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My votes reflect city values

Our city government is supposed to reflect the values of Davis. And it has done so. For example, Davis is kind to the environment, pro-equality, pro-bicycle, etc. I agree with all those values and am proud to be a Davisite. But something strange has happened in the past few years to make me question my […]

Davis is fair, thoughtful

Robb Davis will be an excellent City Council member. He will bring a lot of wisdom and experience to the council. I have seen him in action and he is fair and thoughtful. He is good at listening to all sides and learning from what he hears. He will help our city in many ways […]

Will anyone notice?

The Cecil Wachholtz crime, described as elder abuse, was actually abuse of a mentally disabled man who happened to be growing older. For parents like me, who have adult children with developmental disabilities, this is our worst possible nightmare. Who will care what happens to our children when we are gone? Will anyone notice they […]

I support Sunder for board

I am writing to express my support for school board candidate Madhavi Sunder. She is a parent of two students in the Davis schools and an active volunteer at the district and school levels. She is full of energy and is willing to listen. She appreciates the diverse strengths of all the district’s sites and […]

A plea on the Bard’s birthday

By Daniel Burnett Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Sorry, Juliet. He’s hard to find on many college campuses. Wednesday, April 23, is accepted as William Shakespeare’s birthday, and on the Bard’s 450th, American higher education gives him about as much love as the Capulets gave the Montagues. Many top American universities don’t require students […]

Sharing fire services has been a success

The issue: Trauernicht is a capable, mature leader for city, UCD departments In October 2013, the fire departments for the city of Davis and UC Davis entered into a joint powers agreement to share their executive management. Since that time, Nathan Trauernicht has served as the fire chief for UCD and the city. By sharing […]

Is it a bet?

Dear Annie: I am quite a bit overweight. My 29-year-old daughter is concerned that I might have a heart attack and die on her. Meanwhile, she has been smoking cigarettes since she was 16 years old. She said to me, “If you have gastric bypass surgery, I will quit smoking.” My sister says I should […]

Watching this marriage go

Dear Annie: As a witness to a friend’s marriage, I vowed to help keep their relationship strong. Would you please print something I could give them about verbal abuse? His wife has a serious drinking problem, and when she’s had too much, she goes berserk, screaming hateful things to her husband in front of others. […]

Elect Beronio as Yolo judge

I am supporting Janene Beronio for Yolo Superior Court judge. When I first started practicing law in Yolo County in 1983, Janene was a deputy district attorney. Although she was an adversary, she was fair. She was hard-working. Twenty-five years ago, the court hired Janene as a court commissioner. She runs a very efficient courtroom […]

Neustadt has experience for the job

I have had the good fortune to work in the public schools for 32 years, primarily as a school administrator. Most recently I served as the director of student services for the Davis school district and then as the director of special education for the Yolo County Office of Education until my recent retirement. It […]

Right person at right time

I urge the school board to appoint Madhavi Sunder to the open seat on May 8. I am confident that Madhavi has what it takes to be an excellent member of the Davis school board. Madhavi, a product of public schools and universities, is committed to seeing that Davis schools continue to provide a high-quality […]

Don’t let crisis nursery close

Friends and neighbors, we cannot sit back and do nothing as we watch the Yolo Crisis Nursery close. It provides a service available nowhere else in Yolo County. Should a single mother of two toddlers suddenly find herself temporarily unemployed and between housing situations, she can, without involving Child Protective Services or the courts, leave […]

Ground water will be next big California fight

The next front in California’s long-running water wars has already opened, and the reasons for it will sometimes be hard to see — but not always. That next fight is over ground water, source of about 35 percent of the state’s fresh water in normal years and a much higher percentage in dry ones like […]

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