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She has talent and temperament

All of the lawyers in this firm — Gardner, Janes, Nakken, Hugo & Nolan — urge your support for the election of Janene Beronio for judge of the Yolo County Superior Court. We need to retain experienced judges in our Yolo County courts. Commissioner Beronio has performed judicial duties for Yolo County for more than […]

Beronio has the experience

It’s election season, when voters will hear, evaluate and elect officials from many qualified candidates. Most voters, however, will never have the opportunity to evaluate the skills of a Superior Court judge. It takes at least five years for a judge to master the nuances of the job. It’s not just about knowing and applying […]

Cohen would be an excellent judge

I am honored to endorse Fredrick (Rick) Cohen for election to the California Superior Court in Yolo County. Rick is a California State Bar certified specialist in family law. He is a graduate of UC Davis School of Law with 25 years of experience in Yolo and Sacramento courts. For several years, Rick has served […]

Our view: Elevate Beronio to Superior Court judgeship

Yolo County voters have the rare opportunity this spring to elect a Superior Court judge who has spent the past 25 years basically doing the job already. She is uniquely qualified for the job she seeks. COURT COMMISSIONER Janene Beronio has the support of every sitting and retired judge in Yolo County, as well as […]

There’s money for some things …

Dear Annie: When my birthday was coming up, I told my wife about a piece of technology I really wanted and asked her to buy it for me. It cost $300. She said it was too expensive and didn’t get me anything except a card. In the past three weeks, she has purchased three birthday […]

Munn is fiscally responsible

I am supporting John Munn for City Council. We desperately need a change on the City Council. John Munn is our best hope to bring fiscal discipline and a fresh approach to the challenges facing the city of Davis. For 40 years, I have heard our council members promote affordable housing and speak to the […]

Experience matters; choose Sam

I’m writing this letter to express my support for Sam Neustadt as the next Yolo County superintendent of schools. As a teacher at Douglass Middle School in Woodland for the past eight years, I feel it is vital for our next county superintendent to have teaching experience at the K-12 level. Sam has many years […]

Neustadt is the right choice

The elected office of Yolo County superintendent of schools has never been more important to the Davis community. Beginning with the passage of Assembly Bill 1200 (Eastin-1991), the Yolo County Office of Education has held legal oversight of the Davis Joint Unified School District budget. Under California’s new Local Control Funding Formula, YCOE will now […]

Forum explores candidates’ values

Are you ready for the upcoming City Council election? No? Are you wishing you could sit down with the candidates and ask your own questions? This is the last week to submit a suggested question for the candidates for next Monday. Come to the Community Values Forum with the City Council candidates on Monday at […]

Vote, even for a few offices

As the spring election approaches, the old concern about low voter turnout arises again. I wonder if all eligible voters are aware of the fact that they do not have to grapple with all the initiatives and offices listed on the ballot. Their ballot entries will be counted even if all the slots are not […]

An easy-living community for all

By George T. Hague The city of Davis and The New Home Company can be justly proud of the recent groundbreaking for The Cannery. This will be a more livable, safer, more socially interactive community because it is being created around the principles of universal design. Universal design strengthens housing policy, enables human interaction within […]

This doesn’t ring true

Dear Annie: My 32-year-old son is currently traveling overseas on business. He is staying at a hotel, but he visited my sister’s house to see his aunt and his grandma, who live near his place of business. My niece and her husband also came by to see my son. My son spent a few hours […]

Our view: Send Krovoza to Sacramento

The issue: Davis’ mayor is the best choice for 4th Assembly District Mayor Joe Krovoza likes to talk about “fiscally sustainable systems” on the campaign trail. As a political catch phrase, it’s not exactly “yes we can.” But at a time when the state is beginning to turn the corner economically, and the temptation is to […]

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