky behavior because a bad outcome, should it occur, will impact another party. So, the person taking the risk is, in essence, insulated. The rocky road of the United States economy in the past six years or so epitomizes the moral hazard […]

Congress must oppose fast-track

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement that could devastate our climate and our environment. It would elevate corporations to the level of nations, thus allowing foreign companies to directly sue governments in private trade tribunals over laws and policies that corporations allege reduce their profits. It also would open the floodgates for the […]

Thank you, Nancy Peterson

I am writing to thank Nancy Peterson for her service on the Davis school board. Though her tenure was short, her willingness to vote her conscience provides a template for Davis citizens to express their opinions honestly, without regard to acclaim or disdain. For it is the freedom to speak from one’s heart that sets […]

Firing is very uncooperative

The shaded move to fire Eric Stromberg is the antithesis of a co-op organization and spirit. There has been no response to questions and requests for further information about this action from the Davis Food Co-op board. Without a fuller hearing and understanding of this dismissal, some members are reluctantly planning to withdraw equity shares […]

Save all of our streets

Does the City of Davis realize that grass is growing in the many cracks in the pavement of Covell Boulevard? Where will the funds come from to repair this busy thoroughfare and other deteriorating streets? In contrast to this neglect, the city has been pursuing a boondoggle road diet on Fifth Street, turning it from […]

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