Gifted siblings capture the world around them

Arav Karighattam was a special kid from the start. He taught himself to read and write so early, and was so advanced so young, that traditional schooling was out of the question. His parents, Davis residents Vasan and Kavita Karighattam, tried Waldorf and Montessori, but neither method really worked for Arav, and after meeting with […]

Raja’s Tandoor: Service with a smile

I left the holiday season significantly poorer and substantially fatter. Opening my December credit card statement sent me into a hysterical Spandex-clad ball of ugly tears. But what was I to do? Meal prep instead of buying lunch daily? That lasted all of one week. Making five meals in one day and freezing it was […]

Crossing the Atlantic the lazy way — in a bottle

In a former life, my passport got a lot of use. Every year, the day after Rebecca and I turned in our final grades, we hopped on a plane and headed across the Atlantic. Just a few hours later, we could be in London or Barcelona or Florence (always research-related, of course). Now, alas, that […]

Julie Cross: At least we can be ‘healthy-ish’

It’s January, which means the bars are empty, the gyms are full and life is very boring for the cook. While plain steamed vegetables are all very good for you, they don’t offer much scope for culinary creativity. They also don’t offer much in the way of longevity — plain steamed vegetables are not in the […]

Holocaust survivor speaks to St. James students

Bernard Marks doesn’t pull many punches when he shares with schoolchildren what it was like to endure and survive the Holocaust. His memories — of a beloved teacher who was hanged before his eyes in the Lodz ghetto of Poland; of facing Josef Mengele on the selection ramp at Auschwitz — not to mention his photos and videos, […]

What’s happening

Ongoing * The city of Davis holds “Teen Open Gym” every Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon at Davis High School, 315 W. 14th St. All teens in grades 9-12 are invited to drop in for a game of badminton or basketball. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment but some equipment is provided. Hours […]

Need a new best friend?

Marley is a 2-year-old neutered male snowy white Kuvasz. He’s tall with a fluffy tail, and is good-natured and people-friendly. Marley just “needs to brush up on his obedience training to be perfect,” a Rotts of Friends spokeswoman says. Mary Lou is a 1-year-old spayed female mix of Labrador retriever, shepherd and Staffordshire terrier. She came to Rotts […]

Paws for Thought: Here’s how you can help our four-legged friends

Want to make a difference for animals in the new year? Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Got pets? * Exercise more: Take two 15-minute-plus walks with your dog every day. Be mindful of weather conditions. Keep your dog warm and dry with a coat or sweater on winter walks. In summer, opt […]

Paw patrol

* Friday, Jan. 15: Pet Food Express, 2171 Cowell Blvd., Yolo County Animal Services cat and dog adoptions, 5 to 7 p.m. * Saturday, Jan. 16: Adoption day at Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue, 34505 County Road 29 in Woodland, 8 to 11 a.m. * Saturday, Jan. 16: Pet Food Express, 2171 Cowell Blvd., Yolo County […]

Pets of the week

Lots of animals are waiting to be adopted at the Yolo County Animal Shelter, 2640 E. Gibson Road in Woodland. Among them is Abby (No. 140692), a 6-month-old spayed female gray-and-white tabby cat. She would like to be the only kitty in her household. Also hoping for a good home is Po (No. 140871), a 3-year-old female […]

Here, kitty, kitty

We all know the Internet was created to spread cute and funny cat videos, but how much time do we really spend watching felines frolic? The Enterprise is looking for the best of the best. Send us the links to your favorites — the most adorable, funniest, wackiest cat videos out there. And tell us […]

Humble Pie: Whatever you cook, make it memorable

I just finished reading the 1983 New York Times article titled “What Makes a Great Cook Great?” by Bryan Miller and I have bad news. I am not a great cook. By the standards of the nearly two dozen chefs, cooking teachers and authors who contributed to Miller’s three-decades-old article, I may not even be […]

Point of Brew: Music is sweet; otherwise, reduce the sugar

I understand that, in the new Davis Enterprise, this column will appear in the Food section, rather than Arts. So here is my last appeal under the rubric of Arts and the first column under Food. The Citizens Who Care Winter Concert — “Decades of Love — The Vinyl Years” — is coming up; performances are […]

Cheap ‘fixes’ for pet dogs and cats

Starting Saturday, Jan. 16, pet owners in Yolo and Sacramento counties can apply to have their pets spayed and neutered at a deep discount at Spay Day Sacramento 2016. Davis residents are encouraged to apply. * Who is eligible? Yolo and Sacramento County residents who receive public assistance or have an annual household income of […]