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It’s time to move on

Much has been said and written in the Davis media about the Crawford/Peterson complaint, and some of it has been speculative. For the record, we briefly recap the appeal process. The Davis school board reviewed the facts of an independent investigation conducted on behalf of the district, listened closely to the statements of the parties […]

Oil explosion imperils downtown

The following is excerpted from comments to the Davis City Council: I want to share my thoughts about oil tanker trains coming through the city of Davis. If they are not stopped from coming through Davis, then I will have to find alternatives to shopping downtown. The AT&T store on F Street has an alternate […]

Don’t revert to discrimination

The state Senate recently passed SCA 5, a constitutional amendment that proposes to exclude California’s public university system from the state Constitution’s requirement to “not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.” The bill is awaiting action in the Assembly; […]

Is there really a fiscal crisis?

We’ve been told that the city is in such bad financial shape that we’ll be voting soon on whether to approve an increase and extension to Davis’ sales tax to raise many millions extra for the city’s general fund. We’ve been told that without the increased sales tax, the only way for the city to […]

Let kids build character

Boy, what a mess. To be clear, I don’t have a dog in the Peterson/Crawford fight — don’t know either party. What I do have, though, are a number of questions. Why wasn’t the Peterson family complaint handled internally? In recent years, families have donated, through the Davis Schools Foundation, hundreds — sometimes thousands — […]

Can she trust this one?

Dear Annie: After 35 years of marriage, my abusive husband asked for a divorce. I had stayed for the children’s sake, but now know that was a mistake. Children grow up thinking abuse is normal. Since the divorce, I have fallen in love with “Derek.” Derek and his ex-wife both engaged in affairs when the […]

Arab world is hungry for knowledge

Since March 2, professor Hossam Haick has been teaching the first massive open online course, or MOOC, on nanotechnology in Arabic. What’s more interesting, though, he explained to me the other day over breakfast, is some of the curious email he’s received from students registering for his MOOC from all over the Arab world. Their […]

Kansas isn’t as flat as you think

By Jerome E. Dobson and Joshua S. Campbell Which U. S. state is flattest? In a recent nationwide poll, 33 percent of respondents said Kansas and 23 percent said Florida. Florida is correct by any measure. Its highest point is only 345 feet above sea level, so no local view can have much relief. Yet […]

Brown called lazy, vulnerable

Jerry Brown has been called a lot of things in his 45-year political career, from “Gov. Moonbeam” to “the old man,” but no one ever accused him of being a do-nothing dud of a politician. Until now. Changing the state’s school-funding formula, balancing the budget after years of deficit, proposing a massive water transportation plan […]

Rethinking our town’s energy future

By Mark Braly, Gerald Braun, Richard Bourne, William Knox, Alan Pryor and Eugene Wilson We have been thinking about a different energy future for Davis. Imagine: * Almost every dollar Davis residents and businesses spend on electrical energy stays in Davis. * All of the community’s electrical power is provided by local sources — mostly […]

Parking in downtown Davis: supply, policy or pricing issue?

Why is it so hard to park in downtown Davis at selected times? I sat through a year of meetings on a task force that was asked to look into the downtown parking situation. The recommendations of that task force were made public at a City Council meeting in December. On Tuesday, March 25, the […]

The scourge of child abuse

By Connie Valentine Did you know April is both National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month? Child abuse is something nobody wants to talk about. Child sexual abuse is something absolutely nobody wants to talk about. But child sexual abuse is happening all over the place. It happens to at least a quarter of […]

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