Full of hot air

Children and counselors at the Birch Lane Child Development Center watch as owner David Wakefield of Cheers Over California inflates one of the company’s hot-air balloons Thursday morning on the Birch Lane Elementary playground. They watched as the balloon was unrolled and inflated. Some of the counselors then took a short ride aloft.

From mobile vet, dogs recovering from injury, surgery will receive a helping hand

Senior dogs and dogs recovering from an injury or surgery have a new best friend in Lettie Neuhauser-MacLachlan. MacLachlan recently launched Canine Rehabilitation Unleashed, Inc., a mobile veterinary service providing the dog equivalent of human physical therapy, out of her West Davis home. The growing demand for such services reflects the change in how Americans […]

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Living the dream at Village Homes

A dream came true in 1975 for two forward-thinking Davis residents, when construction began on Village Homes, a community that has earned praise worldwide for its groundbreaking, earth-friendly design. Mike and Judy Corbett imagined the green, energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable community before those terms entered the popular lexicon. Today, Village Homes a thriving 70 acres of […]

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DHS grad teaches aspiring actors in Hollywood

Theresa Hayes, a 1975 graduate of Davis High School, was recently promoted to the position director of instruction at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood. The academy opened its doors in 1884 and is the oldest acting conservatory in the English-speaking world with campuses in New York and Hollywood. Hayes graduated from Davis […]

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Made in Yolo: Yummy Dummy chocolate company

When they started the business more than five years ago, the seven Davis girls who own and operate the Yummy Dummy chocolate company had no idea just how few start-ups survive their first year, much less their first five. “We were so young when we started,” said Rowan Foley, now 16. “We just assumed it […]

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Woodland nurses come to cheer, get to perform

Five nurses from Woodland Healthcare dressed up in custom-made party costumes and hired a black limo take them to hear their favorite band — Pink Martini — at the Mondavi Center on Tuesday night. And much to their delight, the five female fans were invited up on stage to sing backup vocals with the band. Penny LeRoy, Carmen Peña, Julie Sheffield, Susie Giger […]

Hertz-Picciotto honored for work in environmental epidemiology

Irva Hertz-Picciotto, an international authority on the effects of environmental exposures on perinatal and neurodevelopmental outcomes with the UC Davis MIND Institute and UCD School of Medicine, received the 2011 John Goldsmith Award for Outstanding Contributions to Environmental Epidemiology from the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology. The Goldsmith award recognizes sustained and innovative contributions to […]

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Local shuttle fan will have front-row seat for final launch

Anthony Wright of Davis was 10 years old watching on television when NASA first sent a space shuttle flight hurtling into the blue. On Friday, if all goes as planned, the space shuttle Atlantis will rocket into space on the program’s 135th and final mission. And Wright, now 40 with a 4-year-old son, will be […]

Point of Brew: Have a brewski! Help your health

It is not often that we brewers get a pat on the back. More often, we get the proverbial shaft and must carry the blame for all the misuses and abuses of alcohol that the careless, the foolish, the inebriated and the addicted can invent. But a pat on the back we brewers have indeed […]

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Sweet, juicy apricots recall days gone by

Buy ‘em locally Double R Ranch Fruit Stand (530) 795-2862 9224 Gaddini Road, Winters Putah Creek Road exit on northbound I-505 Loren Warren’s OMRP (Old Man’s Retirement Plan) 2 miles east of Winters on Road 32/Russell Boulevard The Fruit Tree 415 Grant Ave. (Highway 128) on the western edge of Winters Manas Ranch (530) 787-3228 ManasRanch.com 25838 Road 21A, Esparto […]

Cycle of whimsy

Davis is a famously cycling-obsessed town, but resident Peter Wm. Wagner goes above and beyond in his passion for wheels. His hobby is building hundreds of fanciful cycling creations called Whymcycles. The Whymcycles vary hugely in form, ranging from tiny child-sized handcycles to a 7-foot-tall German wheel. They’re made from materials as diverse as their […]

For the record

A brief item published on Friday’s Senior Living page, describing a hazardous waste pickup service for senior citizens, had an incomplete phone number. The correct number to call is (866) 714-8470.

Hazardous waste pickup offered for seniors

Seniors and disabled Yolo County residents who are unable to drive may schedule a free pickup of hazardous waste materials. To make an appointment for a pickup, call (866) 714-8470. Hazardous materials include old household cleaners, fluorescent bulbs, expired medicines (that don’t contain controlled substances such as morphine, vicodin or codeine), old or unused paints, pesticides […]

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