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And now for the top-10 list …

Ten reasons to vote for Robb Davis for Davis City Council: 10) He does not own a car and actually cares about his carbon footprint. He will take a train rather than fly in a plane. 9) He bikes everywhere (even camping…). 8) He holds bike rodeos at the local schools. 7) He will come […]

Fantastic Fowl Food Frolic fun

Half of the available tickets for the fifth annual Tour de Cluck are already sold; the rest are expected to go quickly between now and the backyard chicken coop crawl on Saturday, May 24. Tickets are still available at the Davis Farmers Market on Saturday and during the week at the Davis Food Co-op, Hibbert […]

Striving for zero waste at Celebrate Davis!

Don’t miss it What: Celebrate Davis!, featuring food, a business expo, a family fun zone, music and fireworks When: 4:30-9:15 p.m. Thursday Where: Community Park Admission: Free About 10,000 people are expected to gather at Community Park on Thursday to attend Celebrate Davis!, an event sponsored by the Davis Chamber of Commerce that features more […]

On Mother’s Day the heart opens to gains, losses

I’ve been thinking about Mother’s Day. Last night I had a new baby. This was my third child, a boy with a thin face, blond hair and blue eyes. My husband, who is Chinese-American, didn’t seem concerned about his appearance, and I was thrilled, never thinking about being in my 60s and the problems this […]

You’d think Lewinsky was the Devil in a Blue Dress

OK, I cringed when I saw the New York Post headline, too: My Life Sucks! plastered in about a 5,000-point font with Monica Lewinsky’s face right beside it. From a “selling newspapers” perspective, the headline is brilliant. From a human perspective, it’s just tacky. My immediate reaction was that Monica’s re-emergence after all these years […]

It’s time for someone to make a choice

Dear Annie: Six months ago, I became involved with a man 20 years my senior. It has become evident that his ex-wife is still very much in the picture. They divorced 30 years ago, when he found out she was cheating. He gave her the house and half of his earnings until their children were […]

Vote no on Measure O

Several weeks ago, I participated in a focus group composed of city business owners to discuss our municipal budget problems and to provide feedback. The information provided by the city was shocking. Previous City Councils had grossly over-compensated and over-expanded our city labor, and to hide the extent of our problems, moved money between accounts […]

Refuting criticism of Measure P

Proponents of Measure P have raised four objections consistently to the consumption-based fixed rate water rate structure: 1) increased cost, 2) fairness to homeowners, 3) conservation will not lower cost and 4) the CBFR is too complicated. Consideration of each of these objections should be made in deciding whether to vote yes or no on […]

What do you think? What’s a popular ‘mom-ism’ in your household?

Elsa Young student, Davis: “Remember to be RRF: responsible, respectful and fun to be with.” Abby Meyer student, Davis: “She always says, ‘Oh that was one word too many” after she explains something.” Vivi Kirsch student, Davis: “Are you wearing sunscreen?” Katie Slabach student, Davis: “Katie! Do the dishes.” Chloe Sommer student, Davis: “I asked […]

Measure P is cost-free

By Sue Greenwald I am grateful that The Davis Enterprise editorial board took the time to talk with both sides of the Measure P issue, and that they agree that we should either dispense with the new water rate structure (the consumption-based fixed rates), or at a minimum switch from a summer month to a […]

Just Us in Davis: Celebrate youth equity leadership

Learn more What: Annual student research presentation by students in Race and Social Justice in U.S. History classes When: 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 14 Where: Davis High School Library, 315 W. 14th St. Admission: Free “I am so sorry for what we did to you people!” The year was 2009, not long after the first inauguration of President Barack Obama. […]

Holding on to the last of the smallpox

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than three decades after the eradication of smallpox, U.S. officials say it’s still not time to destroy the last known stockpiles of the virus behind one of history’s deadliest diseases. The world’s health ministers meet later this month to debate, again, the fate of vials held under tight security in two […]

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