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Teachers support Fernandes

As the Davis Teachers Association Political Action Committee, representing a variety of educators from across the district, we have been working over the past month to interview, research and seek input on the candidates running for school board and seeking appointment to the board. Many of the candidates are qualified, but we feel after our […]

Our view: Elect Swanson and Davis to council

A strong field of candidates for the Davis City Council gives voters an opportunity to return a hard-working veteran to the dais and welcome a political newcomer who has been called a “gifted thinker.” We are pleased to recommend that you give Rochelle Swanson and Robb Davis your votes. SWANSON’S CAMPAIGN motto is “Finding Common […]

Building a foundation for Davis economic development

By Rob White I have been asked by several community members over the past few weeks to give a detailed reporting on what is being done in economic development by the city of Davis. More specifically, I have been asked to enumerate what have been the tangible results of the work of the chief innovation […]

Free parking is no myth

By Glen Holstein Barbara West’s April 17 opinion piece claiming free parking is a myth mixes the obvious with the misleading. Parking lots do cost for land and construction but mall stores gladly provide free parking because it increases sales more than enough to offset its costs. Street parking is different. Roads and streets are […]

Experiment grows new muscle in men’s injured legs

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists implanted thin sheets of scaffolding-like material from pigs into a few young men with disabling leg injuries — and say the experimental treatment coaxed the men’s own stem cells to regrow new muscle. The research, funded by the Defense Department, included just five patients, a small first step in the complex […]

Latest bounce lands him here

Dear Annie: My brother-in-law, “Tom,” lives with us because he is not able to hold a job. Fifteen years ago, he moved to the Midwest with his wife and children. He was there for a year, and then his wife divorced him. We paid for his ticket home, and he lived with us for three […]

Cheers and Jeers: We’re losing a good one

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to John Meyer, who’s wrapping up an impressive career as UC Davis’ vice chancellor for administrative and resource management. A UCD alumnus, he joined the campus staff 14 years ago, after a 10-year stint as Davis’ city manager. His responsibilities […]

Reducing stigma, seeking parity

By Nancy Temple and Pamela Martineau As a society, we have a long way to go in reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and filling the huge gaps in services for treating mental health issues. But this May — during National Mental Health Month — it’s important to measure our progress, along with our needs. […]

Dot that i in ‘divorce’

Dear Annie: I was widowed five years ago, after 36 years of marriage. Recently, I reunited with my boyfriend from junior high school. “Harry” is in the final weeks of a divorce. It turns out that Harry and I are very much in love. Unfortunately, my oldest daughter is extremely angry that I am dating […]

Yolo Crisis Nursery needs our help

The issue: Community donations, government funds will save lives One child, one day. If only 2,000 of us step up and donate $50 — the amount needed to provide care for one child for one day at the Yolo Crisis Nursery — we’ll have reached a goal of raising $100,000 in community support to save […]

Teachers will speak out on raise

Teachers were noticeably absent from the recent Yolo County Board of Education meeting where Superintendent Jorge Ayala’s raise was slated for action. Official confirmation of the rumored 7.5 percent proposed increase to the superintendent’s salary came only days prior to the start of most school districts’ spring break. Consequently, the majority of Yolo Education Association […]

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