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Some proactive steps to take when Mercury goes retrograde

Gotten in any great arguments lately? Sent a scathing email? Unfriended people on Facebook like flicking off fleas? Or maybe your computer crashed, or your cell phone got glitchy, or a little computer gizmo in your car just went belly up and will cost $500 to replace? Blame Mercury. Well, some of us do. Meanwhile, […]

Afraid to for her to know

Dear Annie: My girlfriend of two years has just asked whether we should move in together. I am currently living with my parents, so we would be living at her place. I’m not sure how to respond to “Dayna’s” request. I don’t want her to think I don’t like her. But at the age of […]

Gunrock unveiled: What do you know about the UC Davis mascot?

By Susanne Rockwell In celebration of Gunrock’s 100th birthday, we’ve created this quiz to give you a leg up on Aggie tradition. To clear the jumps on this 10-question course, all you need is a little horse sense, UC Davis history and maybe some Web sleuthing — but we warn you, not all websites have […]

Integrating county services is a good thing

By Bob Schelen When I was first told about the possible integration of three Yolo County departments — Health; Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health; and Employment and Social Services — I was skeptical. I was concerned that after years of struggling to bring parity (with physical health) to mental health issues and concerns, that mental […]

How a meeting with MLK changed a Davisite’s life

By David L. Johnson Rodney Robinson, a 26-year resident of Davis, is part of a small universe of people in the United States. In a side room at a Baptist church in San Francisco in 1967, Robinson engaged in a 25 minute one-on-one meeting with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Robinson’s journey into progressive […]

What do you think? How involved should parents be in their child’s high school athletic career?

Amanda Harter event coordinator, Redding: “I think in any endeavor they should be supportive of their kids, but some parents take it too far. Sports can be a great outlet but if they put too much pressure it can be counterproductive.” Maria Lampe student, Davis: “I think they should really be supporting them. I think […]

Why juice fasting is more than just a fad

By Aimee Kuvadia Joe Cross had a choice: Get healthy or die. “I’m 41. I’m fat. And I’m sick,” the Australian native humbly admits in his 2010 aptly named documentary, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” “You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out what’s next.” For more than 20 years, Cross was the archetypal […]

Cheers and Jeers: Discount tickets lure students to the symphony

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the Mondavi Center for drawing a large, enthusiastic audience — including more than 500 university students — to last week’s performance by the San Francisco Symphony. Mondavi packed in the youths by offering $10 seats for UCD […]

Joint fundraiser a big success

Many thanks to all who helped make our double fundraiser at International House, Davis, on Saturday, Feb. 15, so successful. Colors of Divine Love: A Musical Journey with Poet-Saints of India was a fundraising concert for Sahaya International and International House, Davis, and attracted a standing-room-only crowd. Vocalist Jayanti Sahasrabuddhe, narrator Arvind Kansal and instrumentalists […]

What goes around …

What a kick to read in Tuesday’s Sacramento Bee that billionaire Tom Steyer plans to use Citizens United (which he opposes) to get together as much as $100 million to “pressure federal and state officials to enact climate change measures” in the immediate future. We, the people, can join his effort by supporting carbon taxes, government investment […]

Distill drinkable water from ocean

The Enterprise of Feb. 16 has an article on Page A2 from the Associated Press on President Obama’s statement about satisfying California needing water. No mention is made of the never-ending supply from the ocean along 800 miles of California coast. Also no one anywhere mentions how California’s abundant sunshine can be utilized to distill […]

Each of us can conserve water

Despite recent rains, the staggering proportions of the current drought affect us all. Even little children seem to be aware. Last week, our 8-year-old granddaughter living in another state asked, “Grandpa, how’s the drought?” Her question and a recent Woodland City Council meeting on a water conservation ordinance have caused me to reflect on some […]

Kids showing signs of stress?

Dear Annie: One of our darling granddaughters started to pull out her eyelashes at around age 9. We expressed our concern to our son. Shortly after, we were told that our granddaughter was seeing a counselor to address this behavior. We were so relieved when she stopped. But about a year later, she started again. […]

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