12 for $40: Super easy meals for summer

Summer is in full swing, and everyone is (oddly) twice as busy as we were in spring. Super easy meals are the answer, along with taking full advantage of the opportunity to cook once and serve twice. “Super Easy” does mean taking advantage of some convenience foods: frozen ravioli, prepared pasta sauce and falafel mix. […]

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Meat goes local

ESPARTO — A meat plant opened Friday in the Capay Valley, linking the animals ranchers raise to the people who like to eat them. About 30 people showed up for the opening of the Manas Ranch Meat Market, a roadside meat processing plant and store in the town of Esparto, on the main highway that […]

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UCD researchers take break for water fight

As scientists, they know water by its chemical formula of H2O: two parts hydrogen combined with one part oxygen. But for 15 minutes a year, they think of it as the key substance inside balloons. Three dozen scientists at UC Davis left their labs Friday afternoon for the ninth annual Bruce Hammock Water Balloon Battle […]

Future subscriber: Braden Luis Marian

David and Gilka Marian are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Braden Luis Marian. He was born on June 17, 2011, in Lodi. He weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces. His father is employed as an engineer. His mother, who graduated from Davis High School in 1992, is a social worker. Braden was welcomed […]

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Elder care and relationship changes: Your significant other

Whether you’ll be providing elder care in your parent’s home or inviting your senior to come live with you, tensions may arise between you and your significant other. Because becoming a caregiver is such an enormous life change, the situation requires frank communication with your partner, both before and after you begin caregiving. Your partner […]

Harry Potter devotees close chapter on piece of childhood

There, there Hagrid. It’s not really goodbye after all. Good luck, Harry Potter. —Professor Albus Dumbledore Sweet sorrow wove through a line that wrapped an entire city block Thursday evening with hundreds of Harry Potter-lovers. Tara Newell, 19, was one of the them and of the millions worldwide who camped outside movie theaters to catch […]

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What’s new to pair with walnuts, figs and anchovies?

A mild allergy kept me away from walnuts for 40 years. “I don’t like them much, anyway,” I told myself grumpily, as I turned my back on dense chocolate brownies and bright spring pesto. When I moved back to Davis, an orchard owner suggested I try Chandlers and surprisingly (to me, not to him), I […]

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Milk board aims at marital issues

SACRAMENTO (AP) — The dairy group behind the “Got Milk?” ads has started a new campaign to encourage men to buy more milk for their wives and girlfriends, something the campaign suggests could salve relationships by helping women fend off the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. The California Milk Processor Board’s statewide “Everything I Do Is […]

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From field to fork: Buying, buttering local corn

When I was a young fellow, we had an impromptu eating contest at a farm lunch with my peers. There’s not much of me, really, but I was born with a stomach on hinges. It opens wide. I believe I ate 11 ears of corn, I’d wager on 10, and I’d testify at the pearly gates that it […]

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Ag guru plants wisdom around the world

Dean Wheeler, a sort of agricultural guru to many farmers, has volunteered all over the globe — from Brazil to Tanzania, Rwanda, Moldova and many places in between. In June, the retired Davis resident advised farmers throughout rural Nicaraguan towns, such as Camoapa, Matagalpa and Jenotega, on post-harvest procedures including washing, bagging and shipping. With […]

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Zero G’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for DHS grad

Now and then, as he’s working at his summer job at the Boeing manufacturing plant in Long Beach, Joshua Rutheiser will find himself thinking back to last month and the week he spent at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. “I still take a second and think about being there and what it felt like,” […]

Field of gold

Fresh sunflowers bloom as the sun peaks out from behind the clouds in a field north of Woodland.

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Pesky pests are damaging young beans

Question: Are pillbugs/sowbugs/roly-polys supposed to damage plants? I thought they only helped break down compost in the garden. What happened? I seem to have them eating my bean seedlings as quickly as they sprout. You are correct that these crustaceans help to compost in a garden. They live in the soil, their principal food source […]

Cooking demonstration offered July 17 at Davis Ace

Davis Ace Hardware will offer a pressure cooking demonstration presented by Chef Judi from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, July 17, in the housewares building, 240 G St. For more than 300 years, cooks around the world have enjoyed meals made using pressure cookers, a store news release says. “Now we have what is known […]