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Ask the Expert: Fleet Feet Davis

Training with Fleet Feet Fleet Feet Sports in Davis is a locally-owned and operated running and fitness specialty store that features footwear, apparel, and accessories for running, walking, yoga, and other fitness activities. As one of a national franchise with 122 locations across the country, Fleet Feet is one of the oldest, having opened in […]

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Ask the Expert: BY DESIGN

12 Tips For A Successful Remodel! By Elma Gardner By Design Remodeling an existing home can prove challenging but with some foresight, common sense and the following tips you can eliminate most of the potential problems before you start the project. Tip 1. Proper planning. Use a design professional to plan your project. Make sure […]

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Ask the Expert: Blue Fountain Water

When River Water Hits our Taps Special to The Enterprise Q. Will I still need a water softener when we switch over to river water in a few years? A. Davis currently has 20 wells that supply water to our community. When Sacramento River water becomes our source of water, most of the wells will […]

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Ask the Expert: Caring for Women Wellness Center

FAQs about Menopause (From a Regional Expert!) Questions and answers with Dr. Michael Goodman 1. How do I know if I am (peri-) menopausal? “Menopause” is the time of a woman’s final menstrual period. Of course, the only way to know if it is your “final” is to see if any more follow. By definition, 12 […]

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Ask the Expert: MAK DESIGN + BUILD

What is Design+Build Remodeling? Juliana Tadano MAK DESIGN + BUILD The design+build model is an integrated approach to building that combines all of the stages of a project under one roof. The design team and the construction team work together from start to finish and are in communication with the client about their expectations, budget, […]

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Ask the Expert: Dixon Landscape Materials

Great Landscaping Starts Here… Landscape is divided up into hardscape and softscape. These areas are defined in terms of drainage. Hardscape is patios, sidewalks, buildings, thick fences, swimming pools, small buildings — places with no exposed earth for drainage. Softscape is those areas like lawn and garden where there is exposed ground to afford drainage. Hardscape […]

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Ask the Expert: Stabler’s A-1 Appliance

STABLER’S A-1 APPLIANCE… Your Local Appliance Dealer & Service Provider When you have a problem with your appliances, Stabler’s A-1 Appliance in Woodland, CA has a professional and experienced staff to help you. This multi-generational family business has been in the area since the 1960’s. They pride themselves on the Customer Service they provide. Stabler’s […]

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Ask the Expert: Gregerson’s Gallery of Fireplaces

The Ultimate Backyard Grill or Pellet Perfection ■  If you have ever tried a “Wood Fired” steak, rack of ribs, burger, or pizza you will understand why high-end “Wood Fired BBQ Restaurants, Steakhouses, and Pizza Places are cropping up across the country. Wood is king because it is the only fuel that adds real competition quality […]

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Don Shor: Back to basics: feeding plants

All plants need four things: light, air, water and nutrients. Some need protection from pests or weather. Learning about gardening is simply discovering how individual plants differ in regard to these things. Notice I didn’t say “soil.” You can grow plants without soil, as is done in hydroponics. The nutrients are in the water solution […]

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Asparagus: Bonanza year goes local

This has been an asparagus season like no other. Asparagus from south of the border was in the supermarkets at unheard-of prices this winter. A dollar a pound, $2 a pound — there was a huge supply, depressing prices. Even Nugget had asparagus at 99 cents per pound, presumably as a loss leader. And the […]

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Night at the WWI Museum

Every year, for a night, Da Vinci Charter Academy transforms itself into the battlefields of Europe, where World War I rages and students become participants. It is the biggest project of the year for Da Vinci sophomores, who spend six weeks studying the war and creating exhibits that bring the war to life. This year’s World […]

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O’Malley-Schipper engagement

Colleen E. O’Malley and Tyler Schipper of Eugene, Ore., are engaged to be married. The bride-to-be is the daughter of Lynn Narlesky and Michael O’Malley, both of Davis. She is a law student at University of Oregon School of Law and will graduate in the spring with a J.D. The groom-to-be is the son of […]

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