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Dig it! The secrets of soil

By Karen Ross A walk through any of California’s 700 certified farmers markets is all it takes to make the point: This state’s farms are something special. Our farmers are innovators —as creative as they are productive, to the tune of $42.6 billion worth of agricultural produce and commodities a year. But they have a lot of […]

We debate what’s important in Davis’ history

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the week off. This column first ran in 2007. When people labeled O.J. Simpson’s trial “the trial of the century,” I groaned. What about the Scopes trial, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, or Brown vs. the Board of Education? I may not study history, but I do know that you […]

Less doesn‘t have to mean ‘none’

Dear Annie: My husband and I are both in our 60s and have had a mutually loving and enjoyable sex life. We were intimate once or twice a week. Until now. ”Bill” recently was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and we have elected to do nothing aggressive. The doctor suggested “dutiful watching.” Bill has some erectile […]

Heed importance of agriculture

Sen. Dianne Feinstein does not deserve being blasted by members of the state Legislature nor being characterized as being “owned” by “big ag” to destroy the delta in the political cartoon in The Enterprise. She took a gutsy and justified step in pushing back against the over-reaching demands and onerous regulations driven by the environmental groups […]

Support for U.S.-U.N. relations

A new poll released recently by the Better World Campaign has found that even during this polarizing political time, there is one issue that most voters agree on: The United States cannot solve the world’s problems alone. Eighty-six percent of American voters agree that it is important for the United States to maintain an active role […]

Train instead of water?

Drought. Israel knows a thing or two about it, and that nation has been building desalination plants. And California? No, California plans to build a bullet train that few people will ride and, for the time being, costs $68 billion for a few miles. But water experts will proclaim that providing desalinated water is too expensive. […]

Data sets show little warming

Unfortunately, the federal government and the politically motivated Environmental Protection Agency are damaging America’s economy by blocking the development of needed energy resources of oil and natural gas based on an unproved and implausible theory that human activities are leading to undesirable global climate warming. A recent issue of Science Magazine (April 25, Vol. 344, page 348, www.sciencemag.org) reports […]

Pay now, or pay later

The National Climate Assessment released in May tells us that climate change is happening now. Not some future time, but now. We see examples all around us —12 inches of rain in 12 hours in Dubuque, Iowa, 22 inches of rain awash in the streets of Miami, 102 degrees in May in Kansas, our own record […]

First 5 Yolo looks for future funding collaborations

By Don Saylor and Donita Stromgren A couple of significant events are in the works for First 5 Yolo. First, we are preparing for our next comprehensive strategic planning process, which will result in new funding priorities in 2015. Second, the annual funds available for investing in Yolo County children from birth through age 5 […]

Crude-oil trains through Davis: It’s time for action

Learn more What: Workshop on how to respond to a draft EIR, featuring a PowerPoint presentation by Davis city staffer Mike Webb, sponsored by Yolano Climate Action When: 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, June 18 Where: Davis Community Church Fellowship Hall, 421 D St. Info: www.yolanoclimateaction.org and www.cooldavis.org I’m proud of our city. The Davis City Council […]

What do you think? What advice would you give a high school graduate?

Nicholas Depsky environmental consultant, Davis: “Go to college, but don’t spend too much money.” Sydney Maguire student, Davis: “Get involved in something you’re passionate about.” Lorenzo Hertz student, Davis: “Don’t die.” Wesley Sagewalker student, Murphys: “Try to stay true to your priorities, but don’t hesitate to let them change.” Lizzy Rueda student, Davis: “Don’t party […]

Tightening our greenbelts

The issue: “Infill” tends to lose its appeal when the shovel hits the ground It’s the sort of idea that’s guaranteed to stir controversy in Davis: Knock down a larger “ranchette” property and turn it and the surrounding green space into multiple parcels for home construction. Paso Fino, a project approved years ago for four homes, […]

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