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Having our cake, and eating it, too

The other night, I had a golden opportunity: I was at DHS’ football Gala, and the best cake in the world (baked by Bob Dunning) was being offered up as a fundraising item. I just knew I had to have that cake! Surveying the room, I noticed that Will Arnold was there with his wife. Will […]

Pollution at Nishi site makes it unfit for residents

By Tom Cahill Early childhood education. Day care. Services for the elderly. Cold weather shelters … I’m sure that the leaders of bankrupt Flint, Mich., had all sorts of plans for the money saved by going from the more expensive water of Detroit to the cheaper source, the Flint River. I truly hope that no […]

Returning to the farm

By Martin K. Barnes Returning from self-exile in France, l am visiting Capay Organic, the farm that my ex-wife Kathy and I started in 1976, where we raised our four sons. But I have been absent for 26 years! I am amazed at what my boys have done with the place. They have run the […]

We’re way past the borderline

Dear Annie: My girlfriend has a thing that she does with her 10-year-old son that I find borderline weird. The first time I was at her home, while we were cooking dinner together, her son started whining, “Can we do it now, please? Please?” and she says OK and tells me she’ll be back in […]

Weird games on Facebook

Dear Annie: While in high school in the late 1970s, there was this guy, “Scott,” who had a crush on me. Nothing transpired back then, so fast-forward 30 years. A month ago, I received a Facebook friend request from Scott. Of course, I accepted and found out he and his wife are separated. I also […]

Reject Sterling Apartments project

The Sterling Apartments project will not be good for our community. I can foresee many problems with this project. One of which will be the 1,200 students, doing as they should, riding bikes to campus. The core streets would be jammed during the day with accidents waiting to happen. Tearing down the FamiliesFirst facility is a […]

Council must set priorities for a tax

At the Feb. 2 Davis City Council meeting, there was a very muddled discussion by council members of potential city tax proposals for the June ballot. The deliberation was quite startling and unsettling: * The City Council couldn’t decide what any potential tax revenue should be spent on. Disparate interests were mentioned: road maintenance, Rainbow City, more […]

$14,500 raised for UNICEF

The Davis United Nations Association offers its sincere thanks to the residents of Davis for contributing so generously to the children of the world who receive aid from UNICEF. Schoolchildren at Birch Lane, Chávez, Korematsu, St. James, Montgomery, North Davis, Patwin, Peregrine, Pioneer, Willett and Fairfield elementary schools raised thousands of dollars Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF. These […]

Show young musicians some respect

My grandson plays the viola with the Montgomery Elementary School orchestra. The teacher works extremely hard to teach the students and it is obvious from her attitude and demeanor that music and the students are her passion. For the students, it means hours of practice at home. Sadly every time — and I mean every […]

A Year of Renewal? Not so much

By John Minker Dan Wolk has called 2015 the Year of Renewal. Let’s take a random walk through issues as of Jan. 1, 2016. First, take a walk to Julie Partansky Pond. But wait, it is still closed due to arson. Instead, take a trip to the deck under the large tree near the Davis […]

Take it from one who can’t breathe

The “Wary I” seems to have a blind spot, in writing that leaf blower objections are all about noise (Jan. 31). He quoted two letters without seeing that both described the health hazards of airborne particles (Nov. 10 and 15). Bob Dunning’s column ended with a suggestion to read up on diversity. This advice applies […]

Oops … we know the capital’s Montpelier

Jeff Hudson, in his article about the “Davis Duo #FeeltheBern in Iowa” on Sunday, casually notes that the University of Vermont is in the Burlington, the capital of Vermont. Although the former is correct, the latter is not. Sorry to remind you, that although Bernie is getting all the press these days, Montpelier has been […]

Tracks, freeway pose health risks

Thank you for the guest opinion piece Sunday, “Greater Risk for Oil Train Explosion.” We learned much from author Alan Miller, especially on junctures between train tracks in Davis and train speeds required, and chances of derailment. As a layman, I already had noticed the tight rail curve entering downtown from the north, and another, […]

Bad choices haunt hydrogen highway

The mid-January announcement from the chief executive of Toyota Motor North America about his company’s new hydrogen-powered Mirai luxury car received almost no attention outside a few trade newsletters. “We have asked (dealers) not to make deliveries until we have a station open (near them),” Jim Lentz said on the sidelines of an automotive show […]

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