Voice software helps study of rare Yosemite owls

By Tracie Cone YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK (AP) — In the bird world, they make endangered condors seem almost commonplace. The unique great gray owls of Yosemite, left to evolve after glacial ice separated them from their plentiful Canadian brethren 30 millennia ago, are both a mystery and concern to the scientists charged with protecting them. […]

Former chief probation officer accused of improper conduct, ethical conflict

In the weeks leading up to her abrupt resignation as chief probation officer for Yolo County in June, Marjorie Rist was the subject of a grand jury investigation into her relationship with a Utah-based contractor, who was providing risk assessment software and training to the probation department. The grand jury report released on Thursday found […]

Katehi lauded for pointing way for women, girls

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was among 12 women honored last week at the 2012 California STEM Summit for advancing science, technology, engineering and math education initiatives in the state and for being role models for women and girls. “For our economy to thrive in the future, we need more young women, as well as […]

Whole Foods store opens doors on Wednesday

Opening festivities The public is invited to attend a Whole Foods “Harvest Hullabaloo” from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday at the Davis Commons shopping center, 500 First St. in Davis. The event will feature more than 20 local vendors offering samples of various tasty products. Attendees can meet the staff of the new Whole […]

Mural walk finds ‘Hidden Treasures’

It seems a mural springs up on a wall just about every other day in Davis, so Friday’s transmedia mural walk drew large crowds to learn about all the new art. The walk around downtown Davis featured many styles of painting, including “Hidden Treasures” by Myron Stephens. Individuals can take self-guided tours using a phone […]

Lebanese on edge after car bomb linked to Syria

BEIRUT (AP) — Lebanese protesters erected flaming roadblocks and gunmen roamed the streets Saturday in a city on edge after the assassination of a top security official in a powerful car bomb the prime minister linked to the civil war in neighboring Syria. The crisis raised a terrifying specter for Lebanese who fear their country […]

Woodland man killed by car while crossing Highway 113

A 49-year-old Woodland man was killed Friday afternoon when crossing Highway 113 on foot, and allegedly under the influence of alcohol, according to the California Highway Patrol. The Woodland resident was collecting aluminum cans with another man along the highway at 7:30 p.m. when they attempted to walk across the roadway near Gibson Road, CHP […]

Private colleges boom as California universities falter

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California’s public higher education crisis has a flip side: swelling enrollment, expanding faculty, and state-of-the-art construction at the state’s private colleges and universities. With five years of funding cuts causing stumbles in the state’s public higher education systems, California students are increasingly turning to private institutions, as well as out-of-state schools, […]

Summit addresses food insecurity in Yolo County

Food is something Yolo County does very well. From tomatoes to olive oil, rice to walnuts, the county’s land is known far and wide for its bounty. Nearly 1,000 farms cover 540,000 acres of county land, and last year, the gross value of all that agricultural production was nearly $550 million — an all-time high. […]

Police chief, employees honored at annual ceremony

Typically, it’s the Davis police chief who decides who receives the city’s Bill D. Bartholomew Community Policing Ribbon. This time, however, Chief Landy Black found himself on the receiving end of the award. The award is named for Davis’ police chief from 1961 to 1980, best known for his commitment to community-oriented policing. At a […]

A magical Homecoming

The Davis High band marches in the Homecoming Parade through the streets of Davis on Friday. The theme of this year’s Homecoming was a “A Hogwarts Homecoming.” The DHS senior float took on Gryffindor, with Molly Parsons, Gretchen Huston and Natalie Ho as wizards in training. The parade also included fire trucks, various cyclists and […]

Bob Dunning: Where there’s smoke, there’s ‘education’

In its never-ending quest to rid this town of its many evildoers, the Davis City Council on Tuesday will once again consider an ordinance to restrict wood burning inside the city limits. Yes, this is another one of those solutions-in-search-of-a-problem deals we’ve all become accustomed to. Worse yet, the council is being asked to support […]

Waldorf School offers tour Thursday

Parents are invited to tour the Davis Waldorf School campus at 8:30 a.m. Thursday. Visitors will hear an overview of the Waldorf programs, methodology and curriculum; visit classrooms in session; and engage in a question-and-answer session with the school’s enrollment coordinator. The tour, which is for adults only, will last about 90 minutes and conclude […]