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Cheers and Jeers: At least it won’t cost us extra

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the news that a drought surcharge on our water bills is unlikely. City staff have been deliberating for weeks on a possible surcharge on water rates if the community reaches the state-mandated 28-percent conservation target. But Public […]

Will California evade new round of base closures?

When former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel asked Congress last year to authorize a new round of military base closings, alarm bells went off in many parts of California. For this state has been victimized more than any other in the two already-completed rounds, which saw the military fail to realize most of the savings it […]

Out of jail, but still trapped

Dear Annie: My father was in prison for my entire childhood. I am now 23 and have managed to build a good relationship with him since he was released two years ago. Recently, Dad became very ill and stopped breathing. He was on life support for a week. Because I am his closest relative, I […]

Taking the sports analogy further

In his May 24 column in The Davis Enterprise titled “Successful Economic Development Requires Leadership,” Doby Fleeman draws a wonderful analogy between economic development and team sports. What he highlights is the need for a head coach in both arenas, who organizes, trains, motivates and focuses the team with a singular goal of winning the game. […]

Commencements, causes and campus free speech

By R.B.A. Di Muccio When my daughter told me that Mark Ruffalo — an actor and leftist activist — would be receiving a prestigious prize at her 2015 commencement at Dickinson College, I was dismayed but not surprised. Dickinson, an elite liberal arts college in central Pennsylvania, is a hotbed of “sustainability,” which permeates virtually everything […]

Stymied House Dems may give state a real Senate race

Democrats in Congress will never say so publicly, but they know they have little or no hope of taking back control of the House of Representatives until 2022 at the earliest. That’s because gerrymandering in states like Texas and Georgia and North Carolina has concentrated the many Democratic voters in those places into just a […]

Family splits on dealing with brother

Dear Annie: My father recently passed away. Dad was helping to support my 43-year-old brother, “Ben,” who suffers from depression and is on disability. Ben doesn’t work and spends a great deal of time in bed or buying liquor and lottery tickets. He’s always just a little bit out of it, and I think his […]

Do some research on Pacific plastic gyre

I have been around Davis for 45 years and know Bob Dunning often has pointed views on matters Davis. As a middle school science teacher and a believer in data rather than opinion as fact, I challenge Dunning on the plastic bag ban (Sunday, May 24). I supported and influenced the local city council in the […]

$45,000 raised to help Yolo kids

Thanks go to everyone who attended the Children’s Alliance and Child Abuse Prevention Council’s Project Prevention fashion show on April 30. The West Sacramento City Hall Galleria literally rocked with music and fashion as two “Project Runway” contestants from seasons 12 and 13 showcased their latest designs in a spectacular show featuring more than 20 […]

Davis kids need ready and willing foster homes

Learn more What: Foster care “meet-and-greet” In West Sacramento: 6 p.m. Thursday, June 4, in the Community Room of the Turner Branch Library, 1212 Merkley Ave. In Davis: 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 9, in the Blanchard Room of the Stephens Branch Library, 315 E. 14th St. Info: www.yolofostercare.com or call Cherie Schroeder at 530-574-1964 By […]

Family failure: The root of our urban crisis

“Any random drive through Baltimore pre-Freddie Gray clearly offered clues of a lit match halfway near the gas puddle. Places such as West Baltimore’s Sandtown neighborhood, where Gray lived, are tinderboxes full of folks who have nothing to lose.”  — Charles D. Ellison, contributing editor, The Root The death of Freddie Gray at the hands […]

Tired of disgusting habit

Dear Annie: My husband and I meet up with a group of family and close friends every week for lunch. One couple in this group (a close family member and her spouse) constantly blow their noses during our get-togethers. They use cloth handkerchiefs, which are then reused multiple times, and her husband picks his nose, […]

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