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Don’t sell city greenbelt

I’m writing to express my opposition to selling off the Paso Fino parcel to developer Taormino and Associates. Recently, Livability.com listed the best 100 cities to live in nationwide, 22 of which were in California. My Davis friends instantly questioned why Davis didn’t make the list and I can see their point. We moved to […]

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Paso Fino project is flawed

The proposed Paso Fino infill project is so flawed it could serve as an illustration of poor planning in a textbook. I don’t live in the neighborhood, but I am deeply disturbed that the city is giving serious consideration to a project that would create so many problems: * Density: The developer wants to jam several […]

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Paso Fino — it’s not worth it

Don’t sell the community’s soul for a small mass of dollars. Keep the trees. Keep the greenbelt. Once sold, they’re gone forever. John E. Moren Davis

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It’s time for Davis Scouts to stand up for what is right

By Torgny Nilsson As a former Scout and the current parent of a Scout who believes Scouting provides incredible benefits to our local youths, to our community and to our country, it has for some time greatly concerned me that none of our local Cub Scout packs or Boy Scout troops appear to have publicly […]

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Maybe David can beat Goliath again

Learn more What: People’s Climate Action Day featuring speakers at noon, music, electric cars and bicycles, action tables and two climate film screenings at Davis Community Church When: 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 21 Where: Central Park Pavilion, Fourth and C streets Info: cooldavis.org I confess I love the climate action days that 350.org organizes each year. I […]

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Building something at schools’ HQ

The issue: District offices are on a prime piece of real estate After years of talking about it, the Davis Board of Education appears ready to redevelop the city block that houses the school district’s administrative offices. SITTING AT the corner of Fifth and B streets, across from Central Park, the property is on a choice […]

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We’re living in the Golden State of emergency

It was one of those nasty dry September evenings. I was sitting on the back patio, looking around at my sad, dry yard. Because of the drought, I’ve severely cut back on watering. The lawn is mostly beige, as are the withered geranium skeletons. My citrus trees are scorched, the cherry trees are yellow and […]

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Options for protection come with flu season

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s time for flu vaccine again and while it’s important for the whole family, this year health officials have some different advice for different ages: Certain kids should opt for the ouchless nasal spray. Seniors, expect to get a new kind of pneumonia shot along with that flu jab. And too many […]

Are we there yet? Not enough hours in the day to goof off

“ ‘Hard work might pay off after time,’ says the adage, ‘but procrastination will always pay off right now.’ ” Wise words from The Economist (Sept. 11), although the publication probably didn’t mean it as life-coaching. In fact, the article goes on to say that “it would be unwise to adopt this advice as a lifestyle […]

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Sick of being the bad guy

Dear Annie: I am a proud father of two young children, who both mind and respect me. I know that kids get in trouble. We were all kids once. The problem is, I am the disciplinarian at home, and I wish my wife and her mother did a little more. They can’t seem to handle […]

Cheers and Jeers: Not the end of the rainbow

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the news that Rainbow City, the beloved playground in the northeast corner of Community Park, is getting a much-needed face lift. Designed by Davis children and built by an army of volunteers in the spring of […]

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Twin tunnels pose a danger

The proposed twin tunnels scheme in the Bay Delta Conservation Plan will cost taxpayers $25 billion, send local water elsewhere, and devastate fishing, delta farms and recreational businesses while threatening animal habitat. A better approach is Congressman John Garamendi’s plan to create more water storage, desalinate water, promote water conservation and recycling. Water is one […]

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