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Off-leash dogs are a danger

I found the article on dog aggression (Sept. 7) very touching, especially because I also experience dog-related issues regularly on my walks around Mace Ranch and on the bike path near Target. Often, owners seem overly confident that their dogs are friendly. An example that I encountered: “He is a good dog. He does not […]

Educate homeless with dogs

Thank you, Mike and Gena May, for bringing up the subject of aggressive dogs in the downtown area and in Community Park. I agree with you on the danger these dogs present. As a professional dog trainer of more than 18 years in Davis, I often will work with clients and their dogs downtown and we, […]

Davis makes the NY Times

Our MRAP made it to the New York Times on  Saturday with photos of Lt. Thomas W. Waltz of the Davis Police Department exiting our city’s four-wheeled mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle. Google Adam Nagourney, ” ‘Fit for Combat,’ New York Times, Sept. 13, 2014″ to view a photo of Mayor Dan Wolk and more photos of […]

Affordable housing affects health

By Dell Richards Retail clerks, university employees and receptionists aren’t usually thought of as needing affordable housing, but people such as these who work in low-wage jobs usually spend 30 to 50 percent of their income on housing, especially if they are single parents with children. Unless they live in affordable housing like that of […]

Choose to wipe out hunger

By Linda Zablotny-Hurst Yolo County supervisors encouraged more support for Yolo Food Bank’s food aid work by declaring September as Hunger Action Month in Yolo County. The supervisors passed a resolution recognizing Hunger Action Month (Feeding America’s monthlong campaign to help end hunger in our country) and the urgent state of food insecurity affecting more […]

She’s had it with his neglect

Dear Annie: I am a 55-year-old woman, the youngest of three. When I married 30 years ago, we moved away for my husband’s job. Over the years, we have returned for summer visits, especially since our daughters are close in age to their cousins. We always have made it a priority to attend all important […]

Time to go get help

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married more than 40 years. He rarely calls me by my name and never uses terms of endearment. He just talks at me. I’ve put up with his emotional neglect and his forcing me to have sex when I didn’t want to. He’s had so many affairs, […]

Mental-health treatment lacking

Suppose that when Daniel Marsh was 13 years old he’d been diagnosed with a rare, probably fatal, childhood disease. It’s not hard to imagine the outpouring of sympathy and support he and his family would have received from the community. The Davis Enterprise would have run a story about how brave Daniel was, accompanied by […]

Braly’s column lightens the heart

What fun to read another of Mark Braly’s swim-filled Masters swimming columns. After being inundated by world misery and family sadness, I open my favorite local newspaper and am instantly cheered when I read Mark’s laugh-out-loud dry (if you’ll pardon the expression) humor sprinkled throughout his reports on DAM, Davis’ own masters swimming club, and […]

Bicycle bells needed for safety

As very-senior citizens, we have been begging the fiercely progressive and advanced great city of Davis for many years to advocate the installation of bicycle bells. While bells are required in most towns across the world for bicycle and pedestrian safety, thus far our pleas to various Davis authorities have been completely unsuccessful. Could someone […]

Are we going to wait until someone here dies?

Whenever I tell the story of my bike crash northwest of Davis, most people respond, “You’re lucky to be alive.” On the morning of Aug. 31, 2012, I was riding eastbound on County Road 29. A distracted driver, who says he never saw me, drifted to the right edge of the road and hit me […]

Firefighters went above, beyond

I wanted to pass along a special thank-you to the crew of Davis Fire Station 31. I work for AMR, the local ambulance company. We responded to an elderly woman’s apartment today and found her sleeping on a metal bed frame and a foam pad. After transporting the patient to the hospital, the firefighters went to purchase the woman […]

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