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The strain becomes too much

Dear Annie: I have been with “Robert” for three years, and we have been through a lot. We’ve always had financial issues, but six months ago, we had to give up our baby girl for adoption because we couldn’t care for her properly. Emotionally, this has destroyed both of us, but thankfully, I began going […]

The gift that really matters

Dear Annie: As a father of three, I always find Father’s Day a little misleading. Kids don’t have to purchase an overpriced card or tie to show their appreciation. I’d rather they simply keep doing what they are already doing: working hard in school. They don’t have to be scholars or make the honor roll […]

Hibbert Lumber: a community jewel

All of the members of the Panache Pony Club, Sierra Pacific Region of the United States Pony Club, wish to extend a huge, warm thank-you to Hibbert Lumber for lending us needed equipment recently. While the members of Panache Pony Club were hosting a regional competition, Hibbert’s lent us a truckload of equipment needed to […]

Celebrate Davis! a team effort

On behalf of the Davis Chamber of Commerce, I would like to acknowledge and thank those individuals who made the 11th annual Celebrate Davis! a success. This event is the Chamber’s largest annual event with many working parts, seen and unseen. Firstly, thank you to the Celebrate Davis Committee, composed of Chamber board members and ambassadors, […]

Saylor truly supports YCCC

Once again, Don Saylor has shown his support to Yolo Community Care Continuum. Over the years, Don has been a vocal advocate and generous supporter of people with a mental illness in Yolo County. This time, he has given the clients and staff tickets to a River Cats baseball game, a fun outing that allows YCCC […]

Cook’s Showcase a big success

Davis Community Meals would like to sincerely thank all who attended and supported our Davis Cook’s Showcase on Sunday, May 18. The event was a great success due to your support. The event was festive and enjoyed by all who came. Thank you to the Davis Odd Fellows and Dody Black for sponsoring the event […]

Transportation policies must bolster our economy

By George Hague Glenn Holstein (“Free Parking is No Myth”) makes an excellent point in his May 4 op-ed piece. While the lifeblood of a community’s economic viability depends on the movement of goods and people, the city of Davis had chosen to build its transportation policy around environmental concerns at the expense of the […]

After graduation, keep up one school habit

In the midst of all the high-flying advice given to new graduates, I want to offer something small that I wish I had started sooner and continued longer. Taking notes. When you’re a student, note taking is a daily activity. In class you take notes on paper or computer; at home you take notes in […]

Horse sense: My parents would have loved to own that loser

“What an amateur.” That was my first thought after hearing California Chrome owner Steve Coburn rant and whine after the horse’s disappointing performance in the Belmont Stakes. We all exhaled in disappointment when the chance to see the first Triple Crown winner since 1978 dissolved when California Chrome finished fourth. OK, you lost. Don’t be […]

There are limits to this sort of thing

Dear Annie: Is there such a thing as an addiction to charitable giving? I cannot seem to say no to anyone with a need or a hard-luck story. I give generously to my church, wildlife organizations, cancer funds, fire fighter causes and on and on. I give to a number of animal charities. Most folks […]

Heroes for the Taliban

President Obama has traded to the Taliban five terrorists for one AWOL soldier prisoner of war. So now, this act invites the Taliban to kidnap more soldiers and trade them, with Obama’s help, for all the rest of their Taliban terrorist buddies being held at Guantanamo. Then Obama can fulfill his election promise of closing […]

Animal welfare at the State Fair

The California State Fair (July 11-27) will feature some positive changes this year, but for the wrong reasons. There’ll be no sows and piglets in those brutal “farrowing crates” (a violation of Penal Code 597t), not due to humane concerns, but to fears of the fatal pig virus now sweeping the country. Nor will there […]

Limit power plants’ pollution

The Earth’s climate is getting warmer, and humans are responsible. That’s not my opinion, that’s a fact supported by more than 97 percent of climate scientists. The outcome over the next 50 years and beyond could include massive heat waves, prolonged drought, extreme weather and the mass extinction of species. The good news is we […]

Overturn Citizens United Act

It is essential that we get big corporate and millionaire/billionaire money out of politics. To do this, we must overrule the U.S. Supreme Court with a constitutional amendment limiting political contributions. This does not limit free speech, but rather political contributions. It’s a complete distortion by the court to say that money is speech, or […]

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